1. jason says

    The music industry is one of the most homophobic industries in America. Sad that it’s gone this way. I partly blame gay people for failing to see it coming. You’ve been too soft on MTV, an organization which has promoted a host of homophobic rappers and rockers.

  2. Wes says

    I’m not a Kanye fan, but I have appreciated his speaking out about homophobia. For a mainstream hip hop artist, thats a pretty big deal. You will never see someone like Eminem or 50 Cent saying this kind of thing, thats for sure. Their beloved thug images are too precious.

  3. jason says

    Keep in mind that homophobia is pronounced in the black musical community. We as a gay community need to criticize those black musicians who have homophobic attitudes. We should not be scared of criticizing them simply because we don’t want to be perceived as racist. It is NOT racist to criticize a black man for homophobia.

    Much of the public hate towards gay and bi men is coming from black rappers and hip-hop artists. Don’t shirk from criticizing them.

  4. says

    It’s astonishing to me that there is STILL so much homophobia in the entertainment industry, given that there are so many gays and lesbians in the production chain. Without gay and lesbians to make the shows, music and books happen, where would we be? Yet, bigotry persists.

    Kudos to Kanye for encouraging understanding and condemning homophobia. Oh my, Kanye is…an ADULT! There should be more like him.

  5. jeffy says

    Preaching to the (mostly) converted at MSG, no?

    I hope he repeats this tirade in the flyovers, too.

  6. MadisonKid says

    That’s awesome…

    Not only is he opening up Hip Hop music to new things Coldplay, maroon5, John Mayer…

    But he’s also trying to open up his fans to accepting people…

    What other rappers doing that?

    I mean what other rappers has even thought of using gay or homosexual in a positive way?

    Thanks for posting this TowleRoad!

  7. JTluvr says

    Interestingly enough, I was walking by Madison Square Garden after work that day. The area was full of suburban white preteen and teen boys all dressed just like him. They were hugging and laughing and playing together in little groups. Just excited to be in New York. I had no idea it was just before the Kanye concert, but I thought, “Wow. A lot of these kids are pretty gay, and pretty open about it.” It’s not at all how I remember high school, and I’m glad the world is changing for the better. We should be able to be who we are. The kids will show us the way.

  8. crispy says

    Why in the world would Madonna say something like this at her concert? More than half the audience at a Madonna show is gay, and the rest are middle-aged women.

    Kanye should be commended for saying this to his audience. But jeez, not everyone is in competition with Madonna.

  9. KJ says

    Help an old man out! What does it mean to wear jeans in the “fresh way?” I’m hoping it means that the era of the crotch at knee level is ending.

  10. says

    Kudos to Kanye! Love his music, love his personality (a little narcissistic but hey), and his style.

    As for John in Manhattan pointing out that Madonna hasn’t done anything similar. I’m pretty sure he was speaking in general terms, that no other mainstream artist has so boldly denounced homophobia the way Kanye has continously done.

  11. Sasha says

    To WES – I’m not a defender of Eminem, but it’s worth noting that in 8 Mile (as a character) he sticks up for a gay man who is being attacked by another rapper. I think his words are something like “So what if he is gay […] He’s gay, YOU’RE a faggot”.

  12. Alan says

    I have always been stunned that any group of people that has been a minority, and one that has been repeatedly stepped on, could themselves support homophobia. If you have ever been a victim of racism, you know what it’s like to be punished for simply being who you are. I have never understood why homophobia is so rampant among black Americans. Or many Hispanic ones, too, for that matter.

  13. Sami says

    Jason, I don’t understand why you have to single out *black* musicians for homophobia. Last I checked, country music wasn’t exactly a bastion of gay tolerance.

    When you say, “We as a gay community need to criticize those black musicians who have homophobic attitudes,” why don’t we just take out the word black and leave it at that, hmm?

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, SAMI

    I think that many of us have simply given up when it comes to white gays to love it when they have the opportunity to use black homophobia as an excuse to unleash their racism (which they already had long before they ever heard some IDIOT black homophobe begin to spew anti-gay garbage out of his big, beautiful lips).

    Also, are certain white ethnic groups less accepting of gay people than others? If so, why don’t y’all single them out also?
    Not that I really care anymore.

    Maybe many white gays don’t criticize white homophobes with the same passion because they have thier shared hatred of blacks…they can’t see pass their shared racism to take on white homophobia.

    We often have to be reminded that many white homosexual men are from the Ernst Roehm School of Homosexuality.

    Heil Hitler to those motha’….


    take a look at economic class for some answers to your questions. Do poor men tend to be more misogynistic–ATLEAST more overtly (big mouthed) misogynistic? And misogyny is the basis for anti-gay hatred among poor men(for poor men the only thing they have of value is their manhood…and you know what they think of the relationship between “manhood and homosexuality”.

    The last time I read about the US poverty rate, it was only at about 9% for white folks compared to thirty something percent for blacks. If poor folks tend to be more homophobic in their behavior, then that is part of the answer to your question.

  15. Leland Frances says

    Three cheers for West!

    As for why so much of the entertainment industry remains so homophobic when there are so many gays involved, the answer is depressingly simple. It is because the majority of them are, whatever their race, the gay equivalent of “Uncle Toms” who wouldn’t think of challenging Massa because they fear losing their place on the porch. And I’m not just talking about the ones in front of the camera, on stage, or at the microphone.

    While more are out “publicly” than ever before, anyone is welcome to refresh my memory, but I can’t ever remember a gay writer or director or grip or makeup artist or whatever suing for discrimination whereas virtually every other industry has had examples, from the military to teaching.

    Nor can I remember many standing up for our dignity as a people in anything approaching the numbers we constitute in the industry. Where are the protests from others in the industry when Simon or Randy are doing their antifag tag team attacks on some poor kid auditioning for “American Idol” who doesn’t meet their definitions of Idol gender expression? Or when that shark-toothed old perv on “So You Think You Can Dance” does the same thing? Or when one of the “Big Brother” housemates talks about “fags” or “faggots” [or “niggers” for that matter]? Or Marc Cherry throws yet another gay stereotype onto Wisteria Lane?

    What gay actor has ever refused to portray a gay character as yet another nelly queen when such characterization is irrelevant to the plot? With rare exception, from “Hill Street Blues” to “NYPD Blue,” straight mega producing partners Steven Bochco & David Milch usually, as Homer Simpson might say, preferred their homosexuals “flaaaming” in their various productions—even casting the same gay actor as a queen in three different series, two as the same mincing stereotype. Yet when the same actor played a gay character on “Picket Fences,” its writer/director found no need to instruct him to mint it up.

    And we must not forget the out producer at ABC’s “20/20″ who helped create and then defend the notorious special by Elizabeth Vargas suggesting both that Matthew Shepard contributed to his own murder and that homophobia had nothing to do with it.

  16. noah says

    “Much of the public hate towards gay and bi men is coming from black rappers and hip-hop artists. ”

    What utter bullshit. As others have said, why do idiots have to turn such a positive statement by Mr. West into an opportunity to spout their racist beliefs?

    There’s this wonderful illusion that some white gay men have that the source of all homophobia flows from African-Americans or blacks in general.

    When some idiot like Donald Wildmon or Bill O’Reilly spouts homophobia, these same men seem to have a disconnect between the white skin of these men and their homophobia. Similarly, the white skin of Sally Kern means little either.

    Day after day, we can read about powerful whites whose homophobic is without question. They are Supreme Court judges, actors, musicians, politicians, or religious figures. They are male and female. They are part of the majority in the United States.

    Instead of realizing that the majority have control and power, anger is focused on minorities like African-Americans, as if they are the ones who control society.

    Get a grip. The leaders of the Republican Party are not African-Americans. They’re 99% white guys. Get it? These are the people who fight against laws to protect gays. These are the men and women who lead the campaigns against gay rights when they aren’t trying to whittle away at Civil Rights laws.

    But, it’s far easier to blame the Negroes instead of realizing that the real villains are mostly white folks. If this were Europe, some of you would blame the “Jews” or the “gypsies” since they are the minorities who have been most hated and frequent scapegoats.

  17. rap a doodle doo says

    Wow, Kanye, thanks for your heartwarming outreach to the Gays. Rappers of the world, listen to Kanye! He speaks of peace and homo-loving. And if you dis him he’ll shoot your faggoty ass.

  18. scar2 says

    I’ve always been a fan of his music but not his ego. He’s always been open-minded & that shows in his music. His Mom, who died earlier this year, should be proud. She raised him well.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    Another thing: who is buying the music of Rappers & Raggae performers? I saw a special on PBS (they never lie) that showed that the majority of the sales for Rap music comes from white kids. Maybe y’all ought to be asking white kids why do they purchase music with homophobic lyrics.


    as NOAH said, in your tirade against black homophobia, you never even commented on Kanye’s effort to fight homophobia. You gave him no credit…you couldn’t wait to get to the good part: get the blacks! Oh, goody.

    Remember, the homophobic commercial with Mr T we commented on a couple of weeks ago? Some of you were so eager to talk about black homophobia (represented by Mr T) that y’all didn’t even mention the producers/creators of that commercial. Some of y’all just don’t like black people.

    Once I tried to do to Mormons what y’all do to black people. Mitt Romney had done something homophobic, and I went on a tirade against the Mormons. I think most Towleroad readers got what I was trying to do, but somebody wrote in “….oh, Derrick, you sound as bigoted as those you’re criticizing”. BINGO! Miss Ann!

  20. CD says

    I wonder if he feels the same way about the word ‘dyke’. As a friend reminded me, we shouldn’t forget these lyrics to “Stronger”:

    “So we goin’ do everything that Jay’ll like
    Heard they’d do anything for a Klondike
    Well I’d do anything for a blonde dyke
    And we’ll do anything for the limelight
    And we’ll do anything when the time is right
    Baby you’re makin’ it Harder, better, faster, stronger.”

  21. Wes says

    Yea people really need to cool it with the racial shit. I see plenty of white kids all the time who think its cool to hate on gay people. And I see plenty of blacks, latinos, asians, etc. who think the same.

    As for the gay-friendly, they come in all colors as well.

    However, when it comes to religious beliefs, thats a slightly different matter. There are tons of wonderful and nice Mormons out there, for example, but I have serious issues with the faith itself and feel likewise towards many other forms of organized religion.

  22. crispy says

    When someone posts the lyrics of a Kanye song, you realize just how shitty a rapper he actually is.

    Dike rhymes with dyke? Brilliant!

    Chuck D is rolling in his grave.

  23. mynameisstolen says

    Isn’t it obvious that KW is gay. I don’t read this blog that often so I am not sure if that is a given.

  24. MissThang says

    Look is this why Kanye says “Blonde dyke”(Stronger) in one of his songs. It’s ok to slur gay women and not men? Or is it tht he doesn’t like white women see the lyrics to Gold Digger. Is that the idea? Such back peddling… Chicago has a huge gay community and I don’t know what the hell he is talking about.

  25. Trinidad says

    I want to applaud Kanye for that statement. I think that there is so much homophobia in hip-hop because there are some men on the DL. I have known some people that were so homophobic because they were trying so hard to denounce the fact that they were indeed, gay. Kanye’s right. Wake up. As a lesbian in the black community, I know how it feels to be discriminated against by your own people. I think that’s why there are so many cases of HIV/AIDS in the black community because the black community is so closed minded about the LGBTQ community. Again, KUDOS KANYE!

  26. patrick nyc says

    I can’t even imagine Madonna saying this from the stage.

    Posted by: John in Manhattan | Aug 7, 2008 10:12:22 AM
    Well if you were at her Meadowlands concert in NJ back in the late 80’s you would have heard her not only do so, she stopped her music to rip the assholes who booed her when she dedicated a song to Keith Haring, a gay artist friend who died from AIDS.

    She went on to tell her ‘fans’ that if they wanted to be her fans they could not be homophobic. Madonna was one of the first, along with Ms Taylor, Midler and few others who were there from the start. Know your facts before you trash people. While I don’t care for her music of late, or her other choices, I am in dept for her standing up for us from the start.

  27. anon says

    Let’s face it, no one pays to go to a concert to be lectured to. Many here would object to going to a (insert artist name here) concert, and being lectured by said artist to “keep Jesus in your heart and obey the scriptures” in the strongest possible terms. I wonder what set him off. Someone should ask him. They should also ask him to write an op-ed for a newspaper or magazine and perhaps put the gist of it in a new song.

  28. John in Manhattan says

    Don’t be such a sycophant and educate yourself! I’m not trashing Madonna but simply stating a fact. If it upsets you, call Liz Rosenberg.

    In 2006 (not the 80s) Madonna thanked the notoriously homophobic mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, from the stage during her concert which he attended:

    Luzhkov is on record for calling gays “satanic” and officially banning any Pride parades. Yet Madonna thanks him. Its an ugly fact and a slap in the face to our gay and lesbian comrades who have been beaten bloody in the streets of Moscow simply for who they are.

    FYI, Ray Of Light is one of my favorite recordings of all time. A gorgeous record (I have the Japanese vinyl pressing). I like her music. I also think she’s a opportunist who could give two shits about the gay community, unless of course it generates income and/or ticket sales. She’s not alone.

  29. says

    I love everything about what he said and that he goes out of his way to spotlight homophobia. But shouldn’t he have added “…and I’m gay too”?

    It seems like a specific tactic. Kanye’s already said that if he were gay or closeted, he’d probably avoid the topic altogether or just keep a distance. So it doesn’t seem crazy to me that he’d take an opposite approach and emrbrace the cause, to show everyone how COOL he is with gays — all b /c it’s the opposite of what he thinks ppl are expecting.

    Simply put, I think he’s gay and instead of coming out, he becomes Defender of the Gays to divert attention and kill suspicions. his “efforts” bother me the same way that it would bother me if Ricky Martin made this statement.

  30. Andrew says

    I’m sorry, it’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest Madonna is anything short of one of the gay community’s biggest allies. She has been a tremendous ally throughout her entire career.

    I applaud Kanye for saying this. We have to take what we can get… No, he’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction and I am happy that he did so. Better this than nothing.

  31. CK says

    Thank you for speaking out, Kanye. Your words will hopefully spark a good light against homophobia in the Hip Hop and Rap community, and in all communities, in fact!

  32. JT says

    I think its great he spoke out against it, but what about the N Word? Doesn’t that fall into the same category?

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  35. nate says

    can’t even begin to describe how much I hate hip hop now, I grew listening to hip hop in the 90’s like Public enemy, Black sheep, 2pac, Nas..real artist..Hip hop was the only thing I trusted..Thanks to the Generation of Kanye west, lil wayne and a other bunch of bubble gum rappers..hip hop is a fucking’s got no street value, no substance…bunch a meaningless words over a catchy beat…fuck you Kanye and the millions of your fans your blindly leading. born with a silver spoon in your know nothing about the struggle…fukin wankster