News: Ann Coulter, Indonesia, Piano, Marc Jacobs, Pat Buchanan

road.jpg Piano found in perfect working condition deep in woods of Cape Cod: “The Baldwin piano, which had a matching bench, was set up as if someone was about to sit down and play, reported WCVB-TV in Boston. Despite efforts by police to locate its owner, or at least explain how it came to be in a conservation area, police Monday said no one has contacted them…The piano is so heavy that it took more than a half-dozen men to load it onto a truck.”

Coulterroad.jpg Ann Coulter’s mouth wired shut. Image from a conservative women fur calendar.

road.jpg SICK: Indonesian province moves forward with microchip implant proposal for people with HIV/AIDS. “Since the plan was initially proposed, the government has narrowed its scope, saying the chips would only be implanted in those who are ‘sexually aggressive,’ but it has not said how it would determine who fits that group. It also was not clear how many people it might include.”

road.jpg Britney Spears rolls the Stone back.

road.jpg Amy Winehouse back in the hospital.

road.jpg Brazil’s DOM magazine halting publication.

road.jpg Westboro Baptist Church flee after being met by hundreds of student counter-protestors in Omaha: “Students threw hamburgers and bottles of lemonade and milk at several members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., students said after the protest. A video of the protest was” recorded by 16-year-old student Mason Hartwell that” showed one counterprotester on the ground, seated with his hands behind his back and flanked by two law enforcement officers.”

Bugabooroad.jpg For the Gaybies: Marc Jacobs-designed Bugaboo stroller. “What would you pay for this hot new limited edition stroller? What if we told you there are only 15 available? How about if you knew it was designed by Marc Jacobs? If $1500 was the number you came up with, you know your luxury sedans.”

road.jpg Hillsborough County, Florida swears in first openly gay commissioner: “Democrat Kevin Beckner took the oath of office before a standing-room-only crowd that spilled into the first floor at County Center. Like the two other commissioners sworn in, Beckner thanked his parents and supporters. He singled out a 96-year-old activist who collected 400 signatures to get his name on the ballot and another woman who campaigned for him while battling cancer. As he joined a commission that three years ago voted to ban gay pride displays on county property, he also recognized his partner of 10 years.”

road.jpg A-Rod to help stuff Madonna’s turkey.

road.jpg Some 16-year-olds have all the luck.

Lastcallroad.jpg New iPhone app helps you calculate whether or not you might be in danger of getting a DUI or endangering someone should you get behind the wheel after a holiday party. If so, it will call a taxi for you. Of course if you’re that gone, will you have the foresight to use it?

road.jpg World’s largest cruise ship hits the water.

road.jpg New documentary explores gay rights: “The rebirth of the gay rights movement and the battle over legalizing same-sex marriage will be the focus of the new indie documentary ‘A Non-Issue?’ The doc will follow Dr. John Corvino, a philosopher, lecturer and author of ‘The Gay Moralist,’ as he crisscrosses the nation engaging and debating those most against gay marriage.”

road.jpg “Ex-gay” groups receiving government subsidies in The Netherlands.

road.jpg A look back at Pat Buchanan in 1977.

road.jpg SX interviews Matthew Mitcham: “In a world where everyone seems to be on the make, Matthew Mitcham is a refreshing change. Unlike some other athletes that come to mind, he’s not milking his Beijing experience like a frenzied bovine. He’s not selling his story to the highest bidder, for instance, but is instead speaking to the gay press, and a community that has strongly supported him. He’s not hitting the party circuit, but has slipped back comfortably into his training at the Sydney Aquatic Centre, practising the sport he loves, spending his spare time (what little there is) doing ordinary things like catching up with friends and family, and hanging out with his partner.”


  1. Strepsi says

    Ok, this is nitpicking but in the Matthew Mitcham article the author says “he’€™s not milking his Beijing experience like a frenzied bovine”….
    so in Australia cows milk themselves? Cows get crazy and milk each other?
    What a simile gone wrong.
    LOVE Matthew Mitcham, he can go frenzied on me any time…

  2. Michael W. says

    Ann Coulter has had her jaws wired shut? Isn’t that God’s way of saying “shut the fuck up?” (What’s to prevent her from talking out her ass though?)

  3. davefromtampa says

    Andy, thanks on the article regarding Kevin Beckner. I actually was one of the boots on the group for him. It was a great feeling when he was finally announced as the victor. He beat one of the most homophobic public officials in Florida. How great, an openly (and very good looking) gay man easily beats an out spoken bigot.

  4. Joe says

    All the students at that Omaha HS who were counterprotesting should receive extra credit points, in my opinion. I look forward to the day (and it is coming) when that Phelps clan will (pardon the pun) peter out.

  5. Bruce says

    My hope is that Matthew Mitcham does not want to do any endorsements. My fear is that he hasn’t been offered any endoresments because he’s honest about who he is.

  6. Trev says

    I have totally lost respect for John Corvino. His recent essay on was revolting. He wants gay people to calm down and stop being so darned assertive to massah as we’ve been in recent weeks. He longs for a return to Jack McFarland behavior…and associated stereotypes. It’s as disappointing, harmful and regressive as Elton John’s recent statements. I will be avoiding buying or seeing anything associated with Corvino or John.

  7. Trev says

    On Pat Buchanan:

    The man has been consistently vile. He bashed gays and lesbians at the 1992 Republican National Convention. That speech also kind of invented the concept of a “culture war.” It was dangerous talk (including in light of what was going in on Oregon that year), and thank God it was repudiated by many, and not affirmed by the results of the election.

    Also, look up comments Pat Buchanan made about AIDS made in the 1980s.

    Buchanan would have been an enthusiastic supporter of the Nazi movement if he were in Germany in the 1930s. I don’t mean that at all hyperbolically.

    He is exceptionally repugnant, and quite unrepentant about his long history of contempt for gay people. I don’t know why Maddow, or any fair-minded person, even associates with him. It would be like sharing a stage with Fred Phelps.

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