Towleroad Guide to the Tube #290

CHINA: Raw video footage of first moment’s of earthquake in a mountain region near Chengdu.

2013: McCain’s new ad. He also held a crystal ball press conference.

FANTASIA: The best thing about last night’s American Idol.

SHAVING: An ad from Germany.

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  1. mixed hags says

    Earthquake footage, very scary. It’s funny though that even in rural China everyone on that tape speaks in English, not Chinese.

    MCain ad almost funny. And if he says that all those things will be fixed by 2013, isn’t he admitting that Bush has let these things get all fucked up in the first place?

    Fantasia the best thing on AI last night? I thought she sucked, that song was so hyper and had no melody at all. Sonded like meth music!

  2. Glenn says

    You only have to look at Simon’s WTF?! face to know what a mess Fantasia is (plus the red hair – ugh!).

  3. Mike says

    To MIXED HAGS, rural Chinese speak Chinese language, not English. The cameraman for the video happens to be a Peruvian. It’s kind of an LOL moment reading your post.

  4. Jesse says

    earthquake in china footage- scary

    mccain ad- don’t care

    fantasia- i know she don’t have the greatest voice in the world, but i enjoy her music and that performance was dope! high energy, stage presence, and a full on entertainmnet (backup dancers, guest vocals, etc..) i loved it.

    shaving ad- i need to know wut the hell they’re saying!! lol.

  5. Luke says


    “Tell me, what do you think this is?”

    “A butterfly?”

    “A car?”

    “A map?”

    “This is the German Federal Armed Forces!”

  6. Fredo says

    Stop hating on Fantasia. That song (the album version, moreso) is hot + she had tons of energy.

    Her styling wasn’t good, admittedly, but she has a lot of soul in her voice. Love her.