1. Bongo says

    I hope the company is taken to court over this. If they’d done it on a building I owned, I’d be doing my own enticing number…suing the pants off them.

  2. jason says

    Can’t we get over the Tom Of Finland stereotypes?? It’s pathetic. Sometimes I despair at the lack of imagination and innovation in our community. Tom of Finland is so yesterday.

  3. scientitian says

    I’m gonna side with the naysayers. This is pretty lame – anyone who’s seen a Michelangelo’s David lightswitch cover knows this concept is as old as dirt. That, and the pictures themselves look really crude and obnoxious. Yes, a pipe looks like a dick – it takes the intellect of a 12 year-old to realize this.

  4. peterparker says

    I’m confused why a fragrance is being pitched to the leather community. Everyone knows any leatherman worth his J-Lube stopped wearing cologne the first time he put on a pair of chaps. Real men smell like man-musk…not like a pretty smell that came out of a bottle.

  5. Stick says

    Jeez, lighten up! It’s nice to see some corporate tongue-in-cheek. Who says the fragrance is being pitched at the leather crowd? It’s probably for people like me….older, from the days when TOF drawings were considered HOT. Before we were all so politically correct.

  6. Br!on says

    Wow. Never stop being surprised by the comments on this site. SO bizarre. Personally I miss gay men. Whether it be TOF types or just a guy.

    Going to gay clubs is like watching a twink festival in Boyland. Even the 40 year olds trying to be 18, lip syncing to Rhianna.

    Frankly, I could use some manly images again. Frankly, we could use ANYTHING that denotes a bit of sexuality instead of the neutered, shaved boy of the current vogue.

  7. Jimmyboyo says


    I whole heartedly agree on at least the leather images from Tom of Finland. The wife beater T’s and jean drawings can still be cool to look at sometimes.

    The leather schtick is such a joke.

    I am a huge fan of all manner of kink , but leather is just a clown costume without the red nose. Who wants to bother with all that crap getting in the way when tieing up a partner or being tied up to the bed post?

  8. Jimmyboyo says



    AFREAKINGMEN on the cologne thing. I haven’t worn deoderant or cologne for years. At most I will rub sea salt on my pits


    Hell no! :-) spit, crisco, or olive oil. I can’t stand the smell of lubes.

  9. Oscar says

    Cool it queens.Leather men do not have to smell like sewers.I was in leather for many years and a smelly crotch was ok but a stinking ass is a turn off.For some of you Channel # 9 may be of your likings but for leather men must,lemon and spices are in,have been in and will always be in.Specially leather smell and I don’t mean patent leather girls.A real man in leather wears whatever he wants and feels a man and ok.So cool it and get back to your Paris “originals”,the facshion programs and the runway shit.

  10. Ty says

    Tom of Finland is some euroqueen’s fantasy about physical attributes like pecs and crotch.
    Makes gays look shallow and pussyish to find this “template” attractive…
    Straight men don’t oogle over pencil drawings, we need to grow up.
    Leather is an embarrassing page from our history, a rebellion that is no longer necessary. Fragrances just pussy it up even more.

  11. TOF says

    I think they’re funny.
    I remember TOF while it was still hot–late 80’s.
    I even went to his (Tom/Touko) house/studio in Silverlake when before he died.
    I thought it was odd that they would make a cologne given the general disdain for it in the leather community, but they’ve also designed some clothes based on the styles in the drawings. So I guess it’s meant to be more celebratory and funny…like putting the images over pipes!
    Some of the comments seem a little over the top –like the one saying he would sue if they put the poster on his building!
    Lighten up, Mary!

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