Pete Wentz Runs with the Gays


New York magazine ran into Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz hanging out with members of Gym Class Heroes and Panic at the Disco at the gay/mixed night at his bar Angels & Kings. They report that Pete was attending because he likes to “run with the gays.”

NY Intel: “Wentz is straight, like so straight people can’t stop talking about how he may have knocked up Ashlee Simpson! Naturally, we accosted him. ‘I heard it’s gay night, right?’ he asked us, after we complimented his pointy hair. Turns out Pete has ‘great ‘dar,’ by which he means he has a highly tuned interior electromagnetic sensor which lets him know when there are moving or fixed homosexuals nearby. So naturally we asked, Do you like running with gays, Pete? ‘It seems sometimes like nobody knows how to have a good time anymore,’ he told us. ‘But the gays are always having a good time.'”

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  1. says

    I’ve known Pete for years. This isn’t really a revelation. He’s always been very gay friendly and isn’t afraid to ask questions about the community, my personal experiences, and things that most straight people are afraid to ask.

    He’s quite a polarizing figure. I personally think – to know him is to love him.

  2. bostonbear says

    i’ve always been impressed with him in his interviews. seems very real and realistic, nonjudgemental. and being pretty darn cute doesn’t hurt his case either.

  3. Mary, Really Late Dowager Queen of the British Empire, Ireland, Empress of India, etc..... says

    Crispy, you are stupid Blanche !! You ARE! Get yourself a dictionary, or spell check.

  4. Jimmyboyo says


    Yeah Pete has always been a very vocal supporter of us gays.

    Supposedly a concerned mother of some teeny bopper girl fan of the band publicly decried them being gay friendly. Fallout boy collectively and very publicly stated “get over it”

    The lead singer of Green day is also another great supporter of ours due in part to his close relationship to his gay uncle. I loves me some some Green day with “ST JIMMY” being the best song ever. LOL

    The emo modern “supposed punk” groups all tend to be very very gay friendly. Which is totaly cool.

  5. says


    I agree. I’ve worked as a publicist for 10 years in that scene and can’t recall any bad experiences – even with the Christian bands.

    I’ve even had a certain multi-platinum pop punker offer to “marry” me and my ex-boyfriend. A few of my clients have come down to Long Beach, where I live, to my gay pride party.

    These musicians are generally very open minded, tolerant, and accepting. It’s definitely a great feeling to be working in a scene that just doesn’t have any hang ups on sexual orientation.

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