Antonio Sabato Jr Can’t Decide if He’d Choose To Be Gay or Stupid


On last night's Chelsea Lately, Antonio Sabato Jr. was on talking about his role on General Hospital: Night Shift, a prime time spin-off which looks at the nocturnal activities of characters related to the daytime soap. After showing a clip in which the gay innuendo runs high (screencap below), they get into a discussion of whether Antonio would rather be gay or stupid, as he looks either/or in the clip. I've transcribed it for you:

CHELSEA: So in that scene you're with a guy, is there a gay storyline there?

SABATO JR: No not for me, no.

CHELSEA: Okay, a little bit on the show is there?

SABATO JR: There is, actually. There is. There always has to be a gay storyline these days, otherwise they're not hip.

CHELSEA: Okay. But you - because I looked at your body on there and I would think to myself, you're either gay or really stupid. Anyone who has a body that looks like you - and it's the same with women - you're ether really gay or really dumb...So if you had to choose gay or stupid what would you choose? If you had to be one what would you choose?

SABATO JR: I gotta be political, that's a tough question.

CHELSEA: (whispers) Just say gay.

SABATO JR: No, I won't answer that.

Apparently he's stupid. And the conversation continues to confirm that.

CHELSEA: You're very handsome you obviously know that. You were a Calvin Klein model.

SABATO JR: I don't know I'm handsome. I don't get up in the morning and go I'm handsome.

CHELSEA: Oh please. Yes of course you do.

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