1. Andalusian Dog says

    This shouldn’t be a shock. I’m sure there are loads of closeted, self-hating faggots out there who will vote for Skeletor and la Bobblehead in the hopes that it will cure them of their “unnatural” tendencies. Our best revenge, other than rallying, marching, organizing, talking to friends, getting angry, etc., will be to (continue to) pleasure ourselves to images of said closeted self-haters with their shirts off. “Hey bro, wanna thumb one out with me? Naw, dude, it’s natural, it’s, like, what bros do…Chill.”

  2. Matt says

    Well let’s see. He is rich, white, and straight. I’d probably be a Republican too if I were straight and made more the $250,000.00 a year and knew under an Obama Administration my taxes were going to increase.

  3. Mike says

    ROFL …”Skeletor and la Bobblehead” – now that is funny! Yeah, so sad…. WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING! I just don’t understand how ANYONE can buy into all this nonsense.

  4. says

    Matt… aligning with a political party and electing a President should have ahellovalot more to do with concerns regarding foreign policy, infrastructure, and human rights… and not so much to do with one’s own wallet. It boils down to small thinking and greed (Republicans) versus higher thoughts and responsible character (Democrats).
    As for Brady Quinn it seems he’s only the stereotype of a dumb quarterback.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “… plain silly…”

    Oh, for a second I thought you said, “palin silly”, dear. I thought you were coming back to your senses.

    Did y’all hear that the Miss Baked Alaska Hockey Mom will be in Philly to open the Flyer’s season? Pandering to her “Joe Sixpack” crowd, I guess. She’s real class, baby…just enough class to empty Eleanor Roosevelt’s chamber pot if it were 65 years ago.

  6. Matt says


    I totally agree that foreign policy, infrastruce, and human rights should be concerns.

    That being said I find it laughable that you believe the Democrats are somehow virtuous. The congress as a whole, along with the president, made this mess. The democrats under pelosi didn’t step up to combat the republicans. Henry Paulson bails out his corporate friends but others who aren’t his friends don’t get bailed out and Barney Frank didn’t stand up to this mess the whole time he has been over the House Finance Committee and his partner worked for Fannie/Freddie shelling out these bad mortgages. Honestly, I think the whole lot needs to be thrown out. They (Republicans and Democrats) are a disgrace to this nation.

  7. says

    Brady Quinn is only good looking.

    He is a total failure as an NFL quarterback. Say all you want about his age, but then you have to look at what Matt Ryan is doing in Atlanta to realize that rookie quarterbacks can be effective. Quinn will soon be out of his contract and playing in the Euro football league.

  8. my2cents says

    mcain: you know the deal… do my bidding and you get 10 minutes alone with your choice of these three fine republican ladies.

    brady: where’s the bitchy one from the view?

    mccain: do i need to remind you of our pre-conditions….

  9. GM says

    Hmm . . . Some jocks are know-nothing douchebags. I also heard that the Earth is round, that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and that Barbra Streisand will likely tour again.

    Oh, and that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.

  10. GM says

    The Queen really represents a previous era in gay life. I used to mourn the passing of such curiosities — like the “committed bachelor” uncle, the vamping about in constant drag-queen mode, etc — as victims of gay people’s moving into the mainstream and becoming more like everyone else around them. The more time that passes, though, the more I realize I will not miss those things at all.

  11. Che Was A Murderer says

    Go Brady!!!!!!!! Glad to see you have not bought into the mind numbing nonsense of the Obamatutes. Messiah Obama has still said nothing of significance for the American people in his entire campaign yet the brainwashed cult members think he is the new messiah. What incredible morons! this gay guy (along with hundreds of thousands of others around the country) will NOT be voting for Messiah Obama on election day. When the Democrats ever actually do something for gays and lesbians then maybe I will vote for them, but that day is still far down the horrizon.

  12. says

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. Brady is from Ohio, a generally conservative state, went to Notre Dame, which is generally a conservative school and is a professional athlete, the ranks of which are not known to be particularly progressive. As much as I wish Brady were a little more enlightened, I’m not going to get too worked up that he isn’t.

  13. soulbrotha says

    Andy, my question to you is, how long will this moment last when the next batch of “hot, shirtless pics” hits the net? Will you refrain from glorifying him or is this just temporary outrage?

  14. Ty says

    che was a murderer- Your White pointed hat is showing. You sound like a white mean woman rather than a gay man. Very Racist !

    @ the Queen – You are an airhead with no conscience and no spine. STFU !

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    Now, above are the words of THE QUEEN I grew fond of on this blog. THE QUEEN who gave us so many laughs. We disagree VEHEMENTLY on this election, but I still like having someone I can talk about “old times” (as GM referred to) with…’course I don’t back as far as you do, precious.

    Some of your remarks lately did get a little racially incendiary (suggesting that I become your Hattie MacDaniel), but coming from you–it didn’t bother me. Afterall, you must know I can “read” with the best of ’em, honey. Just like the great Hattie, white skin don’t impress me–especially the kind of white like that Alaskan Palin trash who fucked your thinking. Now, Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum…well, I’m impressed.

  16. Jerrold says

    Ugh, as a Clevelander, this just makes me want to vomit in my mouth. Brady is such a self-loathing douchebag; and he sucks. I hope we trade him soon.

  17. jim says

    Damn, Scary Daddy sure does like to paw young, male meat, doesn’t he? This photo creeps me out as much as that nasty airport bit when the Palin family’s Baby Daddy arrived for the convention. Blech!

  18. Jack H. says

    Thanks GM for saying (more eloquently than I could produce) your comment concerning “The Queen”.

    Some aspects of the old LGBT culture are rapidly (and IMHO thankfully) going the way of bell bottom jeans and Mao jackets. Now considering today’s market news let’s hope your GM moniker is your initials and not your stock holding. LOL.

  19. the queen says

    derrick my dahling, you know i was joking re the hattie mcdaniel thing… i thought i might be going a little too far but one takes one’s chances and i hoped you would understand… we are and will forever be sisters… and i appreciate your support…

    i’m not concerned about the “cultural fascists” here… in fact, i had a nice little comeback for them but it was pulled by andy along with some of my other posts so apparently i’m being censored here (at the request of one poster who misinterpreted my comments on gay marriage) so whether this post remains is anybody’s guess.

  20. Trev says

    I agree that Che was a murderer also. History proves that fact. Yet dumb American college morons wear t-shirts glorifying the degenerate. The low point of Obama’s campaign came when numerous pictures appeared with Che’s degenerate face hanging on the walls of Obama campaign offices. The Socialist ties with Democrats these days is disgusting. Just check out the Daily Kooks forum. That is enough to make any educated American not vote for Obama!

  21. Now What? says

    Now why would an “educated American” rely on 1 “newssource” to make the Presidential decision of a lifetime?

    Do you know how many fascist ties there are to Republicans?

    If you were as educated as you claim, you would understand that this is but a result of our country’s (admittedly lame) 2-party system where you’ll always find fringe folks supporting the mainstream candidates that most closely share their views.


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