Sean Hayes Back in Action on New York Stage


Sean Hayes, who opens this week in a New York production of Damn Yankees with Cheyenne Jackson and Jane Krakowski, sits down with the New York Times:

“For me, the basis of [success as an actor] comes from a love of everything you do. But the byproduct of being a star or a celebrity may be that you have to give up certain pieces of yourself. And you do have to sell part of your soul when you’re an actor — because that’s what you’re showing people. You have an audience, and if you don’t have an audience you’re just being weird in front of the mirror.”

In other news, Hayes is working on a TV series called Bi-Coastal, “about a guy with a wife and kids in California and a boyfriend in New York.”

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  1. Chas says

    He’ll always be “Billy” to me.

    And this “Bi-Coastal” show sounds like it could be interesting provided it’s being written by people who know what they’re talking about and that it’ll air on a network that won’t keep it on a short leash.

  2. says

    @CHAS Yeah, right? I am so sick of entertainment being moralized or kinder-ized. I am amazed that CBS is still airing Swingtown. That show features insinuated heterosexuality and people are up in arms about it. And LOGO has been playing things way too safe in my opinion. They’re owned by MTV for chrisakes. MTV!
    Maybe Bravo will snap it up. NBC has history with Sean and Bravo is where they seem to be able to let their hair down programming-wise. Fingers crossed!

  3. John in Manhattan says

    Sean “I refuse to discuss my sexual orientation” Hayes. Can you imagine Carson Kressley refusing to discuss the fact that he’s gay. Hayes, the gay minstrel, is a joke and it’s on us.

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    LOGO is definitely “Gay Lite PG” but Bravo is NOT the “Gay channel”! Bravo is the “Fag Minstrel Show Channel.”

    Hold please. What? We’re supposed to luv the entire gay male community portrayed as castrato cartoons like Carsssson and Christian Ssssiarno? Interesting. Could you pass the watermelon.

  5. phil says

    I’ve enjoyed Sean’s work but have been so disapointed in his refusal to be proudly open about himself that I really don’t care to even think about him anymore.

  6. says

    Bi-Coastal is setup @ Showtime. I’m not sure if they’ll do it (they’ve had a directive to stray away from gay programming for the past few years), but Hayes is attached to produce and it’s being written by one of the writers from Big Love.

  7. chas says

    MIKEY, your harsh criticism of sissified queers is way lame. There’s nothing wrong with being femme and fabulous, honey. It takes all types.

  8. Michael Bedwell says

    Chaslene, chile, the criticism was directed at producers who try to reinforce the myth that there AREN’T “all types.”

    But, yes, PROFESSIONAL Flaming Fags AKA Media Whores like Carson and Xtian and Ross the Wonder Horse er Intern who purposely turn up the flame and would light their pencil dicks on fire and deep throat George Bush on live TV if it paid enough in money and/or attention cannot be crucified enough.

  9. says

    Have to agree with the insight on Bravo. I don’t have Showtime, but admit to being somewhat of a fan of Sean Hayes, or should I say Jack McFarlane? Anyone seen that surf movie Shelter which featured a performance by Brad Rowe who was Sean Hayes’ object of affection in Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss? I liked it. Worth checking out.

  10. Nick says

    I love Sean Hayes. And I think he is totally entitled to not talk about his sexual orientation if he so chooses. Every actor does not have to go public about it, and as long as they don’t go macho and beardy, then, I’m fine with it, really. I personally do not think we should, as an audience, be harsh on possibly gay actors while drooling on proudly straight actors strutting their stuff half naked all the time. Just my two cents.
    And yes, I also loved Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss!

  11. Paul R says

    Once while on vacation I met a federal judge in precisely the situation decribed by Bi-Coastal. Boyfriend knew about the wife—wife most certainly did not know about the boyfriend.

  12. Paul R says

    Once while on vacation I met a federal judge in precisely the situation decribed by Bi-Coastal. Boyfriend knew about the wife—wife most certainly did not know about the boyfriend.

  13. says

    …perhaps so, Nick… All I’m sayin’ is that, according to Towleroad, being out at work can enhance one’s performance; and, if Sean’s goin’t’Broadway, well, I’m just sayin’….

  14. Chas says

    “Chaslene”…MIKEY, honey, if I ever decide to do drag and need a name, that’s the one I’m pickin’!

    Now how do you know these “PROFESSIONAL Flaming Fags” you speak of are just putting on an act? Have you met them? Do you see them on the day-to-day? Since Ross the Intern is basically comic relief (to put it politely) on ‘The Tonight Show’ I can see how you’d say he’s playing up his faggotry, but why would Christian or Carson need bother? Especially Christian, who won ‘Project Runway’ based on his considerable talent, not his flaminess.

    Obviously you’re passionate about gay issues, which is I think is great. But you come off like a Faginazi when you rail against “the wrong kinds of gays”. Most of us aren’t going live up to your standards of model gayness. Scratch that. Most of us aren’t going to BOTHER TRYING to live up your standards of model gayness.

  15. Bobby says

    Excellent post Chas. Until the internal homophobia stops, the heterosexuals have carte blanche to hate us and beat us up and kill us. I mean after all, who likes men that act so “girly”? (can you see the sarcasm dripping from that last sentence?)

    Folks, we all look alike when sucking a cock or having it sucked. Get over your pissy stereotype phobias and deal with the real threat, the pseudo-christians and the fuckin’ republicans who want to run our lives and dictate how we live.

  16. Seann says

    Aside from “Bleepers” who is an idiot, I haven’t read a comment coming out against the idea of effeminacy in the gay community. It’s when acting like a sissified women becomes a mainstream stereotype that people SHOULD be up in arms.

    I adore Siriano. He’s fierce with a capital F, but no one can deny that gay men are desexualized and have their masculinity stripped to play for laughs. Gay men come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and this fact should be seen more in television and the media. Instead we get Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Project Runway. And I will say I enjoy both shows.

    Sean should bite the bullet and come out. It’s the big pink elephant in the room that no one is allowed to talk about. In the end it’s his choice.

  17. Chas says


    I agree with the desexualization part, but maybe not every gay man is concerned with his masculinity (or lack thereof) or masculinity in general. Masculinity isn’t everything to everyone. Some boys will boys and some won’t.

  18. Paul R says

    Seann, I don’t get your point. The complaints seem to be that acting like a sissified woman *are* the mainstream stereotype. Check Perez Hilton—I’d say most of the posters on Towleroad hate him precisely because he’s a major mincing queen and receives extensive media coverage, thereby reinforcing the notion that we’re all bitchy, gossip-obsessed know-nothings.

    And if you haven’t seen complaints about effiminancy, you haven’t been reading this blog for too long. It’s a neverending debate, and one that I find ridiculous. Live and let live. (I’m not saying that you don’t.)

  19. theo says

    Wrong, Paul, we hate Mario because he’s a vile excuse for a human being. A fame whore of the worst kind imaginable, whose schadenfreude will one day prompt a huge karmic bitchslap.

  20. FunMe says


    This queen bitch ( and there is nothing wrong with being gay and queeny) … sean has set us all, gays (me) and drag queens who have actors hide or better yet, “not talk about” – i.e. the lame “don’t ask, don’t tell” type of gays say so many words about acting and yet talk like nelly queens and pretend (by their nn-denail) that they are straight.

    Here’s a note to Sean:

    Gurl, please!

  21. A Real Man says

    Re: ‘Bleepers’ – “Effeminacy sucks. Never will be attractive, regardless of who our enemies are.”

    NO. Bigotry sucks and you’re a bigot.
    A real man is not threatened by men who are different to him, and an honourable man will stand up for those who are being trampled on (like women, “sissies”, ethnic minorities.)
    Which means, sadly for you, that you’ve got a long way to go before you can rightly claim to be a man.

  22. John in Manhattan says

    I only date straight-acting men in baseball caps who say “dude” alot and high-five me when they cum.

    C’est tres butch, darlings.

  23. says

    I wish all performers would keep their private lives private. It helps to accomplish temporary suspension of disbelief. Sadly there are many times when talent isn’t enough to divert one’s attention from tabloids to performance, thereby ruining what would otherwise be an enjoyable 90 minutes or so.

  24. paul says

    I would agree that Sean Hayes has a right to privacy, with one exception, he has accepted awards from Glaad as a STRAIGHT ally to the gay community. To me that is an insult!! I have been told by many that Sean hayes is gay and he is from home town so it is pretty well-known. Just come out already…he is never going to play a leading man, well except in perhaps a gay role!! LOL

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