News: Shia LaBeouf, Cow, Dan Renzi, Swish, Cynthia Nixon

road.jpg American art legend Robert Rauschenberg has died at 82.

Cowroad.jpg Holy cow.

road.jpg Swish: One New Yorker’s quest to become the gayest person ever. Radar: “Despite his book’s provocative title, Derfner in fact doesn’t necessarily want to be the poster boy for the gays, or at least, he doesn’t have the stamina. ‘I basically don’t have a social life. It’s really sad. I don’t go to bars, I don’t go to parties, I don’t like events. I’m too old to stay up that late; I’ve never gotten home at five. I like going to the movies and eating at cheap chain restaurants.'”

road.jpg Emergency help button switched on in gay village in Birmingham, UK.

road.jpg Marc Jacobs goes Brazilian.

road.jpg Cynthia Nixon is thinking about getting married: “It’s something my girlfriend is interested in and it was not something my boyfriend ever was. I think that to get married to her would be a little act of rebellion. It’s like if you’ve never had the vote and then you get it you’re going to run out there and vote.”

road.jpg Bob Barr joins presidential race as Libertarian candidate. TPM: “Normally these third party candidacies don’t amount to anything. And I don’t expect this one to either. But on this one … maybe. Barr is enough of a media darling that if he runs he’ll get a lot of free media. And there’s enough weirdness going on in the Republican party right now that I could imagine a few scenarios where he’d draw non-trivial numbers away from McCain. As always in these cases the place to look isn’t in aggregate national numbers but in particular states where a drawing off a few points in one direction could make a state competitive where it otherwise wouldn’t be.”

Shiaroad.jpg Shia LaBeouf spiffs up GQ.

road.jpg Bravo, Apple, Showtime, HBO,
Absolut, and Levi’s named the most gay-friendly brands in 2008 Prime Access/PlanetOut Gay and Lesbian Consumer Study. Least gay friendly were WalMart, Dunkin Donuts, Cracker Barrel, Exxon Mobil, and Samsung.

road.jpg Gay teen Jonathan Siden nominated for “Citizen of the Year” in Ann Arbor, Michigan: “He began to be open about his sexual orientation in ninth grade. He said being open about his sexuality has ‘taken a great toll.’ Lori Roddy, program director at the Neutral Zone, nominated Siden for the Young Citizen of the Year Award. She said she’s amazed at his focus. Under such pressure, other students might withdraw or drop out of school, but Siden was motivated to try to bring about change.”

road.jpg An email from Burma: “Two days after the storm the men in uniforms came to our village with blankets, food and water. We accepted their gifts and posed for their cameras. When they were done taking pictures they took back the food, the water, and the blankets and drove away. I do not think that I can face such disappointment again.”

road.jpg The DL hip-hop book revealed.

Sjproad.jpg Sarah Jessica Parker’s hat attends Sex and the City premiere in London.

road.jpg Tori Spelling signs on to 90210 spin-off.

road.jpg El Salvador man denied refugee status in Canada says he’ll be killed if he returns as scheduled on May 15: “Ramirez, who came to Toronto as a delegate for the International AIDS Conference in August 2006, says he’s afraid that if he’s sent back he’ll face violence at the hands of three federal police officers who he claims beat, raped and robbed him in a sugarcane field more than two years ago. Since the alleged attack Ramirez says the three men have visited his family in El Salvador threatening to kill him because, they claim, he infected at least one of them. I am sure that I will be put through torture,’ says Ramirez through an interpreter, ‘and I am sure that I will be assassinated if I go back. There have been four men who have come to my sister’s home in a car and have parked outside her house. They have asked my little niece if I had come back yet and they have also called my sister and told her that they were going to kill me.'”

road.jpg SF Weekly questions cost of Harvey Milk City Hall bust: “about as much as 14,860 gallons…”

road.jpg Former Real World star Dan Renzi appointed editor of South Florida’s Express Gay News.

road.jpg Homo-hating Bush tool Scott Bloch shut down Karl Rove investigation: “The corrupt anti-gay head of the Office of Special Counsel, Scott Bloch, who allegedly employed Geek Squad to try scrub emails from his computer before the FBI took away his office and home computers, is a busy tool. While he was coming up with that ace cleansing project, he also deep-sixed an investigation into politically motivated allegedly illegal activities by the dark lord Karl Rove.”

road.jpg UCLA looking for 20 more participants in gay twins study.


  1. John in Manhattan says

    Because everybody knows that “gayest” = most effeminate. Swish away!

    *sigh* Somebody hand me a 2×4.

  2. davefromtampa says

    Nothing surprises me anymore about the Bush regime. As corrupt you can ever get. And that hat, my god, that hat. I thought the Kentucky Derby was over by now. And I can’t resist, my pardons to the late great Phil Rizzuto, Holy Cow!

  3. Jimmyboyo says

    Mccain is being advised by rove so expect more of the same with bush 2.0 mcsame

  4. scientitian says

    Ugh, Sex in the City might be the most annoying franchise ever. Shopping! Boys! Ugly clothes!

    I met Dan Renzi a few years ago when I was in college…unfortunately, a group on campus invited him to do a speaking engagement as a GLBT public service sort of thing. He showed up quite late because he went shopping instead of meeting his ride, then treated our (rural, sheltered) campus to a catty, vacuous speech during which he remarked that being gay was a choice. Lesson learned.

  5. says

    La Boeuf is the 21st Century Matthew McCantact. They are going to plaster his image everywhere, aren’t they?

  6. Zeke says

    Wow, Chilli’s a cow tipper’s wet dream!

    I loved this line, “Chilli only grazes on grass during the day and enjoys the occasional swede as a treat.”

    Yeah, it looks like he’s treated himself to a couple of heaping helpings of Svend Karlsen.

  7. tominsf says

    Is the real story about Chilli being overlooked? The article talks about the animal as ‘he’ several times, then calls it a heifer, and someone is quoted comparing it to “our other cows.”

    Once again, so much for the English language.

  8. rudy says

    Thanks once again Andy for keeping us informed on the full range of topics of interest to gay men. Don’t know how you do it, but keep it up.

  9. Mark says

    A better link for the 2008 Prime Access/PlanetOut Gay and Lesbian Consumer Study is…

    On that page, check out the document ‘Highlights of the 2008 Gay and Lesbian Consumer Study’ for a more detailed explanation (including charts) of how people responded.

  10. squeezit says


    thank you – I just don’t get the furor over Shia LaBoeuf either. No talent, very plain and pedestrian looking. Dreary.

  11. squeezit says


    thank you – I just don’t get the furor over Shia LaBoeuf either. No talent, very plain and pedestrian looking. Dreary.

  12. nic says

    “… the occasional swede as a treat.” ha ha. glad they didn’t say rutabaga instead.


    speaking of the beef, i think it is the fact that shia is not “pretty” that makes him attractive. plus he looked especially stylish in his suits on snl and letterman; he looked sleek in an old hollywood sorta way. loved his gams on the digital short with andy samberg.

  13. Chad says

    My god, SJP has the worst fashion sense known to man. I mean, it is ridiculous and beyond funny to just plain patheic. Does she own a mirror? Unbelieveable. Who the fuck is she kidding?

  14. soulbrotha says

    Hey! I remember seeing that carriage horse with the funny hat! We rode through Central Park and it was just so lov…..what’s that? Thats who? Are you sure? But they look so much alike…Oh. Ok. Nevermind.

  15. says

    I met Rauschenberg at the big retrospective they had of his work in LA. He was still pretty feisty for his age. I remember him telling a busty starlet she was “trying too hard” in the absolute sweetest way only an 80 year old gay man can.

    An awesome talent that did so much to shape the 20th century’s view of art.