1. says

    Dang, if it had been me instead of Takei, I’d have DEFINITELY invited this man who didn’t know me and whom I haven’t seen in 20 years.

    I was just thinking about how silly it is that this is in the news. With all that’s going on in America and in the world, it sure surprises me what we choose to care about.

  2. John Michael Curlovich says

    Who cares what a couple of washed up third-rate TV actors think of each other? Shatner has been a punch line for forty years or more. And Takei was never much more than a bit player. What’s next? Eva Gabor was mean to Arnold Ziffel?

  3. says

    What a gianst sack of shit! “Finally at the age of, I think, 70, he decides to come out of the closet and say, ‘I’m gay.’ Like, who cares? Be gay. Don’t be gay. That’s up to you George.”

    George Takei has been out of the closet for eons. Shatner acts like he’s never worked for a gay person before in his life! The most famous of all “Star Trek” ewpisondes, “The Trouble with Tribbles,” was written by the openly gay David Gerrold. What a jerk!

  4. tobey says

    Shater isn’t much liked by anybody. A few years ago I ate at Spago in Beverly Hills and asked the waiter which celebrities were nice and which weren’t. He said Shatner is the all-time worst he had experienced. Also, I spoke to a flight attendant once on a long United flight when I was in first class. We got to talking about the celebrities she’s flown with and she volunteered that William Shatner gave her the most trouble of any of them. I hadn’t even asked about him.

  5. Yeek says

    I think both Takei and Shatner are 100% correct about each other.

    For Takei to talk on the radio about who ‘is going to make the cut’ to the wedding and immediately follow it up with a two-faced compliment is crass and petty. He’s clearly nurturing a grudge and enjoying it.

    And Shatner is obviously can’t take his own advice and just shut up about it or take the high road. He can’t shut up.

    It reminds me of the 7th grade girls birthday-party snub scene. Uggggh.

  6. Jimmyboyo says


    Shatner is a pompous windbag

    But he is also filthy filthy rich and not from Star Trek

    Succesful author of the TEK books….tek lords, Tek War, etc a succesful sci-fi series that was tuend into a series

    Super successful breeder of prize winning horses.

    Big time money from taking stock options in price line as vs pay checks when he first started doing their commercials years ago.

    producer of and award winning actor on a top rated tv show = boston Legal

    An ass for sure, but smart biz man / horse breeder and filthy filthy rich

  7. Jimmyboyo says

    sorry for typos

    Also it should read “…..a succesful sci-fi book series turned into a tv series in the 90’s”

  8. anon says

    Logic would dictate that if the two men did not know each other then they would not invite each other to their weddings.

  9. says

    Jimmyboyo–don’t forget recording artist. Shatner might be an ass, but his Has Been CD with Ben Folds is a masterpiece. No, I’m serious. Listen to it. You will cry and listen to it again and again.

  10. Rob says

    Ummmm…I love George but if you’ve ever actually watched him or heard him talk he is a bit off….Shatners a total jerk but George….lets be honest here.

  11. says

    I love Shatner exactly for this kind of thing! In an age when publicists protect anyone from ever speaking (what’s left of) their mind, he’s like a bottle of Night Train on a early summer morning with a coked out guy you’ve always wanted to hook up with. He may not know you’re there but you’re still happy you got him.

    Oops, I said that out loud huh?

    Love ya Bill!

  12. Roger says

    So what did you expect George Takei to say? “I can’t stand Bill Shatner and no way in hell is he coming to my wedding”

    I think George was trying to be diplomatic, but maybe could have done it better.

    As it is, it was George and Brad’s day and they invited who they wanted, for whatever reason.

  13. Tux says

    There is no malice in Shatner’s words, he’s simply assessing decades of spontaneous hate from Takei.