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Sportrait: Matthew Mitcham


Here's a fantastic shot of gay Australian Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham taking a practice dive at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing last month in preparation for the games.

His teammate Robert Newbury has high expectations for Mitcham, who is set to compete in the 3m and 10m springboard events: "In the last few major world competitions, there's been seven (gold) for China and someone else has always taken one away from them. I'm sure they're determined to not let that happen, while the rest of the world are determined to make it happen. Matthew Mitcham is an awesome diver, it's well within his ability. He's absolutely fantastic.
It all comes down to the day."

The semifinals and finals for those are on August 19 and 23, respectively.

A sort of 'highlight reel' of Mitcham's dives, AFTER THE JUMP...

Australia's Gay Olympian Matthew Mitcham Happy to Be Out [tr]
Australian Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham: I'm Gay [tr]
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  1. Uh, has anyone noticed U.S.A. diver Javon Tarantino?

    Posted by: Brandon | Aug 14, 2008 10:48:40 AM

  2. yes,BRANDON, we were twisted over him and his partner last night.

    Alexandre Despatie is still #1 in my book.

    Posted by: Dan B | Aug 14, 2008 11:34:17 AM

  3. we know yet if he was able to bring his partner to the games?

    Posted by: Michael | Aug 14, 2008 11:50:31 AM

  4. Aussie Bum!

    Ha Ha. Just had to say that.

    Yes, he is at the games with his partner. I believe though, that only athletes are allowed at the Olympic village-possibly coaches too, though I think there is segregation based on role.

    ("Bum" is British/Aussie slang for one's gluteus maximus.)

    Posted by: anon | Aug 14, 2008 12:03:08 PM

  5. Simply beautiful!!

    Looks like one strong flex of that Aussie's bum and his AussieBum is going to pop right off!

    So many gorgeous swimmers and gymnasts... is it hot in here?

    Posted by: JohnOB | Aug 14, 2008 12:20:16 PM

  6. BRANDON & DNA B, the American synchronized diving pairs (for both the 10m platform and the 3m springboard) are delightfully yummy. Javon Tarantino is HOT, and so is Canada's Alexandre Despatie. However, my gold medal for hotness goes to Despatie's hand-picked, Cuban-immigrant partner on the Canadian synchro dive team. Can't recall his name now, but hot damn, I about went into cardiac arrest when I first saw him! He's delicious. The very phrase "bronzed Latin god" was invented to describe him. According to the commentators, Despatie refused to dive for Canada in the Olympics unless his hand-picked "best friend" from Cuba was made hsi teammate, and the Canadian OC caved in. Hmmm...makes one wonder what might be going on behind the scenes...

    Posted by: Chris | Aug 14, 2008 1:37:03 PM

  7. This guy is quickly moving up the Favorite Athlete chart...he'll never be able to surpass Fernando Torres, but he's climbing the charts.

    Posted by: Fairly Obsessed | Aug 14, 2008 4:21:59 PM

  8. CHRIS Canada's diver with Alexandre is Arturo Miranda and yes he is hot, But not near as hot as Alexandre. Wish there was a metal for Hot Men "maybe" we would get one then.

    Posted by: Go Canada Go | Aug 14, 2008 4:40:03 PM

  9. Oh, heaven help me. So gorgeous, and so inspiring to be just 20, careening down the slippery slope to international fame, and proudly out. A role model in so many ways.

    I watched the whole clip reel, and I'm sorry, but Louganis totally ruined it for me. Now every time their heads get within like a foot of the high-board, I just can't help but wince.

    Posted by: JeffRob | Aug 14, 2008 4:41:28 PM

  10. Stupid black speedos.

    Posted by: crispy | Aug 14, 2008 5:07:20 PM

  11. This young man is a model for gay community. I hope him the best for Beijing 2008.

    Posted by: Gouli | Aug 15, 2008 6:01:36 AM

  12. Incredible athlete and incredible image. Good luck Matthew.

    Interesting to me that some of the the comments here take it totally for granted that an out gay man is competing internationally. We have come a long way.

    Posted by: dave | Aug 16, 2008 1:05:19 AM

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