1. says

    But it is a private family matter. Except when you bring your daughter’s Baby Daddy to meet the presidential candidate. The Born Agains are orgasming over those lovely (yet horny) younng-ens, and they are going to get married! Swoon! So romantic and all. And she didn’t abort!

    Christ, it’s like watching a soap opera in super fast forward.

  2. Jimmyboyo says

    This makes the family fair game!

    They turn her family into a photo op instead of his flying in with no fan fair.

    Fair game on her family. You can’t have it both ways. Private and a photo op= Bull SHIT!

  3. rocket says

    I wish I was invited to the Palins daughters wedding, A NRA hosted shotgun wedding with fresh meat provided by the bride’s mother. What holding up the wedding, high school gaduation or something else? I guess this is the “sacred” vow of marriage that I keep hearing about, so sacred it must be kept from the gay folks. Ain’t America Grand?

  4. TomJ says

    Levi may be kinda hot — but he just missed being charged with statutory rape. The age of consent in Alaska is 16(!). I just wish they(the Republicans) would quit throwing it in our face. I still think that, by and large, they are hypocrits (think Senators Vitter and Craig). I guess it’s OK to screw around if you’re heterosexual. You got it; I’m angry.

  5. Rocket says

    I hope Bristols on the platform tonight, wearing a scarlett letter “A” on her chest, instead of hidding behind her mother’s child baby blanket, like last time. Family values begin at home.

  6. davefromtampa says

    Jeez, grope much McSame? The way he was looking over Levi reminds me of when I try to pull that scam on the young hotties at a bar. Didn’t work for me either.

  7. trevor says

    all of sarah palins family bs is fair game, she chose to put her nose into my family’s business, saying i cant get married, saying i cant adopt children….all of her principles baised around what her god deams appropriate…. well last time i checked, teaching your children that no sex is the only ok sex, and then them winding up pregnant while in highschool UNWED is neither appropriate or what god wants( i know alot of children become pregnant in the states, but that DOESNT make it right and right and wrong is what we are discussing here, since my whole life ” choice” has been deemed wrong)….AND lets not forget about the sanctitiy of this said marraige when it does happen, nothing like a maraige forced on you to make you feel close to god and loved….oh but its ok, according to mcain her husband can cheat on her and leave her, and thats ok, god approves… such total hypocritical bullshit…

  8. Jimymboyo says

    Anybody notice they gave him a haircut and dressed him in clothes he doesn’t normally wear?

    They also dressed Bristol in a style that isn’t her own.

    Total photop hypocrisy, so cry BS on their leave the family alone.

    They want photo ops and privacy (keep trash secret). They can’t have it both ways.

    Tear the sham family to pieces

  9. paul says

    1. Levi looks like a young Robbie Williams in that picture.

    2. Levi has a little potbelly.

    3. Who the fuck wears a sweater in the summertime? Is that an Alaskan thing?

  10. RS says

    I feel shallow for asking, but … where are the shirtless pics of this kid? Goofing off with his bros in their underwear? Mooning, streaking? Frat hazing? (Ok, never went to college…maybe 4H hazing?) Guys all over the internet are letting their risque pics out. Why not him?

  11. JT says

    Perfect example of why this is fair to talk about.

    Sex education promotes and legitimizes teenage sexual activity – or so the social conservatives would say. Like a poster I responded to yesterday said, it is liberal teachers going against what is taught at home that sends the message that sex is good, go ahead and do it?

    What kind of message does the warm, public embrace of the dude who knocks your daughter up do for promoting abstinence? What does a photo op with a presidential candidate do to send the message that premarital sex is wrong? Knock a governor’s daughter up, become an instant celebrity. Like, being a celebrity is not what today’s teens want to be?

  12. soulbrotha says

    “Anybody notice they gave him a haircut and dressed him in clothes he doesn’t normally wear?

    They also dressed Bristol in a style that isn’t her own.

    Total photo-op hypocrisy”

    Jimmyboyo, I thought exact same thing when I looked at that photo too. So transparent it’s painful.

  13. rocket says

    Whats grandpa whispering to that Levi, is it A) She’s Hot!! B) YOUR HOT!!! C) “Be careful, it might turn our retarded, like the last one” or D) Next time kid, love em and leave em, like I did

  14. Rocket says

    A Drunken Republican Ditty” Heard at the convention, and to be sung 3 times, each time more loudly:

    “Levi johnston’s johnson
    cut through the alaskan Bushy- bush
    up to the Palin pouch
    nine months later, a baby Bristol did come out”

  15. says

    This is another reason why I hate “white people”. I have no respect for John McCain and his Bride of Chucky-like co-(w)hor(e)t Sarah Palin, or as I like to call her, Moose Bitch. Never have, never will. Some family values that they preach.

  16. jim says

    No need to turn the sound down for it to be beyond creepy. Grampa just kept touching, and hugging, and touching, and rubbing, and pawing, and touching….and…touching. JEZUS!

    On a side note, have these people no taste and/or class? (Um, that was rhetorical and in jest, no need to reply) I’ve honestly never seen such tackiness on the national level.

  17. Hank says

    Re: the touchy-feely, maybe McCain inwardly feels bad that this kid is now facing the mother of all shotgun weddings because of his own (McCain’s own) cynicism and fecklessness in choosing his running mate?
    And yes, it does seem weird to foreground the young couple like this.

    The Dem. convention also seemed to me like they were selling the families even more than I remember in the past, which I find creepy.

    One of the first things Obama said in his acceptance was to tell his daughters how proud he was of them, which seemed to me irrelevant, and not really appropriate to the moment and situation. Selling himself as a good Dad, kind of whoring out something that should be private, and at the same moment failing to address the solemnity and importance of his public role and responsibilities as nominee , i.e. ‘I’m honored , humbled, hope and pray I can live up to the great trust you place in me, serving the people of America ‘ etc. Call me weird, but I wanted to hear more about that, and` less about how much he loves his family. I don’t hold this against him personally. I think he probably felt he had to do that. It’s just bizarre to me that the public likes this stuff.
    Same thing in Palin’s speech, right after going on and on about what a hero McCain was, she introduced her husband as the “man I most admire in the world.” The over-the -top way these candidates talk about their family, actually becomes inappropriate , when it eclipses the things they should be saying in their public role.

  18. JohnOB says

    As for all the hugging and petting, McCain is probably nervous as hell. Of course it was all for the camera as to say, “I accept all of this” when in reality you know he’s thinking, “Boy, if you mess this up for me, I’ll have you destroyed!”

    There is a blog that Levi allegedly posted:

    If that doesn’t look as fake as this entire sham seems to be, I don’t know what is. The top picture is Levi with his sister Merecedes and it says how they welcome “their” new child. WTF?
    And if it truly is real, how the powers-that-be didn’t make him get rid of the “I’m a Fu*cking Redneck” post is beyond me. Although his alleged Myspace page said “Fu*k the media!! Find a better story to cover!!” So who knows? It will probably be taken down as well.

    And yeah, Levi is kinda cute!

    Yes, this all sounds soap opera-ish but that’s how it’s being played out. (as the reporter in the video said) The only reason to care is that Grandma is a candidate for VPOTUS. Lord, help us all!

  19. PDX Guy says

    Haha. A few weeks ago this guy was probably thinking that knocking up the governor’s daughter would get him preferential treatment at the liquor store, now he’s gotta marry her and parade around like a Ken doll.

    And they made him cut the mullet!

  20. Blake says

    Think of it this way. If Obama wins, well then cool. but If McCain wins, at least we’ll have Track Palin to look at for the next four shitty years. yum. he’s proper gorge.

  21. ATLSteve says

    You know this boy has got to be asking himself – WTF? If he could go back 5 months and pass on hitting that snatch that time, you know he would. His life, for the near future, is no longer his own. All of his decisions will be made for him. I don’t think the reality has set in for this 17 yo, apparently free-spirited, raise-hell kind of kid.

    Of course, regardless of the outcome of the election, in his future I predict a quick divorce, probably some rehab., a couple of arrests, tabloid scandals … and yes, either naked pictures or a sex tape.

    I mean, c’mon, isn’t the script pretty much written on this?

  22. skeptical says

    And that blog? I just can’t see it being independently his, despite the redneck title on one post. Does a high school drop-out, self-styled redneck baby daddy REALLY employ the proper use of a semi-colon in a personal blog space? I mean, it can happen, but is it likely?

  23. JohnOB says

    Exactly. Also, it has changed content numerous times over the last 2 days. Not only has the “sis” caption changed to not sound incestuous, but on the “Thanks Supporters!!” post, his last name is spelled incorrectly. (as Johnson)

    At first it seemed as if someone was truly trying to defend this kid but then out of nowhere, there were crazy posts from Andrew Halcro’s blog regarding the Troopergate scandal and Frank Bailey’s email log from Alaska. Then, they posted the photo of Palin in heels and a mini skirt saying, “This is our next VP? Sorry, Sarah, you’ve been busted!” which has since disappeared. (I have screenshots)

    Who knows, maybe young Levi was thinking that boffing the Governor’s daughter might get him somewhere. How could he have known it would turn into the spectacle it has become? Clearly, he wasn’t thinking with the proper head at the time. Unfortunately, what should have been a somewhat private family matter has turned into an international incident and he’s forced to pay the price. If he plays his cards right, he could come out ahead in the long run, whether it’s raising a child that will be spoiled rotten or being paid lots of money to exile himself from the Palin’s altogether.

    Again, none of this should matter but they’ve spun it into part of the game, that it’s such a good thing, good mommy(s), happy family, Family Values, blah, blah, blah…

  24. Bob R says

    Levi, who according to his Facebook page is a proud “fuckin’ redneck”, who says if you “fuck with me, I’ll kill ya.” High school drop out. Now the recipient of a nationally watched shotgun wedding so Bristol won’t be stuck with a bastard child. Again? Can you imagine what’s going on in this boy’s mind right now? I think Levi really screwed the pooch, in more ways than one.

    Well at least folks know what to get the newly weds as a gift; a spare set of tires for the double-wide. Yahoo, some family values!

  25. patrick nyc says

    I love how they passed around little Trig from person to person, even Cindy McSlut got to hold him. Anyone, Mother or Father, whowould subject their child to that noise, and being tossed around like a prop, should have the child taken by children services.

  26. JohnOB says

    But that’s it, WHO KNOWS what he is thinking or what they were planning to do before it came to this? He said on his Myspace page that he didn’t want kids. But once he got her pregnant, who’s to say that he wasn’t going to take responsibility? Sure, he’s now being FORCED to get married due to Granny’s being thrust into the spotlight, but seeing how they seemed to be a tight-knit little family (even his sister welcomed Bristol into the family, and that was before the shit hit the fan) they may have chosen to have gotten married on their own. Perhaps not so soon, but even rednecks take care of their own.

  27. RainbowPhoenix says

    Its nice to see I’m not the only one creeped out by the fact that McShame was performing one of the only PDAs we can get away with without having to worry about being shot.

  28. says

    Only at the Republican convention! Abstinence until heterosexual marriage, but if you’re heterosexual, and fuck up, then the rules can change at whim. Bad becomes good, go team! The straight redneck who couldn’t be bothered to put his dick in a condom is not only forgiven but given a hero’s welcome by the man himself. Clueless horny young straight kids have a real relationship and a real family in a matter of months, but the gay couple who’s been together decades or who jumps through hoops to adopt a child they actually want deserves nothing. Then they blame the “liberal” media for being intolerant of poor them. And get away with it!

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