Hate Crime Suspect Arrested, Foiled by CCTV

An anti-gay hate crime last Friday in Springville, New York, near Buffalo, was caught on a closed-circuit TV camera and the attacker arrested:

Hatecrime“We’re told a man in the white T-shirt and dark colored hat followed another man out of the Casey’s Bar on East Main Street and they crossed the road. After some sort of confrontation, the suspect walks back near Casey’s Bar. He speaks with two other men. He paces the sidewalk for a while. Then he crosses the street a second time. That’s when the violent assault took place. Camera owner: ‘I saw pushing and shoving and fists flying and what looked like kicking.’ The 47-year-old victim suffered multiple fractures to his face. Sources say the suspect yelled anti-gay slurs at the victim. And police say that’s why they’re treating it as a hate crime.”

The attacker, who has been charged with assault, is free on $1,000 bail.


  1. the queen says

    we need us a “rough trade registry” like the straights have for the sex offenders — put up a list with photos of potential dangerous young punks — something you can access on your ipod at 2 in the morning and weed out the troublemakers…

  2. says

    I heard a woman speak, a couple of years ago, about our rights, freedoms and safety; and one quote of hers remains resonant. She said, “…do you realize that there is no place in the U.S. where any of us can drive 15 minutes from our homes and still be safe…?”

    Still true. So much enlightening to do…

  3. Janice says

    Who does the assailant know in the court system there? Is he a judge’s son, the mayor’s nephew, a friend of the commissioner’s daughter? How can you beat a man into unconsciousness, leave him in a bloody heap on the sidewalk and NOT be charged with attempted murder? Take the fact that the victim is gay out of the argument. He was left for dead on the sidewalk after being viciously and brutally beaten…I know him personally and I have seen what was done to him. Why is Joshua Holts not in jail without bail and why have we not seen his picture on the news? I want to see what someone with obvious internal sexual conflict looks like. Why does he have more rights than his victim?

  4. Chris says

    Local ABC affiliate WKBW did an update on this story last night but it’s not on their website.

    Basically just that the victim, now back home GA (I think) is hitting a brick wall in trying to contact the local authorities to inquire whether any other suspects (there was more than one attacker) are being sought and/or whether this will be charged as a hate crime.

    They also showed the victim’s wounds… very bad! :(

    I did find these follow-up stories from a week ago:



  5. Looking for Truth says

    As to the “crime” you speak about here. You should know the real story. The victim was attacked twice that night. After inappropriately grabbing other mens private parts. The first fight is the one shown and the victim left the fight standing upright walking and barely a drop of blood on him or the assailant. The second fight happened down the road in front of the movie theather and he was jumped by three men where he received his other wounds. I dont beleive that fighting solves anything but it should not ruin lives the first person in the one on one fight is taking the brunt of the blame for all of the other three mens actions and is going to go to jail for approvimately seven years for a simple bar fight where everyone walked away with bruised egos and nothing else and the other three men who did the damage and said the insane statements go free where is the justice in that. They should pay for there actions

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