1. Michael Bedwell says

    NB: tho not his fault, the caption on one of the “SF Chronicle” pictures that Andy linked to is wrong. “People gathered in the Castro District of San Francisco to protest the voluntary manslaughter conviction of Dan White on May 22, 1979. Hours later, the group rioted at City Hall.”

    It wasn’t taken before the riot but the next night at a pre-planned “birthday party” for the late Milk. No one knew exactly when the verdict would be announced…and, even in SF, you can’t legally close Castro Street and erect a ballooned stage within minutes…so all they could do was pre-post flyers all around asking people to gather at City Hall after whenever it was announced [and regardless of what it was].

    After the riot [which made Stonewall look like a children’s fake tea party], officials were petrified that the party would reignite the rage and their were riot cops hidden nearby.

    Looking forward to seeing how the movie dramatizes both events which I experienced. But sad that the paper could get it wrong.

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