Jon McCain’s Gay Chief of Staff Mark Buse


Here’s a better photo of Mark Buse (via Joe.My.God), John McCain’s gay chief of staff who Buse describes his jobs over the 17 years he’s worked for McCain:

“Started as an intern, worked in the mailroom, answered the phones, legislative correspondent, legislative assistant — anything that he wanted you to do, I did. You know, sort of just plugged away in the trenches for year after year. And that’s sort of the way that he runs things. You know, just, if you are willing to work for him and stick around, he believe in that sort Navy mentality of you work your way up in the ranks.”

McrainbowDailyKos has a thread going on Buse, with 620 comments. They write:

“If John McCain keeps this guy on as his chief of staff, does Sarah Palin still get to be raptured? Honestly. Who is the bigger hypocrite here? Mark Buse, an openly gay man who is spending his life helping John McCain block important gay civil rights issues like marriage and adoption? Or John McCain, who obviously has no problem with gay folks, but has adopted an anti-gay platform out of political expediency and a desire to court people like Sarah Palin, who think that if they just hate enough, they’ll be Raptured into the love of Jesus when the End Times come. Ridiculous. Mark Buse is obviously a man of some ability. It ain’t nothing to get yourself a position as chief of staff to a powerful senator and presidential candidate. A pity that he is wasting his talents fighting against his gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters. And against everyone else who stands in solidarity for civil rights for all. It’s also a pity for us. Because his efforts have contributed to the endless delays, damages and humiliations caused to gay and Lesbian Americans as we wait to achieve a full and equal status as citizens of the U.S.”


  1. Tom says

    Although there are many gays who work to enable and support gay rights, Washington DC is replete with unscrupulous, short-sighted and self-centered gays who somehow rationalize their work with conservatives and the radical right on a daily basis. It’s unconscionable and inexcusable. How would history judge a Jew who worked for the Nazis (because the pay was good)? How will history judge immoral gays like this?

  2. says

    No one need to wait for history. WE judge him. This is what “being judgmental” is all about — Moral Truth.

    Mark Buse is a KAPO and must be called out for it by everyone in this country gay or straight. But especially gay.

  3. misquowoti says

    Am I also a hypocrite for helping Obama “block important gay civil rights issues like marriage”?

  4. yoshi says

    “Because his efforts have contributed to the endless delays, damages and humiliations caused to gay and Lesbian Americans as we wait to achieve a full and equal status as citizens of the U.S.”

    No he hasn’t. These kind of statements are just plain wrong and should be called out for the outright lies that they are. Does this mean that the democrats are finally learning how to lie better now to get into office?


    The republican party is not the nazi’s – read a history book and get some damn perspective… Its these kind of statements that make it impossible to take people like you seriously….

    (old enough to remember when both democrats and the republicans where both staunchly anti-gay)

  5. Sam says

    Sometimes I feel we all have to hide our personal life when it comes to work.
    It’s hard when you don’t always believe the boss or companies policies or procedures, and have to stay in the closet to protect your home, car, partner . Living in the south, and the bible belt, I have lived a working closeted life, cause I make too much money , not to . it supports me, my partner, my life style and we don’t always have opportunity to be open and out, cause we are afraid of losing our jobs , since there is no protection.
    I don’t always support what the boss or corporation says, and I am up front enough to say my opinion , but other then that I understand completely with his job, life and position

  6. misquowoti says

    In an interview with Mark Segal of the Philadelphia Gay News, Barack Obama indicated that he would not proceed unilaterally in fulfilling his promise to do away with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for gays in the military.
    Instead, the Democratic presidential candidate said that he would work through a step-by-step process with the military brass. “The reason,” Obama said, “is because I want to make sure that when we revert ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ it’s gone through a process and we’ve built a consensus or at least a clarity of that, of what my expectations are, so that it works.”

  7. Darren says


    I wonder if this guy, that military escort/journalist, and Haggard’s call boy ever had a three way…

  8. Mark says

    It sad and scary to see gays attack one of their own simply for having a successful career within a perceived opposition party (and, please, the Nazi comparison is hardly accurate or appropriate). You’d think that there might be a bit of respect for some diversity amongst gays, given their demands for respect of their “diversity” in the world at large. Stop being catty and narrow-minded; those are not attractive qualities. Leave this guy alone.

  9. Robert says

    Yeah Tom and Dave, why don’t we start slapping some type of identifying mark on these fuckers so we know who the enemy is.

  10. Las Vegas says


    No, Diversity has come sometimes to mean lowering your standards to appease special groups who demand parity. It also has meant being forced to compromise your beliefs in favor of forced government mandates instead of letting the free market dictate the needs. Diversity is a crock of shit dreamed up by poverty pimps and those who feel the need to make excuses for others.

  11. says

    He is NOT “one of our own.”! He’s one of THEIRS!

    I’ll bet you’ll say criticizing Roy Cohn is “attacking one of our own.” Jesus Fucking Christ On the Cross what a miserable excuse for a human being you are!

  12. Indian on Indian Road says


  13. Jimmyboyo says

    Up is down

    You cooks.

    1- supports civil unions
    2- against prop8 in CA (which would take away gay marriage rights in CA)
    3- for gay adoption
    4- for repealing DADT (MISQ…..bringing in the Joint Chiefs on the issue so as to calm the fears of middle america is not waffeling)
    5- for repealing DOMA
    6- publicly stated gayness is not a choice

    1-campaigned against civil unions in AZ
    2- publicly supports prop 8 in CA to take away marriage rights
    3- publicly stated he is against gay adoption
    4- DADT now DADT Forever
    5- vp pick believes gayness is a choice and can be prayed away (per her church)

    It is that simple

    You are not getting the tax breaks, the bush tax breaks only go to the top 3%………..and honey that isn’t you!!!! Bush would consider you all as poor white trash beneath him. The repub elite are not going to let you guys into the country club.

    Per George WILL (Big time CONSERVATIVE)

    says “Mccain has lost his head”……temperament (which is unchangeable)unfit for presidency

    So a good reason to vote for him vs your own gay self interests isn’t safety when mcshame is mentally unfit to be prez = the whole world is unsafe if mcshame wins

    The only other reason to support him then is racism. Stop the lies, stop saying up is down, and just admit your all racist queens

  14. Jimmyboyo says


    “…letting the free market dictate the needs.”


    Didn’t you get the memo yet? We are all socialists now with even repubs tossing the “free market” under the bus

  15. Indian on Indain Raod says

    Yoshi et el……

    Here is a snippet from the 2008 Nat Rep. Platform ….

    “Republicans have been at the forefront of protecting traditional marriage laws, both in the states and in Congress. A Republican Congress enacted the Defense of Marriage Act, affirming the right of states not to recognize same-sex “marriages” licensed in other states. Unbelievably, the Democratic Party has now pledged to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which would subject every state to the redefinition of marriage by a judge without ever allowing the people to vote on the matter. We also urge Congress to use its Article III, Section 2 power to prevent activist federal judges from imposing upon the rest of the nation the judicial activism in Massachusetts and California. We also encourage states to review their marriage and divorce laws in order to strengthen marriage.

    As the family is our basic unit of society, we oppose initiatives to erode parental rights.”

    Put that in our pipe and smoke!

  16. anon says

    It’s a big shame that late-in-life convert to the gay cause Barry Goldwater is not alive now to give McCain a tongue lashing. Who else would Johnny respect?

  17. noah says


    F*ck you, you are a Republican troll. This is progressive gay blog. Why are you so pathetic to expect us to embrace you and your bullshit? If you want to be with gay people on the web, why not find some fellow moronic Republicans?

    Please don’t try to convince us that the GOP, the party that sent mass mailings in 2004 declaring that gays and gay marriage would end heterosexual marriage is any kind of friend to gay people. The GOP has made it clear that as a party, they are against gay people. Period.

    When someone draws an analogy comparing the GOP to the Nazi Party it is a comparison of political thought and action, not a 1:1, but a comparison. Just because you lack the intellectual imagination or logic to understand how analogies work, doesn’t mean that others can’t.

    BTW, did I forget to say f*ck you? Get it? Some of us are more than tired of dealing with the evil f*cks in your party that have made a living pumping racism, homophobia, sexism, and anti-immigrant hate into our lives.

    You say we should read a history book? Maybe you should read up on the GOP’s use of the Southern Strategy for 40 years to ramp up white supremacist voters. Maybe you should read up on the Dobson and the other Evangelicals and Rightwing Christians who are essential to winning elections.

    As for this crap about the Democrats and marriage, get real, moron. Obama is for civil unions with full equality to marriage rights as a federal right, which overturns all state laws. Not perfect but a hell of a start and a light year ahead of the Rethugs.

    More importantly, the Republicans are a bunch of hypocritical scumbags who preach morality but are the most vicious, unChristian, hateful jerks. The McCain campaign has rightfully been denounced by most major newspapers for spreading vicious lies. How very moral. The Bush Administration brought America to this financial crisis but refuses to take responsibility for it. Personal responsibility? Republicans are a bunch of whining, crybabies who play victim when it benefits them.

  18. Joren says

    I can’t imagine any LGBT(LMNOP) voting for McCain, much less working for him.

    But then again if theres one thing I’ve learned in life is that the number of people who won’t put money ahead of their principles (if they have any) are regrettably few.

    I think the Nazi comparison is entirely appropriate.

  19. nic says


    why is the statement you quoted wrong? if you think it should “be called out” for a lie, then do it. tell us WHY it is a lie.

    as to the repugs = nazis analogy, i’m not sure that you read TOM’s comment correctly. if we suppose that a person who sells out his own people for personal gain is equivalent to a jew kissing nazi ass, then the comparison is apt. i think that is all TOM meant. and, your ignorantly parroting the right-wing t.p.m. about nazi analogies speaks volumes.

    it is you that should read history. history is fraught with examples of people who let expediency trump integrity. do you for a moment think that people who could pass as german or white or nonaboriginal didn’t do so when push came to shove? i have enough forbearance to excuse it when one’s life is in the balance, but i cannot forgive someone who actively works against one’s own for pelf.

  20. Brian says

    Jimmyboyo has it right:
    1- supports civil unions
    2- against prop8 in CA (which would take away gay marriage rights in CA)
    3- for gay adoption
    4- for repealing DADT (MISQ…..bringing in the Joint Chiefs on the issue so as to calm the fears of middle america is not waffeling)
    5- for repealing DOMA
    6- publicly stated gayness is not a choice

    1-campaigned against civil unions in AZ
    2- publicly supports prop 8 in CA to take away marriage rights
    3- publicly stated he is against gay adoption
    4- DADT now DADT Forever
    5- vp pick believes gayness is a choice and can be prayed away (per her church)

    It is that simple

  21. Derrick from Philly says


    I’ve read your above statement 4 times. I keep saying, how could a self-indentified homosexual man believe what you just wrote. I guess that’s what the “Roy Cohn” award is all about.

    People like Sarah Palin do white wash American history. They lie for the purpose of “nation building”. They lie to make America’s history good. Barack Obama can’t dare say that, but I can.

    “Diversity has come sometimes to mean lowering your standards to appease special groups who demand parity.”

    Standards? Standards of extermination of Native-Americans & stealing their land, African slavery, discrimination against new immigrant groups, exploitation of Chinese & Mexican Americans & working folks in general, religious based laws persecuting homosexuals and other sexual minorities?

    What got me about your comment, LAS VEGAS, is that it was written so well, and it is so evil.

  22. says

    I’m so tired of all this McCain bashing. You people need to realise a few things.

    1) Gay rights are NOT the issue in this election, stop living in 2004. Obama will not speed up the process of gay rights, it just wont happen in the next 4 years. Get over it and move on.

    2) Obama is not better than McCain, they’re both equally sucky. Obama’s tax tactics are foolish and put people (like me) who make over 100k to pay MORE taxes, I had to pay so much last year, and supposedly I’m getting a tax break from Bush? I don’t think so I had to pay nearly 12k in taxes, I don’t think I need anymore.

    3) McCain+Sarah Palin are powerful. Despite what you people are afraid of they are a force to be reckoned with and I’m willing to give them both a chance.

    So far I’m about 51% McCain 49% Obama, lets see how things pan out in the next month before I decide but you people need to get away from the far left and open your minds.

  23. says

    Poor Kurt! You make over $100,000 and have to pay taxes on it. I feel for you, I really do. Anyone making over $100,000 should not be crying too hard about taxes, and I know whereof I speak. But also, you’re not going to get taxed more under Obama unless you make more than twice that. Read his plan. McCain will (continue to) destroy our economy. What is so “far left” about wanting gay rights? If you’re a gay person, that should be a given. Even Buse has supported gay rights (if you read all the stuff his ex- talked about), and was angry when McCain sold out gays years ago in Arizona. Now, he really couldn’t care less about gay rights, or he wouldn’t be with McCain, who has sold them out far more drastically with Sarah Palin. But why should he care about gay rights? When you make MILLIONS as a lobbyist (as he has) and are pals with Cindy McCain (as he is, despite being a pig into orgies…I can only imagine their conversations), I guess the need for rights becomes moot because you have power and money. I don’t agree with the idea that more money and power means fuck you to the rest of the country. Unfortunately, too many people making six figures or more in our country do believe that.

  24. gr8guyca says

    Kurt, you are incorrect about the Obama tax plan. You will not pay more tax at your income level. ONLY those making more that $250,000 will have a tax increase. If you look closely at the tax charts, you will see that.

    Re: Mark Buse. Would it be possible for a woman who is pro choice to work for Sarah Palin, who is against abortion? I think so, if she agrees with the other positions that Palin holds. So too, with Buse. If he supports McCain’s foreign policy, economic plan, environmental record, and war policy, must he ignore all that simply because of McCain’s anti-gay positions? Buse is simply not a “single-issue” voter. There are many gay Republicans who fall into this camp. I don’t agree with them,
    but Buse is not alone in being gay and Republican.

    By the way, I think that I recall seeing him on Manhunt. I think his screename was DupontPig. But I’m not sure, so don’t quote me on that.

  25. Strepsi says

    @KURT — if simply wanting equal civil rights has become “far left”, it just shows how far right the Republicans have dragged the U.S. and the American people. Far enough right to glimpse fascism.

    Listen, in Canada we’ve had gay marriage equality for 5 years and gay military equality for over 10. We also have universal health care. What’s the result? Canadians live 4 years longer than Americans, earn more, pay LESS PER CAPITA on health care (you read that right — less per capita on health care), have a budget surplus, and equality under the law.

    Y’all need to move waaaaay left.

  26. david says

    FACT: Obama’s plan calls for taxes to be raised on those making more than $250,000 a year, not $100,000. OPINION: Change happens slowly, which I think many here are trying to say. That’s why they’re voting for Obama. He’s saying he’ll try to help, as opposed to McCain saying he simply won’t. Is moving forward by inches better than by feet? Maybe, maybe not, but the further we move along, the further we’ll be, for us, and for those behind us.

  27. Chapeau says

    Tom:: RE: Nazi comment above.

    Yeah, maybe a stretch, but exactly what the ROY COHN AWARD is all about … Homosexuals that work to throw their own kind under the bus while furthering their own career.

    Sickening isn’t it.

    I continue to support outing any GLBT person who deserves the ROY COHN award.

    And for all you Mccain supporters — Please help explain how you can support this man? Are you simply dumb – or deaf, blind and stupid 2? Look around at the state of our country and defend this a-hole.

  28. dc8stretch says

    RE: Matthew Rettenmund-

    Does Buse’s tribal tattoo signify he’s into ‘orgies’, or do you have your own cum-covered Gap dress to prove it?

    And furthermore- since when are ‘orgies’ a bad thing?

  29. peterparker says

    Who are all these fuckin’ Log Cabin Republicans who have found their way to towleroad??!! You are all insane, *insane*, to think McCain-Palin is a viable alternative to Obama. I don’t think for one minute that Obama is the perfect candidate for the gay community. He is nowhere near where he should be on topics like marriage equality and DADT. But he is a damn sight better than John McCain and Sarah Palin!

    Apparently, you Gay Republicans can’t see that John McCain is running on a platform of hate and intolerance and OPPRESSION of our community in his bid for the White House.

    Do you really think it is acceptable to vote for the candidate who stated his support for CA Prop 8, which seeks to remove the right to marry from GLBT couples in California?! (Obama denounced Prop 8, for the record.) Do you think it is anything less than wholesale betrayal of your GLBT brothers and sisters to support John McCain, the candidate who chose as his running mate an evangelical Christian who attends a church that sponsors an ‘ex-gay’ seminar?! Do you think anything in the McCain/Palin platform might be enough of a positive to outweigh the fact that John McCain-Sarah Palin will pack the Supreme Court with justices that are hostile to the civil rights of GLBT citizens?

    For those of you who plead for more tolerance of differing political opinions within the community, I say “FUCK YOU!”. I am sickened by members of the GLBT community who champion politicians who oppress our community by voicing support for DADT, bans on adoption by GLBT people and hateful, discriminatory measures like CA Prop 8. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that GLBT people should be tolerant of those within our community who support politicians who actively seek to oppress us. You people don’t deserve more tolerance from your GLBT brothers and sisters. You deserve nothing more than scorn and condemnation.

    And finally, it seems to be a pretty wide speculation that there is one and only one reason most Log Cabin Republicans vote for the party that oppresses the GLBT community: lower taxes. That makes me wonder if any of you numbskull Log Cabin Republicans even understand the tax proposals of the McCain camp versus those of the Obama camp. I’ll break it down for you:


    Income Tax Consequence Avg Change in Taxes
    $2,870,000 + (top .1%) 4.4% Decrease -$269,364
    $603,403 to $2,870,000 (top 1%) 3.4% Decrease -$45,361
    $226.982 to $603,402 3.1% Decrease -$ 7,871
    $160,973 to $226,981 3.0% Decrease -$ 4,380
    $111,646 to $160,972 2.5% Decrease -$ 2,614
    $66,355 to $111,645 1.4% Decrease -$ 1,009
    $37,596 to $66,354 0.7% Decrease -$ 319
    $18,982 to $37,595 0.5% Decrease -$ 113
    up to $18,981 0.2% Decrease -$ 19


    Income Tax Consequence Average Change in Taxes
    $2,870,000 + (top .1%) 11.5% Increase +$ 701,885
    $603,403 to $2,870,000 (top 1%) 8.7% Increase +$ 115,974
    $226.982 to $603,402 virtually no change -$ 12
    $160,973 to $226,981 1.9% Decrease -$ 2,789
    $111,646 to $160,972 2.1% Decrease -$ 2,204
    $66,355 to $111,645 1.8% Decrease -$ 1,290
    $37,596 to $66,354 2.4% Decrease -$ 1,042
    $18,982 to $37,595 3.6% Decrease -$ 892
    up to $18,981 5.5% Decrease -$ 567

    Now that the numbers are there in front of you, I have to pose a question to those who are voting for McCain-Palin for “financial reasons”: Do any of you earn more than $603,403, the tax bracket where the McCain tax policy really begins to pay off? For that matter, do any of you earn over $160,972? If not, you are voting away YOUR civil rights and those of your GLBT brothers and sisters for, at most, a couple of thousand dollars. And in case any of you are wondering if I support Obama because his tax plan benefits me financially, the answer is a resounding NO. Under the McCain plan, I would save around $6,000 to $7,000 per year…money I would gladly give up to live in a country where I am treated the same under the law as any other citizen.

    OBAMA in 2008!!!!

  30. peterparker says

    Ugh. I knew that chart wouldn’t publish the way I formatted it. Here’s another stab at it and hopefully it will be easier to decipher:


    Income———————Tax Consequence—-Avg Change in Taxes
    $2,870,000 + (top .1%)_________4.4% Decrease_________-$269,364
    $603,403 to $2,870,000 (top 1%)__3.4% Decrease__________-$45,361
    $226.982 to $603,402____________3.1% Decrease___________-$ 7,871
    $160,973 to $226,981_____________3.0% Decrease___________-$ 4,380
    $111,646 to $160,972_____________2.5% Decrease___________-$ 2,614
    $66,355 to $111,645______________1.4% Decrease____________-$ 1,009
    $37,596 to $66,354_______________0.7% Decrease______________-$ 319
    $18,982 to $37,595_______________0.5% Decrease______________-$ 113
    up to $18,981_____________________0.2% Decrease_______________-$ 19


    Income———————Tax Consequence—-Average Change in Taxes
    $2,870,000 + (top .1%)________11.5% Increase_________+$ 701,885
    $603,403 to $2,870,000 (top 1%)___8.7% Increase__________+$ 115,974
    $226.982 to $603,402_____________virtually no change____________-$ 12
    $160,973 to $226,981_____________1.9% Decrease____________-$ 2,789
    $111,646 to $160,972_____________2.1% Decrease____________-$ 2,204
    $66,355 to $111,645______________1.8% Decrease_____________-$ 1,290
    $37,596 to $66,354________________2.4% Decrease_____________-$ 1,042
    $18,982 to $37,595________________3.6% Decrease_______________-$ 892
    up to $18,981______________________5.5% Decrease_______________-$ 567

  31. Donald says

    Kurt, buddy, here is a clue for you…you have no clue.
    Click on this link and read the analysis:

    This is a comparison of the proposed tax plans by The Brookings Institute as of Aug. 25th, 2008. They (Brookings Institute) are an INDEPENDENT research and policy institute. No fudging the numbers, no spinning classifications of what amount of income is upper class, etc. like your buddy McSame likes to do with the press.

    The analysis clearly shows that you, if you truly make $100k and you file single, you will receive the same amount of a reduction under either policy: 0 for $100k, 0 for $125k, $533 for $150k, $3393 for $200k.
    The analysis also shows that Obama’s plan would benefit more Americans since his plan give better reductions at $75k and below filing Single or Head of Household 1, which is 58.5 million of 65.41 million filers or 89%, whereas McSame gives…lets look at the numbers…0! ZERO, ZILCH, NOTHING, NADDA, for Single filers and lower amount except for $75k – 1 Head of Household.
    Even looking at the data for Married Families, Obama gives the better breaks for the nearly 18 million people that file under those stipulations.

    So next time you come in here to post your opinion, make sure you know what you are talking about. And find yourself a good accountant since it seems obvious you have no idea what you are doing on your taxes if you paid $12k last year.

  32. RP says

    “Does Buse’s tribal tattoo signify he’s into ‘orgies’, or do you have your own cum-covered Gap dress to prove it?”

    No. It signifies he is unimaginative; furthermore, who ever did that tat sucks. The spacings are uneven and the lines are wonky (notice that the tip on the lower half bends in the wrong direction… a pretty hard mistake to make). The blackwork on the top is inconsistent too (the faded spots show signs of scarring). That’s a sign the tattooer is unskilled.

    Those kinds of tats (pure black work with large spacing… especially ones that don’t require symmetry) are the ones they throw to the apprentices and the newbies working at the parlors. Quite frankly, it’s not only a stupid design… it’s just plain bad.

    But I digress.

  33. says

    Attention everyone: making over 100k doesn’t make you rich neither does it make living easy. I live in CA and am living paycheck to paycheck, gas and other expensive have gone through the roof, we don’t need anymore taxes, TRUST ME.

    Honestly after reading what you all have to say I hope McCain is elected just so you all can have something to complain about for the next 4 years while the rest of us make progress. And no, changing everything is not progress, its just idiocracy.

  34. says

    And one final thing before I leave this post: If any of you think that electing Obama will help you recieve any civil rights within the next 4 or 8 years then think again, Obama is too weak to help us get what we deserve.

  35. says

    Kurt, is your real name Mark Buse (posing as an 18 year old on MySpace), or are you deflecting attention from the original subject of the thread (replacing it with pure misinformation) for another reason? Come back when you’re a grown up troll.

  36. amexmale says

    Is this the same Mark Buse from the NY Times story today about McCain staffers getting paid by Freddie Mac?

    Mark Buse, Mr. McCain’s chief of staff for his Senate office, also is a Freddie Mac alumnus. He and his former lobbying employer, ML Strategies, registered to lobby for the company in July 2003, and received $460,000 before the association ended after 2004.

  37. kodiak says

    “Gay rights are not the issue in this election.” -Kurt

    Why not? Maybe if we had equal rights under the law, they wouldn’t be at issue. As long as we are not equal under the law, gay rights will remain at issue. God, they way this country thinks (I mean reacts) I’m surprised the right to vote hasn’t been denied us.

    It makes more sense to me that the definition of marriage change and expand with the needs and desires of the populace, rather than to legislate doctrines that try to limit and exclude. I mean, this is America right? The Melting Pot? Land of Opportunity? Free Thinkers? Home of the Brave?

    Why are people VOTING to deny the equality of other people?

  38. Anon says

    Kurt, I don’t know what excuses/lies you’re using to get a tax break, but paying $12K on more than $100K means that you should be subject to an IRS audit. I made $84K last year and paid quite a bit more than $12K. You’re complaining about paying 12 percent in taxes? Exactly how much do you think you should pay?

    The answer, I’m guessing, is “Nothing.” Good luck with that.

  39. Rey says

    Anon: The deal is, Kurt is probably just a big liar and he can’t keep his facts straight.

    Kurt: Yes, the taxes in California are astronomical, aren’t they? They’ll continue to get worse for you with a tax and spend, let-our-kids-pay Republican in office. P.S. The same old Republicans who pretended to be so anti-tax are the ones who will be forcing you to essentially fund the golden parachutes of every crooked CEO in America. And our streets will continue to grow with crime due to reduced police force and many more folks who have nothing to lose.

    Yoshi: I see you’ve turned up again. Isn’t it so difficult being so intentionally contrary?

    And your last statement about being old enough to remember when both parties were anti-gay, what does that prove in your eyes? That Democrats illustrate progress and Republicans will always be the the ol’ same ol’, same ol’?

    Let us know when you get a clue. (And it sounds like you need to do a little reading up on the history of Nazi Germany.)

  40. Mike Shackleford says

    Hmmm, “Dupontpig2008″, sex parties, crystal, McCain staffer joins up w Palin who was mayor of the tina capitol of Alaska.
    Is there a connection? Heck if the CIA can run coke, can’t the Palin family be sourceing a tina connection?