1. Buster says

    Maybe it’s the questions he’s being asked, but I’m already tired of Mr. Franco’s junior high school “tee-hee – I was naked with a guy and he saw my fake penis!” and “I had to kiss this guy but it was just acting and then we talked about sports” approach to discussing his role. I understood that “Milk” is a serious movie about the rise and then assassination of a gay politician — not a Judd Apatow teen sex comedy.

  2. says

    Why was there any need for prosthetic penises at all? You would think that two established actors could be comfortable enough with their own bodies to handle the nudity. I can see why one was used in a movie like “Boogie Nights” where the size of the character was part of the story, but her it seems the device was only used so the actors wouldn’t be showing their real goods. If that’s the case, the director should have avoided showing full nudity or hire actors who wouldn’t have a problem with it. I can’t see an audience wanting to watch full nudity on screen if they knew it was faked…as we all do now.

  3. DUH says

    “Straight” actors are such fools when it comes to gay parts. Can they even comprehend how many gay actors – both closeted and not – have to make out with women as part of their performances? All those homos are hardly freaked out to kiss the gender of someone they’re not attracted to.

    Grow a set, James! Bust through the homophobia. Oh, and P.S., you’re getting PAID to assume a character. I’ll fucking make out with Sean Penn, if you’d like. Or Kate Hudson or whoever you’re going to be kissing in some lame romantic comedy next.


  4. Scott says

    > I can’t see an audience wanting to watch full nudity on screen if they knew it was faked…as we all do now.

    Oh, I don’t know–if they’re there to watch the *film*, they’re not going to care. If they’re there to act like a bunch of idiot third-grades who point and snicker, “There’s James’ peepee!”, then yeah, they might be disappointed.

    Here’s a hint–it’s a movie. It’s all fake.

  5. nic says

    aww, why are some of you such bitches? he didn’t say anything against gays. on the contrary, he admires gus van zandt.

    he is a beautiful, beautiful man with a killer smile.

  6. Turtle says

    I saw it coming. C’mon, with “Brokeback” we had weeks and months of giggles in the press and all manner of declarations of heterosexuality just to let everyone know in advance what to expect. It’s the exact-same-template.

  7. John in Manhattan says

    So much so, TURTLE, that Jake and Heath were told to quit it by the powers that be at Focus Features. It was only when BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was nominated for an Oscar, that J & H stopped giggling and started behaving.

  8. paulie says

    I second what NIC said: you boys are bunch of nasty bitches. Franco’s a charming guy and totally gay friendly. His stories were cute and simply played up how uncomfortable it is to walk around naked with a 100+ people on a camera crew watching your every move, captured on film. So what that he’s well-paid for it — it’s not so much fun unless you’re a porn star, and knowing how the Internet works, that the eyes of the world will be fixated on your penis (vs your acting) once the film comes out. oh, wait, now I get it! DUH is a porn star! awesome. that explains a lot.

  9. Dan E says

    I don’t know what’s up with all this negativity. I mean the prosthetic penis story is pretty funny; Sean Penn having prosthetic penis envy is pretty funny; this is shit that’s worth giggling about.

    So I’m not quite clear on what people are so upset about. He seems charming to me.

  10. Cristian says

    What an obvious publicist-pitched made-up story, and how slow and boring his delivery. Looks like an actor who can only act on film, because in a theater he’d have a tough one trying to deliver a full script in real time.

  11. paul says

    Maybe it’s just me, but yeah, I would be freaked out to make out with a woman and do sex scenes with a woman. It would kind of gross me out and definitely make me uncomfortable. I’m sure I would end up trying to find the humor in it to make it easier. Actually, I would try to find the humor in anything I do, so I think people who have a problem with what he’s saying are just looking for shit to bitch about.

    The fake penises, however, are a great way to perpetuate the type of insecurity that made them want fake penises in the first place.

  12. Tim says

    Gay men tend to be size queens and dick-size obsessed, plus hell-bent on total gym body perfection. Why would anyone submit themselves to such scrutiny? Is anyone surprised these guys put on prosthetic cocks? (Although I had no idea this was a practice in H’wood.)

    Self-acceptance = happiness so the sooner you can walk around naked and not give a shit one way or the other, the sooner you can hear vicious judgements and not care, the happier you will be!

    Remember, there will come a day when you get old and wrinkly, and your self-criticism — if still present — will destroy you.

  13. Dback says

    This is just weird enough it’s probably true–I think he was just sharing it in a “can you believe how bizarre an actor’s life is?” way, not in a homophobic way.

    The only reason I can think of for someone wearing a prosthetic penis (besides the visual size benefits) is to protect the real thing from too much sun exposure, especially if he’s spending half the day naked getting these shots. If he’s got body makup on, he wouldn’t want to keep putting on a robe or a pair of trunks and then taking them off again.

  14. anon says

    Were there prosthetic balls too?

    Not sure why people were complaining here, I thought the story was more likely better than the film’s going to be! I could see why Franco would be uncomfortable, Penn’s no longer a hottie! (That was a joke.)

  15. boston bear says

    “You would think that two established actors could be comfortable enough with their own bodies to handle the nudity.”
    This may have been true many years ago…but in the age of DVDs, actors are more reluctant to do an “artistic” nude scene knowing they are going to end up freeze-framed and then all over the internet.

  16. dickdanver says

    There is still a huge penis taboo in the U.S. It’s not just actors but American guys in general are shy about showing off the goods. It’s as if every guy thinks his whole mystery and uniqueness is found between his legs (as opposed to in his heart and his head) and to show off your real dick is to be overexposed and vulnerable. I think this is a warped, socially-perpetuated logic and I can imagine all kinds of ways in which this dysfunctional modesty screws with a guy’s all-around behavior. Imagine how relaxed and confident one would be if there was nothing to hide. Look at Ewan McGregor and other European actors who show off their dicks like they were elbows. They seem more evolved and even happier than their American peers.

  17. anon says

    I don’t think that the story that Franco told was homophobic in any way, just a faintly amusing story.

    There has always been and probably always will be a double standard when it comes to male and female nudity-perfectly fine and required for women to be naked-full frontal and all-but God forbid precious men have to show their frontal wares! What a load of crap!

  18. dbearhug says

    My guess with the prosthetic is about shot continuity. If you are doing multiple shots, especially diving into the pool, there’s going to be some shrinkage issues. When it comes time to do the final edit, then at least the appendage will have the same shape and behavior whether it was at the beginning or the end of the shoot.

  19. Smartypants says

    I think he’s adorable. Not at all homophobic, just as naturally as uncomfortable as most of us would be if our job required us to be naked in front of a lot of co-workers.

    One thing did irritate me – the widely repeated misconception that Harvey Milk was the first openly gay official in America. At least three gay people were elected as early as 1974, three years before Milk won office: Elaine Noble (Massachusetts legislature), Kathy Kozachenko (Ann Arbor City Council), and Allan Spear (Minnesota legislature).

    Spear went on to spend 28 years in the state legislature and Senate, capping a distinguished career by serving as President of the Senate from 1992 until his retirement in 2000. He is by far the longest serving openly gay official in U.S. history.

  20. Eoin M says

    Franklin, this is only the start, it’ll get worse. We’re no doubt in for weeks on end of Brokeback-esque frigity and “btw, my real-life girlfriend says…”.

    I just don’t get why they make such a big deal out of even pretending to get freaked out. They don’t mind playing evil-doers or killers do they? 😉

  21. Jeff says

    It’s the overall sophomoric humor and nature of men in general, whether gay, straight, or otherwise. Whenever sexual situations are discussed, they get giddy. Jack and Karen, on Will & Grace, always giggled when they said words that could be misconstrued. Are you going to call the Will & Grace Team homophobic? Even as a gay man, who has no difficulty talking about my sex life with others; [I] would feel a tad uncomfortable telling such a story to countless people over the airwaves. And since he did make this film and acted in all of these scenes, you are hard-pressed (tee hee, hard; tee hee pressed) to consider him truly homophobic.

    And that smile? Mmmmm, mmmmm, good!

    Either way, I’d still do him.

  22. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    There’s also the MPAA Ratings Board to consider. If you remember from Natl Geograhics the tribe wearing just the phallic gourds on their members considered themselves “fully-clothed”, and to be seen in-public without the gourd was “scandalous” and “taboo” despite the fact that they were basically stark-naked either-way. Use of the prosthetics by the principal actors might get the producers around the imposition of an X-rating….since they weren’t really “naked”; they were “in-makeup” or “in costume”.

    The MPAA has funny rules for scoring if a movie gets an “R” or an “X”. And an X-rating is still box office-poison for mainstrem distribution.

  23. mike says

    Pathetic, isn’t it? Mr. Franco has to “nudge-nudge wink-wink say-no-more say-no-more” to make his point. Already, I am not wanting to see this film. Sad. I liked James Franco as an actor before this. Sorry, James, but you just got tossed into the “Biz Basket”. Asshole.

  24. nic says

    why is everybody making such a big deal about this, like he was being outright homophobic? remember he signed up to do the movie in the first place, that doesnt scream homophobe to me. stop looking for reasons to be angry at other people and move on with your lives

  25. Bubba says

    Wow. I didn’t know so many internet posters were so perfect. Sorry, I’d be uncomfortable doing a gay scene. “Pretend you are hot and bothered for Sean Penn.” Um, ok.

    He did it. C’mon. He saw a kiss, had no problem with it, then gets to the set and has a love scene. He has to prepare to get into the scene (no pun intended). Don’t tell me gay actors don’t feel uncomfortable doing straight scenes. You have to fake it and fake it well.

    Funny how you see judgment thrown around all over the political spectrum. He’ll be called a fag and homophobic many more times over the next year.

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