Barack Obama and John McCain Comic Books Hit the Stands

Comicobama Comicmccain_2

Two 28-page comic books telling the lives of presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain hit comic book stands today.

Publisher IDW tells the Guardian that they took the ‘superhero’ rather than ‘graphic novel’ approach to the stories:

“… it would have been easy to appeal to more adult readers with a couple of moody graphic novels tackling McCain’s incarceration and Obama’s young life as the son of a single mother; instead the comics feature the pair in superhero poses against Old Glory rippling in the wind. Whoever wins this four-colour slugfest wins the right to save the world.”



  1. says

    McCain looks like either C. Montgomery Burns or the villain in Christopher Nolan’s next BATMAN movie- in other words, a truly realistic likeness *eg*…

  2. Jimmyboyo says

    mccain wishes he looked like that.

    Accuracy would have him looking shorter, thinner, more wrinkled, hunched over, holding his hands and arms in a weird way, and a HUGE!!!! tumor on the side of his face

  3. what says

    With this election, media of all types (fanfic, youtube clips, blogs, 24hr coverage, newspapers/mags, television, billboards…) seems to be way out of control. I worry a little about 2012 because I think we’ve already reached a saturation point.