1. Jeremy says

    Hey Michael, do you feel the need to call them geeks just because they’re interested in something that you’re not?

    Would you call them geeks if they were fawning over some guy’s abs?

  2. Jesse says

    michael only said what i was already thinking, lol…
    no harm done.
    it was the fact that they were so passionate about the eclipse that made it humorous… not that fact that we think they’re ‘geeks’..

    ‘i would love to look through binoculars but i wanna……
    video this..”
    ‘you wanna borrow the binocs here?’
    ‘no, i got binocs here..’

    ‘look at that!! diamond ring! holy smokes, wow!’

    i’m not down with the lingo, lol..
    and now i feel stupid. great.
    now i’m worth laughing at just as much as them..

  3. Br!on says

    Wow. Again. Seriously? Jeremy? This blog is awesome and full of personality and some of us who read it and BOTHER to comment just want to laugh and have fun with our day.

    The level of condemnation for voicing a simple opinion or joke is bordering on psychotic, lately.

    I laughed out loud when the “conical shadow” line was said. I was gonna say:

    “Do you know how many times I’ve heard that in bed?”

    But I certainly don’t want to offend a group of people that have enough money to go up in a plane to view and eclipse and post online for the world to see.


    Go watch and calm down.

  4. Jeremy says

    Brion, I have no problem whatsoever with laughing and having a good time. And, for the record, your line about the conical shadow made me chuckle. That’s a funny joke to make.

    What isn’t funny, I think, is belittling someone’s passions. That has happened to a lot of us as gay men while we were growing up, and I’d hope we’d be more sensitive about doing that to others.

    What I “condemned” isn’t a simple opinion, or a joke, but the all-too-common attitude that being passionate about certain things (sports, popular culture, etc.) is deemed cool, while being passionate about other things (science being the most obvious and pertinent example) brands one a “dork.”

    Seriously, though, good joke re: conical shadow.

  5. Dan says

    There was a total solar eclipse on Friday!?! I didn’t even hear about it at all… I miss all the fun things.

    Coda: I checked about this – It’s a tad bit further north than here – wouldn’t have seen it anyway. PS – According to the, “the next total solar eclipse will be on July 22, 2009, and viewable in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China before curving south across the Pacific Ocean. The next total solar eclipse that will be visible across North America will be on Aug. 21, 2017.” 9 more years!!! =D

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