1. peterparker says

    A friend of mine once interviewed Kristin Chenoweth just before the Christmas holidays. She told my friend that she and her family had decided not to give presents to each other anymore, but to spend that money on donations to charities. Between that story, this anti-meth video and her *fantastic* turn on West Wing as a Republican in the Bartlett administration, I think Kristin Chenoweth seems like a pretty cool girl.

  2. crispy says

    Funny… but not as funny as actual episodes of Intervention. The episode about Allison is hilarious!

  3. Derek says

    Yeah intervention is a real laugh riot. A real roll on the floor, how pathetic are they, I can’t help but laugh, at other people’s problems kind of show…

  4. Chad says

    Br!on, yeah, right?
    Crystal is SO 1990’s I didn’t think people still did that shit. Adderall is where it’s at now.

    I love Kristin, tho’. She’s brill, and cute as a button

  5. JeffRob says

    Love it. The era of the internet comedy musical short is in full-swing!

    But I’m right there with Crispy about the real show. The Allison episode was CLASSIC. Girlfriend was just suckin on a can and driving, suckin on a can and eating, suckin on a can and playing with her cat, suckin on a can and talking to her mom… god that show makes a plain ol’ pothead feel good.

  6. says

    @CRISPY I <3’ed the Intervention episode with Allison. You must, must, must check out the “Walking on Sunshine” remix someone did of Allison’s episode. HIGH-larious!

    Mr. HotMess

  7. says


    While I agree with you completely about KC, I have to point out that her character was a democrat on West Wing. It was Emily Procter, as WH counsel Ainsley Hayes, who was the bubbly, cute, blonde republican.

  8. ATLSteve says

    Peterparker –
    I think you’re confusing Kristin with the blond woman on one of the CSI shows. The other blond played the Repug attorney they hired in earlier seasons.

    Kristin played Leo’s asst/ chief of staff.

  9. Wayne says

    Brilliant! I love Kristen on Pushing Daisies and can’t wait for it’s return next month! What a babe!

  10. says

    It’s always good to see Lynne Stewart, AKA Miss Yvonne from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. She’ll always be the most beautiful girl in puppet land!

  11. wisebear says

    THIS IS GLORIOUS! Anybody know who wrote it? Sounds like the brilliant composer William Finn.

    And yes, girls, meth is still a scourge in the gay community.

  12. FUNNY? says

    I just went to YOUTUBE to watch the video you all were describing as hysterical and so funny…the ALLISON Remix…

    I was laughing for about the first thirty seconds and then began to feel incredibly sorry for her and found the whole thing completely UNfunny.

    How is it that you can find it funny to laugh at someone who needs help? Really sad.

  13. says

    This is very funny and while I think its message is lost in its silliness, meth is an unfortunate reality in our community. Intervention is one of my favorite shows. As a Nurse Practitioner, I have seen the horrific nature of substance abuse in thousands of patients over the years and Intervention exposes this to the larger population. The case of Allison was one of the most disturbing episodes I’ve ever seen. While the “remix” video is quite funny, I hope it doesn’t distract from the true message of Intervention.