1. James says

    Again, um, Why is this news? A young guy drinks a bunch of tequila with friends, then goads one to slap him really hard by calling him a faggot? I’m kinda getting a boner.

  2. Harrison says

    Good for you, James. I, on the other hand, think that this word should be excised from the public vernacular, so when anyone uses it, I find it wholly inappropriate and actually a little sad that people feel the need to be that low-class.

  3. Diego says

    Will we begin calling it the F-word, as F-bomb is already taken? This is so not scandalous …

  4. Bill W says

    “I, on the other hand, think that this word should be excised from the public vernacular, so when anyone uses it, I find it wholly inappropriate”

    Except it was said in PRIVATE, you word-police fascist.

  5. Banne says

    Yeah, when we lose the capacity to accept that because someone uses a word like that they might not be homophobic but merely aren’t thinking of what that word really means, then we don’t deserve really any compassion from anyone else. Get over it. He was probably barely an adult at that point and I can remember the one and only time I ever got soap in my mouth as a kid by my parents was for calling my brother a faggot. The irony.

    He’s apologized, but honestly, get over it. I’ve used that word along with pansy, fairy and a multitude of other gay slurs when some queen pisses me off…who am I to judge if he’s said he is sorry.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    So, y’all are saying that “faggot” is only a slur when used against an actual gay person. Ok, it kinda’ makes sense…for now.

    What if the straight guy (or closet case) doesn’t really know that you are gay, but he calls you a faggot– do you simply say, “well, he didn’t know any better…poor baby”?

    Or what if the straight guy calls a gay guy a faggot, but not in a violent, angry voice? What if he smiles and uses a soft, sexy voice saying, “you little faggot…I oughtta’ beat the fudge outta’ your little fudge packed faggot ass.”–and then he gives you a sweet male–bonding head butt?

  7. says

    So if I drunkenly call a friend a nigger, a kike or a spic on video, but in private, and upload it onto YouTube, it’s totally cool? Good to know.

  8. Sebastian says

    I guess it all depends on whom is spewing the slur for some here to be offended. A so called ‘cute’ guy, no problem dudes, someone not ‘cute’ the rage flows. Whcih is why the ‘feelings’ of so many here mean little when it comes to any real issue about the glbt community, too vapid and shallow to see any slur is wrong, drunk or not, ‘cute’ or not.

  9. says

    It’s not so much that he said the word Faggot. I actually don’t get so riled up over that mess, cuz it’s just a WORD and it only has the power that I give it. What I DON’T like is that he means it as an insult; the implication that calling someone a Faggot is a put-down b/c
    BEING a Faggot is a bad thing that a real man should be embarassed about.

    This is what’s not cool about it and what an apology doesn’t change. We see this attitude too often in young straight guys. They wanna be cool and hip and seen as open-minded, but when it all comes down — is this really what they think?

  10. John in Manhattan says

    Don’t you just love these tools that will go to any length to justify their self-loathing and the use of the hateful word “faggot”. Afterall, its just a word and anyone who has a problem with it is a Nazi. Give me a fuckin’ break. JAMES, you and your little boner remind me of a guy who once wanted to blow me while I called him a faggot over and over. He also wanted me to wear a wedding ring and pretend I was straight. Thoroughly depressing as is BANNE who apparently hasn’t mastered the English language and needs to resort to gay slurs “when some queen pisses me off”. I’m guessing that happens alot.

    Faggot is a derogatory term used to demean gay folks. It’s also the #1 taunt used to bully kids, both gay and straight. But go on… keep defending and promoting its usage. I’ll think of you when I hear of the next gay teen suicide. Schmucks.

  11. James says

    I knew someone would try and talk down my boner. I won’t let you!

    What a bunch of PC CRAP. I wonder what you would sound like after a good stootful of tequila, considering what you sound like now? Good God

    BTW you never finished the story about they guy who wanted to blow you??

  12. Leland Frances says

    So much for June being PRIDE Month! Is my Towleroad Electronic Calendar malfunctioning or is it actually typically this time of year when more Voluntary Morons gather round to show how much they’ve internalized homophobia to the point that it seems that it would take someone literally sticking a gun to their head [thank you, David E., for making that connection in this the ten-year anniversary of Shepard’s torture/murder] to get them to react. Is it just a symptom of school being out and stupid kids having nothing better to do but go onto blogs and reveal their stupidity?

    And WHERE in “He regrets having used the word in any capacity and is very embarrassed that this footage is being seen by anyone” is the actual APOLOGY? Sounds far more like I regret what I did because I got caught and I regret getting caught.

    I recently read that his “asking price” for films is now $10 MILLION per. Between another hack cypher falling upward through the mental cracks in Follywood and the too-retarded-to-know-they’re-self-loathing TRUE Faggots above, would anyone like to buy a fake LV handbag in which to join the world in going to Hell?

  13. grego says

    I don’t let anyone use the term ‘faggot” in my presence, without letting that person know that i find its use offensive and disrespectful.

  14. Crash says

    Well then, I guess it must be time to write to Websters and have the words: fag and faggot stript from their books. For the English use the word fag to describe a cigarett, and a faggot is an ember of burning wood. So, are you all going to get pissed off and holy roller when someone describes a burning piece of wood as a faggot??? Come one and get over yourselves already. Like some one has already said, “Words only have power when you give it power.” Wise advise. Lighten up. Time for this overly PC retarded world to let a lot of the hate and anger go. Or, if you just cant do that, go lock yourselves up, turn off the TV’s, Radios and Computers, for you are all in for a long long, lonely life.

  15. Wes says

    But he wasn’t talking about a burning peice of wood, he was trying to get someone to hit him by insulting them with a deragatory term for apparently one of the most undesirable things you can label someone as: a homosexual.

    It’s actually about more than the word, its about the perception that “gay” is so inherently bad that you can even use it to describe anything at all that you dislike in any way. The idea of homosexuality itself is being used as an insult, a threat. He was calling him a faggot because supposedly the greatest detriment to a man’s masculinity is to be gay.

    As for I’m-a LaDouche, I could honestly care less about him or what he says. I know that he is simultaniously a perpetrator and a victim of this phenomenon in society, as most of us are. What bothers me most is that this negative perception of homosexuality is so widespread and accepted that even many homosexuals don’t realize the part it plays in our social status as undesirable and inferior to others.

    Thats why I cringe when I hear gay folks describe things they don’t like as “gay” or insult other people by calling them “faggots.” They’re not just words, they are perceptions. When “gay” is the worst thing something or someone can be, it has a very real negative effect on the psychological health and happiness of gay people (particularly the young and confused/conflicted) in general.

  16. Chas says

    There’s that half-assed apology I said would come. SCORE! He beat GLAAD to the punch. Well done, LaDouche.

    Personally, I love the word “faggot” when it’s used by family (other SELF-RESPECTING, “out” homos). I use it, my friends use it, and we look at it as a badge of honor because we’ve earned the right to use it because we’re open and honest about who/what we are. See that? EARNED THE RIGHT TO USE IT. That’s something straight guys and closet cases haven’t done, therefor they have no business tossing it around all willy-nilly. And neither do self-loathing fags like many of the ones above. If you’re using it as a cut-to-the-quick insult, you shouldn’t be using it at all.

  17. Ryan says

    you know what, say what you want people.

    who give a fuck who says what as long as it’s not being said directly to someone to harm them.

    I say shit like that all the time, stuff that’s not politically correct

    but let’s look at politics

    the term “politically correct” in itself is a fucking oxymoron

    I’s till fuck him

    and let him fuck me

    an a big fuck you to those offended. you got your panties all in a bunch

  18. says

    I agree that I don’t think this is really newsworthy but I find it hard to take offense at Shia’s use of “faggot”. I use the term all of the time. Would it have been better if he call his friend “fat ass”?

    In fact I think I probably called a friend of mine a fag and fat ass to get him to slap me before too?

    I know it’s juvenile but is it really that offensive?

  19. Todd R says

    Perhaps all of you who spend time writing here to attack one another should spend that time writing to John Crosby Management about Shia’s false apology.

  20. Luke says

    I don’t know who this guy is, but, as they say, when folks get liquored up they tell you how they really feel. And, its a SLUR, no matter how some say it isn’t, since the same ones would be offended and screeching homophobia if someone called them on the street who as the one poster said wasn’t “cute.”

  21. UnionStayshyn says

    I haven’t been on this site in a while and when i read about this story I came here knowing EXACTLY what kind of comments I’d find. Thanks everyone for being so predictable!
    Your government is fighting a war in your name and you’re concerned about a 19 year old using the word ‘faggot’! Good for you!

  22. says

    As an Englishman, I can tell you that ‘Faggot’ , instead of meaning a burning ember of wood, means a bundle of wood or sticks. It is also the name of a meatball made from pork offal.

    But it’s more commonly used now to mean what it means in the US. Unless someone’s buying a packet of faggots for their dinner (which you don’t do unless you’re working class).

    Fag is still used to mean cigarette though. Seriously, when I heard ‘God hates fags’, I thought it was an anti-smoking campaign from the Christians.

  23. queendru says

    Drunkenness is presumed although I don’t know why.

    Someone here calls him “LaDouche” for using the word faggot. Classy.

    He’s not attractive. I don’t see the appeal. I’m even more puzzled with Timberlake but we’re talking Shia now.

    He was being juvenile and we’ve all had our moments in life. We always will. Don’t try to deny it.

    There was no malice. This is not Michael Richards screaming from the stage. And, frankly, I’m annoyed with people giving pejoratives like faggot or nigger the supreme power they do. It’s just sad.

  24. Michael Bedwell says

    Well, Union, if you don’t get the correlation between 19-yr. olds calling each other “faggot” and the war the government is fighting in our name then you’re not nearly the MENSA Master you’d clearly like to think you are.

    Or to put it another way, fuck you and your patronization and not in the good way!

  25. Zeke says

    I think it’s pretty clear that Towleroad was linked by GayPatriot or WorldNetDaily or some other right-wing and/or anti-gay site. The whole “PC”, “Politically Correct” meme repeated over and over is the dead give away. That is ALWAYS the term used to excuse and justify slurs and/or to defend bigotry; most especially when the slurs and/or bigotry is directed at gay people.

    I suggest we ignore them.

    NOTHING pisses them off more than being ignored.

    The trolls are really gettin’ thick on this thread.

  26. UnionStayshyn says

    Well, Michael, far be it from me to suggest that drawing a correlation between a 19-year old using the word faggot and your government’s illegal occupation is akin to suggesting Katrina or 911 occurred because of the wrath of God but I will (btw, you just made FOX News look sane). Everyone has some bull**** reason to ignore the facts.
    You Americans need to grow up and start looking at the important issues and not get so worked up over trivial matters (and in your case Michael, UNDERSTANDING the difference).
    As Rick Shenkman (author of ‘Just How Stupid Are We?’) just said on the Daily Show tonight, Americans need to start taking some responsibility for their ignorance.

  27. Ted C. says

    When discussing words like “nigger” or “faggot”, the issue should not be the word itself. The issue should be the abuse underlying the word.

    Because, yes, the word is an abusive word. I think we can all agree on that.

    However, I think Shia has every right to be abusive — physically and verbally — towards his own friends as part of their horseplay.

    It’s not the same as maliciously abusing a stranger.

  28. Scott says

    > [“Faggot” is] also the #1 taunt used to
    > bully kids, both gay and straight.

    Really? The way it gets tossed around here, I would have assumed it was “self-loathing”, since that’s the default slur whenever anyone dares to disagree with the prevailing groupthink.

    “Self-loathing” never made any sense to me, though. I rather like myself. It’s the rest of you faggots that I can’t stand.

  29. James says

    Many of these comments do not seem to reflect that the posters had actually seen the video. In direct proportion to the vehemence of the posts. Weird how that works out huh?

    And with all these socially responsible type postings, l notice not a one has pointed out he and the whole party was probably all drinking underage.

    Any proper “apology” should be an alcohol PSA, if need be. Better he shouldn’t have bothered apologizing for his choice of friendly taunt at all, for all the good it’s done with the mind-made-up set, over-represented in this thread.

    He was TRYING to INSULT his FRIEND in a drunken party game, in order to shock him into slapping him. Frankly the use of the word “faggot” was a pretty good choice, it made his friend slap him pretty hard. Of all the context we know, which isn’t much, we know the intent was not malicious. Big Fucking Deal.

    Except that it’s really stupid and really funny and kinda hot the same way Ultimate Fighting is hot, whoa.

    And for those who do not (honestly) find Ultimate Fighting pretty much gay porn with pants on, this does not make you a bad person and I will not call you names like troll or wingnut or accomplice to murder, unless of course you are drunk too and playing the game and trying to make me slap you. Yawn.

  30. Zeke says

    Oh JAMES you’re such a deep thinker and yet SOOOOOO cool at the same time.

    You amaze me.

    God, I wish I could be just like you.

    Those who take issue with what you say are clearly just out of touch with greatness and what it means to be brilliant in every way.

    Stand your ground bubba, you’re a shining light to homa-sek-shuls everywhere.

    No REALLY, I mean it!

  31. Paul R says

    Thanks, John, you just made me remember an event that I’d managed to repress for many years. When I was in college I was walking from one bar to another, and this older man approached me. He was drunk, and assumed I was straight. Given that this was in Charlottesville, Virginia (which is slightly more liberal now but 15 years ago was not exactly a hotbed of gay rights), I was baffled. He started begging me to punch him and tell him what a dirty faggot he was. Many straight men who’d been drinking would probably have been happy to do just that.

    When I refused, he wouldn’t stop begging me to spit on him. I was trying to reason with him, and ask why he would want a stranger to treat him like that. He said it was because he was a disgusting pervert who deserved abuse.

    Now, I understand S&M, even between strangers. But this was something else entirely: a man asking to be bashed. It was horrifying. And the worst part, I’m ashamed to admit, is that I finally did spit on him—though not on his face (where he wanted it), but instead on his shirt. (He had talked to me for so long that I realized he really did want to be abused by someone he perceived as being straight.) After I did it, he thanked me profusely.

    It remains one of the most profoundly disturbing experiences of my life, and one that I still don’t know how to reconcile myself with.

  32. Hephaestion says

    It wasn’t used in a malicious manner??? He used it to TAUNT AND INSULT. Hello??

    Shia lost all my respect for using this word. It is ALWAYS a dehumanizing insult when used by a straight person. Period. The gay community’s willingness to sit back and accept insults is appalling.

  33. UnionStayshyn says

    Can you all stop projecting onto a kid that used a word that seemed appropriate in the context of a group of his friends? Having this video released completely recontextualized his language since he obviously won’t have used that word if he knew it would be made public. If you think you can make any conclusions about this guy based on this short video than I would suggest you should reconsider any animosity you might have for evangelicals who are also only too quick to demonize others for using words they also find offensive and insulting. If someone released a video of you drunk with your friends would everything you said in that context hold up to the scrutiny of the public? Likely it wouldn’t. I can’t believe the lack of sympathy (or even empathy) in these responses. So many of you are quick to judge and have seemly learned nothing from those in your country that have twisted the words of a wise man who believed in compassion into the damning decrees of old lonely men.