Clinton Campaign Denies Report She Will Concede Tonight

The AP reports Clinton will concede tonight:

Clinton_2“Obama is 40 delegates shy of clinching the nomination, but he is widely expected to make up the difference Tuesday with superdelegate support and votes in South Dakota and Montana. Once he reaches the magic number of 2,118, Clinton will acknowledge that he has secured the necessary delegates to be the nominee. The former first lady will stop short of formally suspending or ending her race in her speech in New York City. She will pledge to continue to speak out on issues like health care. But for all intents and purposes, the two senior officials said, the campaign is over…The advisers said Clinton has made a strategic decision to not formally end her campaign, giving her leverage to negotiate with Obama on various matters including a possible vice presidential nomination for her. She also wants to press him on issues he should focus on in the fall, such as health care.”

The Clinton campaign says that report is wrong: “The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening.”


  1. says

    Out of this world. I wanted Hillary to be president years ago (in 2000, actually) but I’m glad to see how things are shaping up.

    I hope Obama wins in November – he’s got my vote.

  2. Jim says

    I was a strong supporter of Hillary a year ago at this same time. I donated to her campaign, and even attended one of her speaking engagements. My how things have changed over the last year, she’s disappointed me tremendously particularly within the last six months.

    What is more shocking then Hillary’s turnabout over the last year is fellow Democrats and Independents stating they will not vote for Obama and would rather see McCain in office then him. It’s beyond disheartening and moreover childish.

    There’s a real chance for something new here. Let’s come together and bring change into the White House and begin rebuilding our relationships with the rest of the world, relationships that have crumbled over the last 8 years.

  3. AERES says

    How is it “childish” for an Independent (or a Democrat for that matter) to decide not to support a Democrat for President?

    There’s no such thing as a one-size fits all candidate. Moderate or Conservative (and yes – they exist) Democrats and Independents may not prefer a “liberal” candidate.

    I know Obama supporters may find this shocking, but these kinds of voters may prefer a “moderate” Republican, or a third party candidate based on legitimate principles. There’s nothing childish about voting your idealogy.

    This peevishness over people voting their preference and not towing the party line is extraordinarily insulting.

    Obama supporters need to seriously alter their tone. Any new BHO supporters are not going to be of the “he’s the messiah” kind – they’re going to be people who need to be convinced he’s the better candidate.

    Any sort of “how can you not vote for him!?” attitude simply isn’t going to cut it. Maybe thats tough for current BHO zealots to fathom, but they better wake up to this quick.

  4. Anon says

    A close friend of mine is a Clinton strategist and close friend of the Clintons told me his contract has just been extended through August 31st.

  5. says

    The AP report seemed rather specific. They of course, don’t want to concede before the voting ends, so the denial is pro forma.

  6. says

    Oh God, just make it stop!!!

    Hillary Clinton has become everything I hate about the Republican party. How did she manage to go from being the favored candidate of the Democratic Party to this? I dunno, but she had a lot of help from Terry, Harold, Mark and Bill.

    If the job of POTUS involves having the good sense to surround yourself with people who make you better than you are, Hillary would be the second worst president ever.

  7. Tom says


    I applaud your optimism, and I’m all for rebuilding our relationships with the rest of the world, but there’s nothing new with Obama. It’s the same old show from Axelrod & Associates, courtesy of that dirty old Chicago political machine.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    JIM, your comment was sincere, articulate and respectful. “childish” is hardly an insulting description for the attitude of people who would accept more of the last eight years of EXPERIENCED INEPTITUDE and a lack of “new world vision”– rather than try someone new.

  9. JeffRob says

    Jim is absolutely correct. Aeres, no diehard Obama supporters WANT his new supporters to be “he’s the messiah”-types. That is an absurd interpretation of his supporters that was 100% created by the media. I’ve been an Obama supporter since day one, and I’ve never thought he was perfect. But he is the best we’ve had in a long, long time.

    Moreover, you may think you’re voting a “moderate protest vote” for McCain against the super-lib Obama, and normally that may be true, but not this year.

    This year, you’ll be voting to keep our children in harms way.

    This year, if you vote for McCain, you will have the blood of 4000+ US soldiers, and 600,000+ Iraqi civilians on your hands.

    This year is too important. So get over it. We need a united Democratic party NOW.

  10. Bryce says

    I love how Aeres refers to Barack Obama by BHO. An obvious reference to his middle name of Hussein–what a sad person you are.

    Referring to Barack supporters as zealots? It’s a bit much. Are Clinton supporters called the same? McCain supporters? No.

    Instead Aeres uses terms like “zealots” along with “BHO”to really drive home the point that Barack is a “scary outsider” or perhaps even suggesting he’s, gasp, muslim which would really be just plain awful. Give me a break Aeres.

  11. john says

    Bryce, Referring to Obama as BHO is no different than referring to Hillary as HRC.
    Is that some sort of statement about her stance on gay rights? Not quite.
    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, though WJC might not agree.

  12. daveynyc says

    If she does concede (and I pray to God she does not) we can kiss the White House goodbye.

    I have never seen such a disgraceful attempt by the media to knock this woman down with EVERY SINGLE step she took.

    As an optimist, I never wanted to believe how SEXIST this country can STILL be when push came to shove. True colors really came out these past few months.

    What a TERRIBLE time to be a WOMAN in a country where a man with no track record, no experience can beat out a woman of her grace, experience, intelligence and love for her country. It’s very sad.

  13. David says

    I agree with John. His middle name starts with an “H”. Own it and stop whining. Everyone knows he isn’t a terrorist, and if they don’t know, they weren’t going to vote for him anyway.

  14. really? says

    DaveNYC, while that’s all fine and good, you and I view a very different Hillary. “Grace” is not the first word that pops to my mind.

    On a somewhat related note, when will people stop equating simple longevity with experience?

  15. AERES says

    Bryce – are you kidding me? We can’t even refer to a man’s legitimate middle name now with out being accused of being a closet bigot/xenophobe?

    But then again I guess thats the easy way to try to discredit anyone who disagrees.

  16. SeanR says

    Watching this campaign from afar (Dublin, Ireland), I have been greatly impressed how the political process has come alive. But the way Hillary has been treated in this campaign is a disgrace, while Obama has been given a free ride… some of you are critical that she’s fought like a streetfighter, but that IS what you need for someone to be President [not like the current one and his sidekick who don’t give a crap about Americans or anyone else!]

    I’m so sorry she won’t be the Presidential nominee (this time) but I’m proud to see how she is such a fighter and never gives an inch.

    Andy: this is momentous point in American history, should we not reflect, or even engage in some “guestimates”? What do you *Andy* think, and who would you support?

    Did you enjoy the primaries? Should HRC be VP to Obama? Or should she sit it out to 2012? Will Obama win again McCindy? Can we briefly (and nicely) share some thoughts here?

  17. Shane says

    Well, I hope you all don’t mind another Repub in the White House because that’s exactly what’s going to happen now.

    :( I’ll miss Hillary.

  18. paul says

    So now Obama will have endorsements from Hamas, Jimmy Carter and for all intents and purposes Fidel Castro. This is the leftist equivalent of a Republican being endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, Operation Rescue and David Duke.

    The AP leaking the supposed HRC concession amounts to little more than voter suppression. More change we can believe in.

  19. Jimmyboyo says


    It measn that Clinton has lost control of her incompetent staff. No united message from a group who lost her the election and are trying to save something for themselves and not doing things in the best intrest of Hillary.

    McCain is on record a few years ago about how we must sit down and talk with Hamas.

    True dems will want a united succesful ticket. I question the validity of dem credentials of those who are rooting for mccain.

    Like senator feinstein a huge Hillary supporter said

    END it NOW and unite Obama/ Clinton 08
    Bye Bye mccain

  20. AERES says

    Jimmyb – I know you’re smart enough to know that national head to head polls don’t matter one bit – particularly this far out.

    You need to look state by state and see who has the easier to road to 270 electoral votes. And on that issue, HRC (based on past elections) appears to have an easier path to 270 than BHO.

  21. Jimmyboyo says


    You are doing what Mark Penn did which ended up loosing Hillary the nomination. You are looking at 08 via the old election paradigms.

    Both Obama and Hillary seperately would beat Mccain.

    Per the old paradigm hillary does very well. Per the new paradigm which has only played out in polls shows Obama taking former blue states like Virginia by 7% etc which totaly devestates the old electoral college map.

    The winning ticket is Obama/ Hillary 08

    per the Gallup poll (yes, polls at the point are very problematic) Hillary beats mccain nationaly by 4% and Obama beats him by 5%

    Lets put the 2 together and = Yeeeehawwww!


    The AP is reporting now that Hillary in a conference call this morning is very open to be VP.

  22. Jason says

    As an Obama supporter, I have no problems with Clinton supporters voting for McCain if that’s where their principles lie. But if you’re voting for McCain or staying home purely out of protest because Clinton isn’t the nominee, consider:

    *The most liberal Supreme Court justices are the oldest on the Court (and Justice Stevens is OLD).
    *The next president will probably get the chance to pick at least two new justices.
    *The substantive due process cases dealing with the hottest hot button issues (personal autonomy/individual rights) — Roe v. Wade, Lawrence v. Texas, assisted suicide/right to die cases — are all barely holding on to a 5-4 majority with the current makeup of the court.

    If McCain wins, you’re fooling yourself if you think he’s nominating someone who looks less like Roberts/Scalia/Alito/Thomas than Ginsburg/Kennedy/Souter/Breyer/Stevens.

  23. Jimmyboyo says


    Per the AP, they are negotiating on clearing her debt via Obama pushing his donor base to donate to Hillary while also holding fund raisers for her.

    I as an Obama supporter 100% support and would contribute to clearing the 9 million in unpaid bills, the personal loan to herself of 11 mil + i am leary of. I am currently of the mind set that anyone who spends their own cash on their campaign wether repub or dem just needs to eat whatever they loaned themselves. The 9 million in unpaid bills I would totaly donate cash towards helping clearing up for Hillary.

    Obama/ Clinton 08

  24. rudy says

    Jim’bo, Who do you think selected HRC’s staff? Who is responsible for managing the campaign? Who is responsible for directing the staff? Who decided to surround herself with Yes-women who dare not suggest that the would-be Empress is not fully clothed, much less wholly without same? Who blew through a twenty point lead? Who had no back-up plan after Iowa? Whose team set the rules and then refused to play by them? Whose staff fears her legendary temper owing to experience with the Health Care Reform debacle? Who blames her staff for every misstep yet claims as her own every positive development? Who values loyalty above competence?

    C’mon Jim’bo, admire her is you choose but you cannot blame the horrendous campaign on her staff. They have worked doggedly to get their principal nominated.

    In this case the fish truly does rot from the head. She has no one to blame but herself yet she will never cop to the responsibility because her supporters do not expect, much less demand, that she do so.

  25. paul says

    If Hillary spent her own money, that’s great. If I had $100 million, I would do the same. I just wouldn’t expect other people to pay me back. That’s ludicrous. How many millions do rich people need to stockpile?

  26. paul says

    Also, 24Play, it’s not about whether Obama was relying on voter suppression tonight. It’s about the AP’s responsibility to not propagate rumors and to not interfere with an election that is taking place on this very day.

  27. paul says

    Rudy, whose campaign was going up against not just another candidate but the liberal branches of the media who were advocating for that other candidate round-the-clock from day 1?

  28. Jimmyboyo says


    We will have to agree to disagree on that one. I seriously think a different staff would have won it for her.

    Mark Penn for example didn’t have a plan post super tuesday and advised her accordingly, he didn’t know that TX had both a primary and a caucus, etc

    Hillary made the mistake of picking Mark penn, Terry Mccauliffe (spell check), Ikes….BUT at a differetn time in the past they actualy would have done better. They were fighting a 1990’s electoral college election when it was a 2008 dem primary

    Mark Penn was completly incompetent. Ikes well, he lost a kidney fighting for voting rights for African Americans back in the day so I would let him slide a bit

    Obama/ Clinton 08

  29. Jimmyboyo says


    Remember that a lot of her staff were former Bill Clinton employees and staff.

    In a way she was saddled/ handicapped by Bill being president. If she was going after it as the wife of someone who was never president then she might have been freer in picking a much more competent and up to date staff

  30. nic says


    i hope you are right. while i still maintain that hillary should be at the top of the ticket, i can gladly accept the reverse — but only because our futures depend on it. and i am not talking just about our out-loud-and-proud queer futures (we are like cock roaches, we fags thrive under all sorts of circumstances) i am talking about our weaker brown, black, red, yellow, and peaches-and-cream heterosexual gay-friendly brothers and sisters. i’m talking about our blue and green planet — not the scorched-earth red planet of the repugs.

    let us be MIGHTY real. hillary can easily beat mcgeezer with her coalition of reagan-democrats (working-class whites); white, educated women; feminists; working-class latinos, and immigrants. and, let’s face it, blacks are not going to vote for a repug.

    barack cannot win on the strength of elite liberals and blacks. he needs hillary more than she needs him. the swing voters, the reagan democrats, have been scared silly by the rev-wright and the certifiable priest. time and again, democrats win by large-tent coalitions. clearly, we cannot sacrifice anyone.

  31. Jimmyboyo says


    “we are like cock roaches, we fags thrive under all sorts of circumstances:


    We are kind of like Cher. LOL Cher and cockroaches can survive everything

    Anyway; “certifiable priest” I agree. Well, I agree simply because he is a priest let alone his going over the top about Hillary.


    Obama/ Clinton 08

  32. rudy says

    Sorry Jim’bo, the only competent staffers were those HRC was “saddled” with from her husband. He is a natural politician who is able to convince people that he “feels their pain”. She is perceived (even by her supporters) as too calculating, too pre-packaged, too stiff, too vengeful. Were she not the wife of Bill Clinton she would never have been perceived as a credible candidate. HRC’s horribly mismanaged campaign reminded too many people what they did not like about her. Her supporters are loyal but her detractors even more so. Hillary’s negatives WENT UP the more she campaigned in any state. She may have been able to convince a majority of the Dems who voted/caucussed but her negatives NATIONWIDE among all LIKELY VOTERS rose from ~42-45 points to over 50 points during the campaign. Supporter if you so choose but look at the reality of likely voters overall to adjudge the likely outcome. HRC simply does not carry any appeal beyond her core group of old, poor, lesser educated, white (and Hispanic) women and gay men. Those groups could not get her elected. She needs to appeal to Independents and with that group she fails miserably.

  33. Tom says

    What do you expect people like Feinstein to do. The politicians will step in line for Obama just as they would for Clinton. The question remains: is Obama the best candidate for the Party? I have my doubts. I think DaveNYC said it best that a young guy with no experience can best a woman who dedicated herself to this country. Obama is less concerned with Democractic ideals than reivnenting the party on the spot. Mr. “I was against the flag pin before I was for it” will do things his own way. For now, people seem content with that approach. Come November, I suspect voters will have second thoughts. He stands for everything so he stands for nothing in particular. Too bad. I had hoped for a clean sweep this year.

  34. dlb08 says

    Why is it sad that Barack has a middle name?

    I support Hillary all the way to Denver if she wants every vote to count that is what she will do. She will not allow the THUGS on the DNC RBC take this nomination away from the person who has had more votes than any other person that has run for President EVER. Hillary is the leader we need in this country.

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