1. Rad says

    Internet lag.

    I saw the RSS feed headline about “GOP Senator Wicker Attempts to Scare Voters with Costumed Gays”, fired up my link to Towleroad to the photos of the Dutch men in Hindu ritualistic outfits and thought, “Yup, that would be a straights over-the-top gay costume”.

    That said, I wonder if “The Village People” would come out against using their likeness in the Senators ad?

  2. Disgusted American says

    if it aint the brown people, it’s the gays..I expect nothing less from the Bigoted southern states….Places as an American I would NEVER go too/our tour or spend any monies willingly….Fuck ALL Bigoted states!

  3. says

    @disgusted american: as a native Mississippian (now Louisianian), I can assure you, we’re not all like that.

    Also: where in the world do you live that’s so full of unicorns and rainbows and egalitarianism?

  4. says

    Musgrove responded with a press release saying:

    Musgrove Supported Ban On Gay Adoptions: In March 2000, Musgrove supported a ban on adoption by homosexuals or same-sex couples. The ban not only pertained to adoptions in Mississippi, but also ensured that Mississippi would not recognize adoptions by gay individuals or couples from other states if the parents moved to Mississippi. (Clarion Ledger, 3/23/00)

    Musgrove Opposes Gay Marriage: Musgrove opposes gay marriage and believes that marriage is between one man and one woman. (Clarion Ledger, 10/3/08; Sun Herald, 10/22/03)

  5. Ben says

    Musgrove all but had to oppose gay adoption and gay marriage to win in Mississippi. Still, help him out – he may just barely be a Democrat, but he won’t filibuster gay-rights bills in the Senate. Wicker would not only block ENDA, he’d have it burned as a witch in the Capitol Rotunda.

    It’s a lesser-of-two-evils sort of thing, democracy.

  6. noah says

    The South isn’t the only place where racists and homophobes run wild. It wasn’t Southerners who killed Matthew Shepard, right?

    Falling back on stereotypes is easy, bad people live every where: like the killers of Michael Sandy who live in NY/NJ or the the murder of Lawrence King who lives in California.

    But, this is typical GOP behavior. This is the danger, sadly of Obama/Biden leaping into California full force to fight Prop 8.

    I look forward to the end of Conservativism and all of its hate.

  7. Eric says

    I just saw this ad today, I actually just finished writing an email to my friend about it. I live in central Mississippi and really hope Musgrove wins. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much in the way of television ads or yard signs, etc for Musgrove. Almost every time I turn on the television I see an anti-Musgrove commercial (very few of the television ads I’ve seen have actually been pro-Wicker) put out by Republican orgs. I don’t know if Musgrove is pushing harder in other areas of the state or if they just aren’t keeping up with the Republican’s barrage, but from what I’ve seen his commercials are being out-aired by at least 3 to 1.

    Ben has it right. Here in the deep south you won’t find many liberals in politics, so you take what you can get.

    Also, disgusted american, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. I wonder if you’ve ever even been to the south. I’m guessing no…

  8. ramrod says

    that ad doesn’t accuse musgrove of receiving contributions directly from those groups. it does illustrate the fact that the DSCC recieves money from those groups, then takes that money and spends it on Musgrove. It’s all in the ad.
    wouldn’t it be more offensive if the gay group was just a coupel gay dudes, while everybody else was a ridiculous over-the-top parody? as if to say that “we had to go to these lengths to portray these groups in a funny and ridiculous way… but gays are already funny and ridiculous just the way they are.”
    isn’t it more concerning that the HRC funnels money to the uber-anti-gay Musgrove?

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