1. says

    Oh, please… sexism my ass. It’s not sexist to keep Palin under wraps. It’s smart. Every time she opens her mouth she shows her naivete. If I were trying to pawn her off as a competent public servant, I’d keep her in a room too.

  2. Darren says

    Nice to see the media growing a pair, isn’t it? Unlike the SD Firefighters…

    I agree, it’s not sexism keeping Palin from reporters, it’s her inexperience. The debates are going to make for some good laughs.

  3. Christopher says

    Of course it’s not sexist and Brown knows that; the hiding of Palin under a bushel is totally a tactical move. I think Brown is trying to force the Repugs hand by creating a controversy on Palin’s MIA status. Don’t think it will work because the rest of the media won’t pick up on this–and based on Bill Clinton’s appearance on The View, Hillary is not about to beat this particular drum either. The Clintons are soooo obviously waiting this one out hoping McCain wins so that she can go after the nomination in 4 years. How else to explain Bill’s anemic support of Obama and bolstering of McCain’s cred on that show?

  4. Sami says

    You’re right that Brown is trying to force the McCain campaign’s hand. However, to say that Hillary Clinton hasn’t been doing enough to help elect Obama is unfair. She’s gone well beyond what is usually expected of a losing candidate.

  5. Wes says

    No male candidate could ever have gotten away with the kind of special treatment provided to Princess Palin. I’m glad the media is starting to call McCain out on his shameful campaign and the No Talk Express.

  6. Fabrizio says

    Palin isn’t ready….she is still taking classes every single day to learn about the world….today she is learning about South America…she was asked if she knew where Brazil was and she answered…”I though Brazil was in Africa” The MCcain Campaign is keeping her away from the media because ….SHE IS NOT READY…..She was also ask….What language do they speak in Canada? She say excited!….”English right???” She was half right there but at list she is taking classes….and maybe in 45 days she will be ready…to be the NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

  7. says

    Brown’s clever charge is obviously a bit tongue in cheek, giving the McCain camp a taste of their own (baseless) charges of sexism in a way that might grab viewers’ attention. The rest of the media is, in fact, picking up on this. Guarding the “delicate flower” was all over the news yesterday, getting more attention than Palin’s contrived meetings. Palin’s short-term benefit to McCain is quickly evaporating and sheltering Palin from the media is going to become increasingly risky, reminding voters that he could have gone with a more experienced man, or woman, but instead he pandered to the evangelicals.

    P.S. Whatever the Clintons personal feelings about Obama, they’re not waiting this one out. They’ll be on the campaign trail till Nov.

  8. noah says

    Campbell Brown is really getting out there. I applaud her. The press has treated McCain with kid gloves and allowed Palin to hide. The American people have a right to question a would-be vice-president, especially one serving as VP to a president with a history of cancer and who is 72-years old.

    If Palin can’t answer questions of the press, what does that say about her respect for the democratic institutions of the U.S.? We’ve had nearly 8 years of a secretive, manipulative anti-press presidency, do we want another?


    No, Hillary Clinton has not done anything that any other member of a party is supposed to do. Mitt Romney stomped for McCain as did Rudy Giuliani.

    Bill Clinton on the other hand has shown that he is a louse. Look, the jerk went on national TV and told America that it was okay for them to vote for Sarah Palin because she is a woman. He also said that it was okay to vote base on race or religion even though doing so is against a person’s best interest.

    So, think about what Bill Clinton is doing here: He’s giving racist or sexist voters an out to vote for McCain. That’s a betrayal of decency. We’re supposed to be able to rise above those prejudices. Bill Clinton is encouraging the worst.

    Look at the mess we are in now because the Republicans have used similar tactics to get the Fundies to vote their prejudices against gays: “Vote GOP because we’re straight, heterosexual white Christian Americans just like you!!!”

    Get it?

    When this election cycle started, I was John Edwards. He’s a white, heterosexual male. I’m neither. Should I have voted for Obama automatically because he’s brown and I’m brown? Sorry, that’s not how my parents raised me.

    I let both Hillary and Barack campaign. I watched them. I came to like Obama more. But, if Hillary Clinton had one the nomination, I would have voted for her, grudgingly, because she would be the Democratic nominee and is best aligned to my political, social, and economic beliefs.

    At this point, Bill Clinton is just another loser politician more concerned about his and his family’s personal success than that of his party or America. It’s really sad to say this. I felt bad for Clinton when the Right attacked him ruthlessly in the 1990s. I don’t regret that defense. Now, however, I don’t trust him or like him.

  9. yeahisaidit says

    ….so what if it’s a TACTICAL move? it ought to alert people to the fact that voting for the Mcain/Pain ticket is an absurd move and this tactical move is proof of that fact…..or does that matter in the slightest? ….if not, then we DAMN well will get what we deserve, and i’m not talking about Obama….what a pisser…!

  10. lis says

    They can call it whatever they want – sexist, tactical – whatever it takes to get the cloak off of this woman and force her to defend herself like a Vice-Presidential candidate ought to. I don’t blame her party for hiding her as much as possible (while still making supports love her even more) but it’s a method that needs to stop immediately. I agree, we can’t take any more time of a government cloaked in secrecy.

  11. Las Vegas says

    Frankly I think he media is finally getting the the back handed slap hey deserve. For years the media has hid behind his whole “we’re here for the people” line. There is a certain arrogance and elitism among the media that there is a Dick Nixon around every corner.

    A long time ago they ceases to be journalists and moved into a partisan, antogonistic, and gotcha mentality that does little to serve the best interest of the American public.

    After Watergate the press underwent some sort of meta-changes into the gaggle of sharks. Good for the McCain campaign for reminding them who is in charge. Despite their best efforts to piss in his Wheaties the American people are not falling for it.

    Maybe if they treated ALL the candidates with a little more respect they would be more forth coming with interviews.

  12. the queen with the countess de gooch says

    THE QUEEN: So Countess, what do you think? COUNTESS: I think Campbell is full of it. There’s nothing sexist or chauvanistic about the press’ treatment of her at all. But she’s right about Palin is tough, strong, and confident. She is all those things and a lot more. THE QUEEN: She’s being doing all those interviews hasn’t she? THE COUNTESS: And explaining her position, views and beliefs quite capably, thank you. THE QUEEN: So why are they keeping her under wraps so to speak as far as press conferences, etc? COUNTESS: Well, I don’t think she needs to do them. After all, those reporters will just ask a lot of stupid questions, anyway. She’s much better off doing the interviews, I think. THE QUEEN: I agree, dahling. So it’s just a tempest in a teapot for La Campbell, n’est-ce pas? COUNTESS: Speaking of teapots, I could use some coffee. THE QUEEN: Yes, some breakfast. Consuelo!

  13. GM says

    A gaggle of sharks? Your post is both impenetrable due to its poor construction and ridiculous.

    THIS, meaning Campbell Brown’s calling the McCaincient campaign to the carpet, is exactly what the press should be doing at all times. Their failure to do so is what allowed the people and the Congress to blithely start a war in Iraq that has no imaginable end.

    Watergate was a watershed moment for the country and the press. ALL politicians have to varying degrees a little Dick Nixon in them. It is the media’s job to probe the politicians’ proclamations and point out the inconsistencies and errors.

    Your claim that the McCain campaign is somehow “in charge” belies your lemming-like attitude toward state power. I am sure you are comfy cozy with the present administration, too, being led about by your nose and told that everything is done in your interest.

    Wake up!

  14. Las Vegas says


    There is a difference between reporting the news and constructing it yourself. The press right now is desperate to construct the news they want reported. Any campaign has the right to limit access of the reporters. It’s a crap shoot to do this since the press will bitch and scream all kinds of things to get its way.

    I am not comfy or cozy with the curretn adinistration but I am not a Michael Moore paranoid either seeing shadows in every corner. For weeks the press has had this “gotcha” mentatlity towards Palin. Just looking for things to make “their” point to you. In other words they are trying to construct the news to benefit from their own agenda.

    As for your comment about the war. Why don’t go back to your next meeting and suck the rest of their dicks. That crap didn’t work in the last election and it won’t work in this one. I bet you were one of those people that was for the war before you were against it? Luckily Obama escasped having to claim that since he was not in the Congress at the time and we have only his words to go by and nothing official.

  15. CJ says

    Las Vegas, “Why don’t go back to your next meeting and suck the rest of their dicks.”

    Andy, does this REALLY need to be on here? As adults, I’d like to read comments that keep the debate at an adult level. This is unnecessary.

  16. Las Vegas says

    Nice try sugar. The purpose is not on trial here but the hypocrisy of those that would rewrite history to suit their own current positions. Congress had the chance and the public had the chance to stop Iraq and they didn’t. Despite what Democrats in Congress may tell you today the sound bites from before 9/11 and shortly after betray their feelings at that time. Can people change their mind? Absolutely and many have. However, to feign ignorance or try to place the balme eslewhere doesn’t hold water for many people. Hence what “I voted for the war before I voted against it” sunk Kerry.

  17. dirrtyboyy79 says

    are u all retarded or something? Campbell is being sarcastic about all this and saying to the Retardblicans “stop hiding behind see through courtains” we all know the real reason The Lipstick Wearing Pitbull isn’t taking to the media, and it has nothing to do with sexism! She is an unprepared unqualified puppet and after the wave of good luck the Reps have had, what else can they do but keeping Palin from makin an ass out of herself when she faces the REAL unscripted questions from the media!!!

    U go Campbell!!!!

  18. Las Vegas says

    Aw CJ,

    It’s all fun and games to call people on here nazi, troll, pussy, and more. Of course you naturally forget to mention being personally insulted by the poster who that was directed at. But then again since it’s not your particular view ont he topic censoring would be a much better option.

    Hmm maybe you could go read the posts about the firemen from SD and see what mature comments are there? Better yet look at any place where Palin or McCain are mentioned and see what enlightened comments from the your buddies there.

    If you want safe then go then read National Geographic.

  19. Las Vegas says


    No, it’s been very convinient for Democrats who before 9/11 and having a Democrat in the Oval said all kinds of tough things about Iraq and its leadership. Put another party in power and it’s a whole different tune.

    Who voted to go to war? Go down the list sweetie. A lot of your favorite Democrats raised their hand and said go but when things didn’t go their way suddenly they staretd shouting from the rafters. Then the double talk started and John Kerry was hung out to dry.

  20. dirrtyboyy79 says

    Las Vegas,
    I don’t know who u are for or against but don’t expect CNN to be against the democratic party, that’s what Fox News is for!!!!! Campbell ha the right to make an editorial comment like the one she did (very graciously may I add) and that is what Freedom of Speech is all about!

    This is a site with Homosexual Tendencies so DONT expect it’s readers to disagree with a pro democratic comment made by Ms.Brown. Bill O’Riley is a fervant basher of Obama and was one of Hillary, so why don’t u stick to Republican friendly sites or Liberal editorials that way u won’t find posts like this one and it’s comments so irritating.

  21. Vince says

    The one thing I don’t get about gay Republicans (like LAS VEGAS and RB) is that they’re never just gay Republicans. They are always right-wing on every.single.issue. WTF? It’s truly bizarre since their very nature as gay men makes them anathema to that kind social conservatism.

  22. Las Vegas says

    Hmm I’m not right wing on gay marriage..however, I think the government needs to get out out of the marriage business altogether. I like the idea of government civil unions and if you want a “marriage ceremony” then go to a church that will do it.

    The crux of the matter is when it comes to fiscal matters, borders, tax policy, domestic programs, and foreign policy. Bet your ass I am right wing. I believe in the ethic of personal responsiblity and facing the decisions you have made. Something our current crop of Republicans seem to have forgotten. If that makes me some evil republican Troll in some of your short sighted eyes then so be it. But I won’t silenced, I won’t be marginlized by burnt out ex-cicuit queens who sit around and piss and moan about how unfair their lives are becuase they are gay.

  23. patrick nyc says

    I wonder how much the GOP is paying LAS VEGAS to troll here and on other sites. From the number of posts and the obvious Rove talking points he is a hack.

    The fact that McShit has said he wants to put off the debate on Friday, because of the financial crisis, seems he can not talk and chew gum at the same time. This just shows how desperate these housewives are.

  24. MCnNYC says


    If Obama loses this election it is HIS FAULT ONLY.
    Not Biden’s, not Clintons not the uneducated working class.. HIS FAULT. PERIOD.
    It’s his deal to loose. And thank GOD he’s using none of his own money. JUST OURS.

  25. says

    “I won’t be marginlized by burnt out ex-cicuit queens who sit around and piss and moan about how unfair their lives are becuase they are gay.”

    Are you on marginalized acid? Who’s pissing and moaning on this thread? Not us “cicuit queens” (might want to update your spell check). For the record, this queen has never been to a “cicuit” party.

  26. queendru says

    ANDY – Have you donated to NO on PROP 8, yet?

    Come on, Andy, we know you can spare a few bucks.

    Put your money with your mouth and editorial view are or are you all talk about Obama and no action?

  27. CJ says

    Las Vegas, it is just as wrong to presume I am a “burned out circuit queen” and that all I care about is identifying myself as a homosexual male. In fact, I do not frequent gay bars (been there, done that), most of my friends are black females and straight males. I believe in less government involvement in personal issues, as someone who grew up in the UK I have lived in a country with socialized medicine (and do not believe the spin that Canadians come to the U.S. for health care, I dated a Canadian for four years and I know first hand that is pure fabrication). I am fiscally conservative, I believe in taking responsibility in one’s actions, however as someone who was once a studying for my masters in social psych I also believe in giving (the right people) the benefit of the doubt and a second chance. That doesn’t mean I believe in handout’s. I believe our current government has tarnished the American Dream; it is virtually impossible with big business and political corruption to make it in the business world. I believe there are corrupt political figures on both sides, however I have seen more corruption from the Republicans than the Democrats but both parties need a long way to go before making me confident in our current political system. I believe that people can change, but I also believe that people should pay the price and answer for their crimes. I believe that, just as our forefathers, church and state are SEPARATE entities, I also believe that immigration reform is xenophobia. Certainly, people who truly want to be American’s should be given the legal right, and I do not believe those living in our country illegally should benefit from our system. However, I do not believe that patrolling our borders with guns and paranoia is the answer. I do not believe that invading sovereign nations against UN policy without just cause is the answer. Foreign policy and homeland security is the best way to PREVENT national disasters and terrorism [London proved that by catching terrorists through local policing working with the government].

    Why am I writing all this? Basically, we may disagree on many issues, we may agree on many more. However, pigeonholing everyone on this board as a “typical burned out circuit queen” and going on the offense is NOT the way, we, as a nation, will come together to overcome our tragic situation; both economically and otherwise. If you truly do not like being judge, then do not judge others. Simple.

  28. Nevada says

    LAS VEGAS is ridiculous and doesn’t even warrant a skimming of his posts.

    I think he just needs to get that stick taken out of her ass.

    But it may be a lost cause because of course what happens in(side) Vegas, stays in(side) Vegas.

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