1. Anonymous says

    It’s this gay or European? Woops… I guess it’s both.. (Sorry to admit I watched the video.. curiosity got the best of me.. who would actually wear such things?)

  2. Jimmyboyo says

    anglos and crackers and wasps OH my!

    Europe is as racially diverse as america but one couldn’t tell by this

    Neanderthal advertising in the new age just won’t cut it and will find such segregationist advertised products quickly being forgotten as vs finding a world wide market. Hell, in this current world market any ad man worth their salt should know to market anything and everything as wide ranging as possible instead of a segregationist niche market

  3. JTlvr says

    And not a Black or ethnic one among them… I’m really tired of the whitewashed marketing and images put out in our community.

    Are there no sexy Black or ethnic men? Or is it that it just didn’t matter? It’s as if we don’t even exist…

    And still some wonder why we’re in the fight of our lives over issues like Prop 8.

  4. soulbrotha says

    Although it pisses me off that there is no diversity in this photo, I prefer this to the insulting trend in America of having one token Black person in the picture, ad or television show. To me that’s worse.

  5. Jimmyboyo says

    John in Ca


    Honestly though, I blew up the pics to check out the packages and they all look like typical uncirc euro crotches. Not one circed Jew in the bunch. Shame on them. Hell, the anglophile conservative parties in almost all euro countries bitch all the time about how many imigrants they have from asia, africa, latin america etc. There has to be at least 100 or 200 cute brown models in europe not counting swarthy Italians.


  6. tony says

    they should have done a second shoot with ALL black models..if they had one black guy, he would stand out and make it look uneven…like all of them have the same haircuts in these photos

    my opinion…..think it was a business decision

    BTW:::not sexy! who ever styled this shoot..looks like they’re ready for the hanging noose standing on that podium


  7. Patrick M says

    Jimmyboyo and friends, you need a geography lesson pronto. One of the tragedies of Europe is its LACK of ethnic diversity. It’s just idiotic to say that Europe is as diverse as the USA.

    The proportion of non-white people in Europe is estimated at only 3-4% of the population (25-30 million out of 730 million). Jews are less than 0.3% of that population with only 2 million. That’s completely different from the US, unfortunately.

    So with your strawman argument of population representation standards, this color-bland photo is perfectly legitimate – did you really want to support that point? For ethical (and personal taste) reasons, I wish it were not so, and that Europe as a whole was a lot more diverse. But you need to be a little more aware of the facts before making an argument that defeats its own purpose.

  8. Randy says

    I’ll bet anyone $10 to find one Jew amongst them”

    The Jew is the one who owns the ad agency. He gave up along time ago chasing this retarded adonis complex and got to better things.

  9. Archetypist says

    Patrick M,

    Before you start bemoaning Europe’s lack of diversity maybe you should do some research and some thinking yourself. Europe is made up of dozens of nations, each very different. Within each country there are many languages, dialects, races, cultures and ethnicities. If you’re going to compare things, get real. NYC is diverse, West Virginia not so much. America was starting from scratch, filling cities with anyone who made it across the border so it was naturally going to be a mixed bunch. Remember too that a good chunk of your population was either colonised (Native Americans) or brought over as slaves (African-Americans). There are fewer black people in Europe because we had fewer slaves and ended slavery earlier.

    A lot of your diversity is grounded on your need for workers and your economic power rather than any social will to mix it up. Heck, a lot of people wouldn’t be if they could go back to Mexico and get a well-paid job.

    Of course Europe would love to be more diverse, but spare us the garbage argument that you’re so much our superior and that JIMMYBOYO is all wrong – you obviously don’t read many of his comments.

    Many Europeans appreciate diversity within “white” people and I can readily tell a Portuguese guy from a Polish or an Irish or a Scandinavian.

    Whether or not we are numerically more diverse, I can tell you that the spread in Western Europe is more even that in the US, we have much greater diversity in politics, culture, language, and history, than almost anywhere on the planet. Oh and we actually allow HIV+ people to immigrate here.

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