Teen Says He Killed Man for Spreading Gay Rumors About Him

Hector Sanchez (pictured), a 19-year-old Jacksonville, Florida man who turned himself in to authorities, says he shot and killed 24-year-old Levi Rollins because Rollins was spreading rumors that Sanchez was gay:

Sanchez“Sanchez told investigators that he was angry that Rollins was telling people that Sanchez was homosexual and ‘he decided to do something about it.’ In a taped confession, Sanchez told detectives that he invited Rollins over to smoke some marijuana. After sitting in the parking lot of an apartment complex, Sanchez said he pulled a gun and shot Lopez several times. He told police he went to his apartment, changed clothes, then drove Rollins’ car to the cemetery and left.”

Rollins’ body was not discovered for two days. Sanchez is held at the Duval County jail, charged with murder.


  1. the queen says

    but what really happened here? did rollins have sex with sanchez, is this a kiss and tell murder? hmmm. gotta be careful girls, if you have sex with somebody don’t put labels on them… i’ve had plenty of those kind of tricks… and i don’t care what they choose to call themselves as long as the sex is good…

  2. wisebear says

    There’s gotta be so much more to this story. I think the two had sex. Why did he turn himself in after two months? Looks like he could have gotten away with murder. Now he can rot in that jail for life. And if he wasn’t homosexual before, he sure will be now. It’s sad, though. This is what comes from the ignorance and fear of the Sarah Palin’s of the world.

  3. the queen says

    LOL@wisebear… sarah palin gay murderess? now how in the flying fuck did sarah palin get involved in this? oh brother… again i say discretion is the better part of valor… don’t be a kiss and tell — you know some guys just prefer it like that but then again i guess some fags won’t be happy until we all are card carrying queens… yeah, an indentity card with FAG printed on it in nice pink NO make it fuschia…

  4. the queen says

    ah wisebear you are so wrong… on both counts because every morning i go to the mirror and sing i’m so pretty, i’m so pretty i’m so pretty and witty and gay!

  5. alguien says

    well queenie, all i can say is that it’s a good thing your mirror is shiny metal and not glass that shatters. otherwise you’d be having a pretty hefty account at bed, bath & beyond.

  6. elg says

    I agree with “the queen” when she says “don’t kiss and tell” about your sexual encounters with so-called straight guys. Just enjoy the sex, don’t try to label them gay (or even bisexual) and keep quiet about it. You’ll live longer.

  7. Weezy says

    @ ELG:

    Or how about we don’t fuck/suck closet cases? I’m tired of these self-loathing, homophobic a$$holes who declare they’re “straight”. “NO COCK FOR YOU” Not until you come out. If you’re not gay, you don’t need dick. We can be like that Greek chick Lysistrata. We don’t put out until they come out.

    p.s. Yet another homophobic moron who is going to spend the rest of his days taking it up the a$$. *sigh* F**king idiots.

  8. Bjorn says

    “I killed someone because they were spreading rumors that I was gay. So now I have to go to prison where I can have all of the hot hetero man-on-man sex that I can handle! Bonus! But I ain’t gay!”

  9. Leigh says

    I have a thought: let’s say that these two did have sex. Lopez may still not be gay. After all, sexual experiences do occur between lesbians and straight women, and most people are cool with it, but if a man has even one serious sexual experience with another man he is automatically a homo, no matter what. The fundamental message is that its wrong for two men to have sex together, and if its wrong for men to have sex with each other then its certainly wrong to prefer to have sexual and romantic relationships with men. Its even wrong in certain circles for a man to admit that he might find another man attractive. This thinking is both heterocentric and homophobic, and it sickens me that so many gay men believe in and practise it, even though they suffer prejudice because of it. People, none of us is 100% gay or hetero. All straight men, have homosexual feelings, which is part of the reason many of them become uptight and homophobic, and all gay men have the potential to enjoy sex with women, even though many react with disgust at the idea. Its no secret that so many gay men are hung up on straight men (isn’t that why gay men try to act ‘straight’ and why the few gay men who genuinely are straight in demeanor enjoy so much popularity among gay men, except for those gay men who even as they ape what they consider to be ‘straight’ mannerisms, style, etc., but when they get around men who naturally possess these traits feel inferior) and have thoughts about pursuing them sexually. Some attractive gay men, knowing that they have the power to turn on straight men, will pursue them sexually, but then if they are successful, will want to kick them off the pedestal that they, the gay men, placed them on in the first place. Many of you here show a great deal of self-loathing homophobia.

  10. Chill Out says

    Wow, talk about PC! Shooting a homosexual three times and then dumping his body because he was spreading rumors that you were gay? I for one fail to see how that’s homophobic. I guess EVERYTHING’S homophobic now.

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