1. secretagentman says

    Can someone who knows football explain this situation to me? He retired of his own free will right? So why does he want to come back, and why was he acting like the Packers ‘have to’ take him back?

  2. Evan says

    MississippiTim: I should give a damn why?
    Andy Towle: Because he’s straight. It’s gay people place to worship and support straight people in every aspect.

  3. Kimmer says

    Yeah, SecretAgentMan, Favre retired, then changed his mind and decided he has another year or two to play a sport he set the standard for. So crucify him.
    And yeah, MississippiTim and Evan, he’s straight and plays a rough and tumble game. So crucify him.
    Must make you guys feel better about yourselves somehow.
    Free your minds. The rest might follow.
    Go Jets.

  4. David says

    He spent his entire career a Packer and made them tons of money. It’s sad to see he has to spend the last few years playing the game he loves with another team. I say curse the Packers. Go Favre! Go Jets!

  5. mike says

    Now, Evan, honey, you went off your meds again. Baby Bitter, it’s about sports, you see. Maybe something you aren’t too concerned about what with all those paper dollies and stuff. It’s major news, Evan. The Jets might actually have a decent QB this season and not suck. I would have preferred that Brett stay retired. I mean, boyfriend shed tears and all at his press conference (straight-male drama is sooo boring), but I guess the lure of the locker room is just too much for men who get paid big bucks to play a boy’s game. Remember, Evan, get back on those meds, OK?

  6. Robert says

    Okay, this enough. You want your Brett Favre porn, tune in to ESPN. They will gladly provide minute-to-minute updates of this paltry soap opera. Why is this being posted here? There are more pressing matters in this country than whether this jockstrap drama queen play a stupid, stupid game. Now, where are the bears?

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