Barack Obama Takes Flight on Men’s Vogue


He’s also taking flight in national polls, capturing a “statistically significant” 48 to 44 point lead over John McCain following the tumult in the financial markets.

Sept06vogueIt’s the second time for Obama on the cover of Men’s Vogue. He appeared before in September 2006.

I appended this to yesterday’s post on Obama’s interview with Philadelphia Gay News, but since some may not have seen it, here’s the link to the full interview.

In other Obama/Biden news, the Human Rights Campaign announced yesterday that Biden would be the featured speaker at its National Dinner in Washington D.C. on October 4th.

Said Biden: “I’m honored to participate in this event. Discrimination has no place in this country and I am proud to stand with HRC in the fight to end it. Barack Obama and I will bring the change we need in Washington. The Bush Administration’s policies have been disastrous for the LGBT community and a McCain Administration would just mean four more years of the same.”


  1. Rad says

    I am so happy that Obama/Biden kept an even keel. That convention “bounce” that had McCain and Palin leading is rapidly decreasing with every interview, every sound bite. It’s fascinating to watch the GOP implode on itself.

    As Keith Olberman said last night, you know it’s bad when the WHITEHOUSE is backing away.

    Barack is every bit the Statesman, and he will make a fine leader for America.

  2. Jimmyboyo says


    Obama = civil unionms

    mcshame = campaigned against civil unions in AZ

    It is that simple. It is also very wide spread and well known knowledge.

    One must now ask, what is carl’s stance on brown people? Probably not very good since he prefers mcshame over his own self intrest.

  3. Jimmyboyo says


    People who have eyes to see but refuse to and ears to hear yet refuse to are either the village idiot or have something more sinister lurking in their psyche

    obama = for civil unions and gay adoption

    mcshame = campaigned against civil unions and is against gay adoption

    Plain as the nose on your face

    The question then is are you the village idiot or is there something more sinister in your psyche as to why you would vote against your own self interests?

  4. Stevo says

    Why the hell would Obama agree to be featured on the cover of Men’s Vogue one month before the presidential election!!!???

    This is a HUGE mistake that will come back to bite him in the ass. It seriously makes me question his judgement.

  5. *M* says

    Men’s Vogue? Seems a elitist to me. He was better off appearing on Fishing times or Small town values Weekly: If your not like us, we hate you.
    That will get the heartland!

  6. Robert Vernon says

    I voted cross party for Obama because he’s the best person for the job. I am a republican and it makes me sick to think people are comparing him to being “gay” for doing a male magazine. To me he is showing that he is right for the Job because he holds nothing against anyone regardless of their lifestyle …. Come ON People get a life!!!

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