Towleroad Guide to the Tube #288

QUAKE: Magnitude 7.8 earthquake hits central China. Death toll up to 9000.

FATIGUE?: At a campaign stop in Beaverton, Oregon, Barack Obama says he’s visited all 57 states.

BREAKING THE DINNER CODE: Radio host Michael Smerconish compares Arianna Huffington to ‘a hooker who gives up a john’ for saying McCain told her he didn’t vote for Bush in 2000.

JOHN MCCAIN: McCain puts 14-year-old girl on the spot, later describes her as “very attractive.”

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  1. Robert says

    FATIGUE? Andy asks…I have no doubt if it had been McCain, the question would have been “SENILITY?”.

    What does it say that the youthful one can’t remember how many states there are in the union – twice, in fact.

    Obamaminions attack in 3…2…1…

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Poor baby. This campaign has been grueling on everybody–I’m f…kin’ sick of it! Obviously, he was including Mexico’s states, you silly boys.

    Just as long as he remembers that his vice-president has to be a North American… but not necessarily a gringo….maybe Mario Lopez? Oh, goodie, two sexy papis in the White House.

  3. says

    I most certainly will not give him a break… no one gives any of the other candidates a break.. he doesn’t deserve one either.

  4. Kergan says

    You know, this “gotcha” politics is really getting old. Anyone can make these kind of mistakes when you’re on the campaign trail for months on end.

    The bigger issue: why are the media continuing to propogate this pandering, with so many great issues facing the world? At some point, the media (including bloggers such as Towleroad) need to take back responsibilty, and put the focus back on hard-hitting issues.

    Especially now that most media is corporate owned, any kind of investigative reporting or true focus on the “issues” will fall to bloggers. Come on, Andy, take the lead. Reject such drivel and take the high road!

  5. anon says

    If that’s the worst mistake he has made, then I’m not worried about him being the president.

  6. Marco says

    As said, this is the second time he’s done this. is it important? No. Will the GOP be running this bit through October? Yes.

    No one is gaffe-free, but you gotta stop giving your enemy ammo.

  7. gay and republican makes no sense says

    C’mon…let’s talk about Bush-isms. Should we even being to go there?

    I think it’s better that he knows the difference between the Sunnis/Shiites. McCain anyone?

    Who cares…

  8. Marco says

    Again, totally agree, but look what they did to Kerry.

    The GOp doesn’t have issues. This bullshit is all they have and they live for it.

  9. tofer david says

    he was actually thinking about the 57 islamic states that he is so in tune with.

    there are 57 islamic states.