1. says

    I love Boy George and all the gay icons who appear in the video, but probably not a real boost (understatement) for the Obama campaign. Maybe Karl Rove offered BG a big bag of “candy” to make it?

  2. bosie says

    Fabwa Glam….guys is a video and it is done by Boy George WHICH MEANS ….Enjoy the glam and beats….and yes its nice to hear Obama’s speech in a glam electro song

  3. paul says

    I love Boy George, but I’m afraid “foreign citizens who are not even allowed to visit our country because of their criminal record” are not a terribly important voting bloc.

    This feeds right into the charges of Obama being a superficial bandwagoneering-celebrity magnet.

  4. says

    Really people. It’s Boy George. I doubt he’s going to sway any voters anyway, as I’m assuming most of his followers are queer, and probably voting for Obama anyways.
    Enjoy the Camp fun, don’t get all analytical on a fun song.

    And no, that’s not Bette Midler, it’s Marilyn. And not Jim Morrison – Marc Bolan.

  5. Mike says

    Perhaps it is time to give the Boy a pat on the back. After all, we shake our heads and complain of the wasted talent of pop icons like Boy George and George Michael, and shrink from their embarassing antics, but then when they attempt to pull themselves together and be productive again (in a market that is truly very harsh as it is), we reserve any praise or support at all.

    Why do we expect rock/pop stars, of all people, to behave well within society’s stringent boundaries? Musicians and artists have always tended to push boundaries and raise eyebrows, and much of their artistic accomplishments spring from this tendency to break through restrictions and conventions.

    Still, George Michael puts away the grass long enough to pull of a nicely executed tour, and folks complain that at the age of 46 he has grown a bit paunchy, his voice a bit raspy.

    It is easy to paint Boy George as a clown, due to his elaborate and outrageous costumes and reinvention of Leigh Bowery. Nevertheless, he had written a well received musical that played well in London, and though a revised showing on Broadway was panned, his score was nominated for a Tony award. While this song in support of Obama is not up to his moving “Il Adore,” a gorgeous reflection of the ravages of Aids, it is still a catchy contribution meant to stir hope in voters during a particularly cynical election year.

    I think it is time to give George an “atta boy” for picking up the pieces and contributing a piece of art that sets toes to tapping, while possibly encouraging a few to cast their vote for a ticket less likely to intrude on our civil rights, than that of the other party.

  6. drew says

    OK, I saw Divine, Ziggy Stardust, Amy Winehouse, Marc Bolan (not Jim Morrison), Judy Garland, Mother Teresa, Klaus Nomi, and Quentin Crisp. I’m still not sure about the cheerleader and the nun. They’re certainly familiar icons but I just can’t put my finger on them. Yes, it is kind of silly and exploitational on BG’s part. However, there’s no denying that it’s a “feel-goody” little ditty and if it gets a few apathetic queens off of their precious butts to get out and vote then I say, “good job, Boy”.

  7. John M says

    Russell Brand, Boy George, etc endorsing Obama makes me a bit uncomfortable. As they aren’t US citizens it’s my personal belief that they should stay out of US politics, regardless if I agree with their beliefs or not.

    I wonder if the British citizenry would appreciate US celebrities getting involved in their elections.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, CRISPY:

    Boy George is a “Top”, and probably very good at it. He’s got rhythm. Justs close your eyes and visualize it.

    “I wonder if the British citizenry would appreciate US celebrities getting involved in their elections.”

    I wonder what Winston Churchill’s mother would say about that.

  9. Johnny says

    I like Boy George and I think he has the perfect right to endorse Obama if he chooses.
    But as a piece of music, this song is weak. It’s just him saying Yes We Can over a dance beat.
    I’ve heard lots of other songs by George that are much better.
    It does seem exploitative and a cheap gimmick for George to have a hit.
    I don’t think his voice sounds so good. It’s definitely not what it used to be.

  10. crispy says

    Derrick, noooooo! It can’t be true.

    Besides, the one time I ran into Boy George, it was on the stairwell at Trade in London. He could barely get up the stairs. I bet he has trouble getting it up too.

  11. gatoinfeliz says

    The reason Russell Brand and Boy George, etc. have an opinion is because the US election always has an impact of a greater level outside of this country that affects the whole world. If I was a UK citizen I would also be watching this coming election closely.

  12. CRAIGO in LONDON says

    Yep, GATOINFELIZ is right, whether it is liked or not, the ‘powers that be’ have decided there should be a strong US-UK link. In the UK we are very much affected by the US – look at how the UK is affected by, or is part of, US foreign policy, or US economy or US media.

    It is entirely appropriate for UK citizens to have an opinion on who gets in The White House. The US elections are big news here.

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