Rosie O’Donnell to Attempt Revival of ‘Variety Show’ Format

Rosie O’Donnell is returning to television with Rosie’s Variety Show, a Thanksgiving special that will serve as a test as to whether or not viewers might embrace a series:

Rosie“The special will feature celebrity guests, musical acts, comedy skits and a prize giveaway for the show’s in-studio and home audiences. David Friedman (“Last Call With Carson Daly”) has been tapped to executive produce along with O’Donnell. The show’s Nov. 26 premiere date manages to trump Fox’s upcoming Osbourne family variety show, which is expected to debut in the winter or spring.”

Said Friedman: “This is a genre that everybody is anticipating is going to come back. Rosie sort of invented the daytime variety show. Without question, Rosie is the right person to bring this back.”


  1. MervMike&Dinah says

    “Invented daytime variety show”? If you were born 5 minutes ago, maybe. Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas and Dinah Shore, among others, were doing it 30 years before RO.
    And, no, she’s the wrong person to host light variety fare now that she’s made a point of becoming such a vehemently political personality. Her 15 minutes are long over.

  2. Leland Frances says

    You’re an ass, “Merv,” like he was. But the larger point is that while I luv Rosie—FUCK November 26th—it’s November 4th and the vote on marriage equality in three states that day that she should be focused on.


    And could you bring Ellen and Elton and Melissa and Berlanti and Van Zant with you?


  3. what says

    Well, Elton’s English so he can get a pass, but everyone else should be in there.

    (Actually, aren’t there regulations barring foreign nationals from donating anyway?)

  4. Las Vegas says

    You know Leland those four people you mentioned have done more for gay marriage than you ever will. It’s not always about giving a few grand here and a few grands there. The exposure, publicity, and support those people you mentioned have given more to the GLBT community in the last 5 years than you will in your entire life.

    Go shake down the gays in the bars dropping 200+ a night for booze, strippers, and drugs for a little support money instead of going to the same well every time with your hand out.

  5. the queen says

    oh god you fags are so hilarious!!! … still at each other’s throats!!!… it was good to get away for a while in fabulous palm springs where the queens are much more congenial (or is that congealed?) … miss me dahlings? anyway, the countess joined me and my hubby at a fabulous gay resort (name purposely withheld since i certainly don’t need any of you around there to put a damper on things, tho miss derrick would be fun no doubt to have around) … so some guest complained about the sleazy sex at a couple of resorts they had stayed in previously so of course the countess was off and running to investigate for herself and she was gone for a whole two days and left us to our very respectable selves… HA! anyway, it was just too too fabulous… leland dahling do calm down… go sniff some glue or whatever it is you do to chill out… oh why does everybody need all this money to promote fag marriage anyway.. where does it go to, still haven’t figured that one out.. anyway, i have to agree with mervmikedinah… the merv griffin shows were a classic and we should all get down on our knees and cross ourselves when we mention his name for HE WAS MR. VARIETY SHOW par deluxe!!! ta ta dahlings!

  6. Tank says

    The fat cow Rosie is an embarrassment to the gay community. When will she ever disappear????????? No one cares what her fly trap mouth says any more. She is a tired old has been dyke.

  7. CJ says

    Wow, I guess some people have nothing better to do than frequent the blogs of homosexuals just so they can slam them. I don’t know, if I were homophobic I wouldn’t spend my days on gay oriented blogs with fake personas trying to be funny. If anything, it seems as though someone has a few inner demons to work out, maybe Pastor Muthee and Sarah Palin can help exercise those demons.


  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Sis, I shall never hate you. We’ve discussed memories of what it was like to be openly gay back in the 1960s and 70s. We refer to places, people and events and understand what we’re saying. We have a “queen sensibility”. BUT, my dear, you are enjoying your new role as vilanous bitch of Towleroad too much. What’s the point? During the primaries you were one of the voices of reason. Now, it’s like you get turned on by turning Towleroadies off.

    Well, I hope that after you (temporary) girl give her final “fuck up” tonight at the vice-presidential debate, you will come back to your senses and the Democratic Party. Forget your little flirtation with right-wing foolishness, forget Palin. She’s a joke, and Tina Fey is making sure the whole country realizes it.

    Come home to the Demcocratic Party, dear. Think about FDR and what he meant to you…well, you’re not that old. Think about Adlai Stephenson and what he meant to you and Tallu.

    Again, what was the topic of this thread?

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “…youR (temporary) girl gives her final “fuck uP” tonight…”

    I’d like to blame it on the keyboard, but it’s lazy proof reading.

  10. the queen says

    derrick dahling you should have been in palm springs with us, we would have had a blast… me “villanous bitch?” — why not at all dahling, just exercising what’s left of my wits… just doing my usual auntie mame/joan rivers shtick (well maybe toss in a bit of don rickles) .. if anyone is offended, well as bette midler used to say, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke… i mean who do some of these people think they are: doris day? HA! que sera, sera INDEED!!! in any case I love you too dahling, always will… i truly believe we were are sisters separated by karma… as for la palin, i admit she has her faults and i don’t agree with her but she intrigues me and i don’t think we should write her off just yet.. everybody’s rolling the dice that she will fall but she may surprise you all.. never underestimate those repubs you know… (tho why everybody seems to think i’ve gone repub i dont’ know) — they got saavy, toots!… so hold on to your rosary beads everyone…. the fun is just beginning!

  11. Leland Frances says

    Las Vegas–isn’t that Spanglish for “vogue on the outside vague on the inside”? Your political analysis of what’s needed to defeat Prop 8 is as functional as teats on a boar.

  12. Mike says

    Welcome back Ro. Hope you get better writers than the Big Gay Scetch show. She did a great job w/ her daytime show and I have a feeling if the viewers let her in, can win them over again.
    She deserves our respect for being at the front lines of the anti-gay firing squad not ridicule. Read her blog if you think that she is what entertainment tonight told you she is. Instead she is a very funny, direct, passionate and warm hearted person.

  13. the queen says

    my god — must blame my dotage… and how can i forget ed sullivan who was mr variety show long before merv and mike … i wish rosie luck too maybe she will bring it back …

  14. says

    Hey Leland Francis, you need a lesson in manners. And the guy was right, Merv and Mike are the people that Rosie always says influenced her show.

    She and I sat at home on Long Island in different towns every afternoon after school watching talk shows or the 4:30 Movie (Gidget Week anyone?) on Channel 7.

    David Friedman is a very nice man and a good NBC soldier, but doesn’t know his host or the program category very well.

    And, Leland, not everything is about who is or was the better gay person.

    Some things are just about TV.

  15. Jesse says

    On Gay marriage. How much longer are we, as gays, going to tolerate the bigotry in our candidates. The Obama/Biden ticket is against gay marriage, therefore anti-gay. Elton, you have to voice your disapproval on the air and during your shows of how the Democrats have kicked the gay community to the side, taking our votes for granted. We know what to expect from the GOP, but for Obama/Biden to echo the GOP on gay rights is unacceptable. You, Melissa Ethridge, Rosie, and Ellen need to step up to the plate and publicy voice your dissaproval of the DNC and Obama/Biden’s views.

    When will enough be enough? When they want us all on an island? When they want us to wear pink triangles? Silence = Death.