John McCain Defines Rich as Over $5 Million


Guess what? McCain's rich, and he also probably cheated at the Saddleback Church forum. As the Huffington Post notes, a man's shoes say quite a bit about him.


Phoenix $4.6 million
Coronado, CA $2.1 million
Sedona, AZ $1.9 million
Coronado, CA $2.7 million
La Jolla, CA $1 million
Arlington, VA $847,000

Of course there's nothing wrong with having money, but there's something to be said about how you treat it, as this new clip from Brave New Films illustrates:

Two more new clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

The DNC released the web ad above yesterday. And below, Keith Olbermann’s report on McCain’s “cone of silence” during the Saddleback Church forum.