Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs in Gay Pride Fashion Face-Off


Gay Pride week has descended upon New York City — well, at least upon its retail community. Towleroad correspondent Matty sends us a shot of the Ralph Lauren boutique down on Bleecker Street in the West Village which has posted a posse of Polo-wearin’ mannequins. Just down the block, The Shophound notes, Marc Jacobs has updated his Interview magazine-inspired windows with a few speech bubbles.

ConfederategayJacobs is also selling a T-shirt featuring the Confederate Flag (?!?) in rainbow colors. Shophound wonders, “Can Marc’s peerless fashion clout make the rainbow flag hip once again by presenting it in a twisted, vaguely paradoxical, potentially controversial way?”



  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Gay Pride Sunday in New York. It’s either 70 degrees and raining, or a hot & humid 100 degrees. I’ve seen my last Pride Parade…in New York, that is….I’ll get to Rio or Sao Paulo one day. Hey, maybe I’ll make the first Pride Parade in Bagdad!

  2. davefromtampa says

    Hey Derrick, Tampa Bay’s pride parade is this Saturday in St Petersburg. My bowling league is marching, come join us. We will be throwing out beads. We’ll get you a place to stay with a hot papi.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Tampa Dave:

    Thanks for the invitation. Hell, I’ll take a cold papi now.

    You know, we used to visit St. Petersburg every year when I was a child. As I got to be a teenager, I said, “Hell, no–no more central Florida for me” It was so damn hot, my make-up used get smeared with sweat, and I looked a mess.

  4. 24play says

    If your display people need to pin or clip the back of the shirt to make it look presentable on a mannequin (and, therefore, sellable), then the designer hasn’t given the shirt a proper cut.

    I know the Gap never, ever gets this. But I would think Lauren and his people would know better.

    If you purposely cut the shirt to hang like a potato sack—to be worn by frat boys and Middle America—then have the guts to display it that way.

  5. rafe says

    Hmm…why not mix the Rebel flag with the flag of Nazi Germany’s swastika? Yeah, that would be controversial, creative, and just as disrespectful and twisted. The Rebel flag is used as symbol of hatred; it is reminder of oppression and treason.

    Please don’t give me any talk about Southern heritage since the Rebel flag was not the flag of the Confederacy and was not pushed out as a marketing tool until the Civil Rights movement started kicking butt. Yeah, the Pink Triangle has become a symbol now used by gays. Great! But gays were not the target of slavery, Jim Crow, etc.

    Jacobs = Self-Absorbed, Rich Ass

  6. Br!on says

    “Can Marc’s peerless fashion clout make the rainbow flag hip once again by presenting it in a twisted, vaguely paradoxical, potentially controversial way?”

    In that sea of adjectives where is . . . ugly?

    Look like the new line at Target.

  7. aneurysm says

    boys boys, or ladies eh hem.
    first, regarding the cut of RL. i’ve found if they are cut too wide, simple wear a thin solid tank underneath (as not to reveal your sides & potentially your tummy)& tie a small knot in the back. it’s super cute & unique. as for mj’s flag, i like the design, forget the representation, if you are truly a historian, you know the flag did not represent slavery, rather the south’s desire to remain independent, much like we’ve seen in northern ireland. maybe this is mj’s way of getting more people interested in history or the upcoming election (very clever, if so) or turning a negative into a positive. what better time than the emergence of our country’s first black president, whom i (& my mother) will be voting for (& i’m a white female living in the south btw). obama 08!

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