Fort Myers, Florida Sees Marriage Equality Protest of One


I’d just like to take a moment to salute our reader Jack, who was the sole protester at Fort Myers, Florida’s City Hall on Saturday.

He writes: “Not much of a turnout in Ft Myers. I was the only one there at city hall. I did represent though.”

I’ve received so many photos from readers I’m still updating our comprehensive gallery (and probably will be for the next week). We’ve also created a TowleroadTV widget – you can see it on the right of our front page – with a playlist of protest videos from around the country. I’ll be updating that as well.

We also have a Flickr pool slideshow running HERE

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I was the only one there at city hall. I did represent though.”

    You represented all right…represented courage. Can’t nobody call you no sissy, Jack…that’s for sure.

  2. says

    I want to offer a public salute to Jack, too, who was the man who gave me a swift kick when I needed it almost three years ago and sent me online with links to this and other blogs. It led to my (two years long and ongoing) campaign to turn my church into an open and affirming congregation. Thank you, Tough Old Bird.

  3. Highney says

    Okay, this is AWESOME! In every sense of the word. I just spent a good twenty minutes flicking thru the galleries, and while the massive turnouts in NYC, LA, San Diego and other metropolitan areas was fantastic to see, it was the five people in Montgomery, Alabama and this brave, ballsy guy in Ft. Myers that I found to be the most inspirational images. I wish I had the courage these brave folks have when I lived in the “heartland”. It’s so much easier now in every aspect of my life, living in New York City, that I forget what it was like. My hat is off to you folks, and thank you again for your courage and support to the community. xxxoooo

  4. Christo says

    I’m not sure if reading this post makes me sad or happy. I live in Fort Myers, but protested this past Saturday in Fort Lauderdale, because there was no protest organized for Fort Myers. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you on Saturday, Jack. It would’ve been an honor to protest with you.

  5. david says

    Thanks Jack!

    I worked at a theater in Ft. Myers called the Broadway Palm back in 1998 when I was just out of college. I’m surprised that there weren’t more gays out in force, because as I remember it every guy I worked with back in the day (I mean, we were all dancers and singers) was gay.

    Well done to you though. Even one person counts!

  6. KAREL says

    I found it sad that only one person showed up. Yes, it’s great that he did, but I wondered if all the other gays either didn’t know about the protest or just didn’t care. Don’t they know how important it is to our community?
    If more of us don’t stand up for our rights, then we will have no rights. Just because things are better then they were 10, 20 or 30 years ago does not mean we can sit back on our laurals and do nothing. If we don’t stand together as a community we will lose what we have gained and will go backward to the way it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

  7. Turtle says

    I’d seen the sparse (five people!) protest photo from Montgomery, Alabama. But this brought a lump to my throat.

    Hats off to ya, Daddy Jack. I may just travel all the way from Los Angeles to join you at the next protest.

  8. CK says

    Jack, you are awesome! Mucho respect to you!

    You are a true model for all the queens that are bellyaching about issues on both sides, about divisiveness on both sides, in the face of all the whining… YOU, sir, are to be saluted.

    To all the others that are sowing the seeds of division… learn what a true representative looks like. Get out and DO something and stop the whining boys, you are not serving anyone’s cause that way!

  9. Dan says

    WOW, I never add comments but I have to commend Jack for his bravery, courage and willingness to stand up and be counted.

    You have our full support and gratitude!

    Thank you,

    Your brothers and sisters in Broward County.

  10. says

    Tell you what…

    it’s so easy to get out and join a protest rally in a place like San Francisco where you’re surrounded by thousands of like minded people.

    But it takes real guts to stand alone for something you believe in.

    I’m very proud to call Jack my friend.

  11. says

    Jack, you are an amazing individual! I wish I had known that you were the only one in Ft. Myers…I would’ve gladly grabbed some of the folks here in Tampa and driven the hour and a half to give you some of the same support and courage that you showed for the rest of us.

    All the best…

  12. bandanajack says

    update… the following year over 100 turned out, and the past four years have seen a pride celebration in fort myers, each larger the the last. there were always a good number of glbt citizens in fort myers, but they were, and to some extent still are, living quietly as couples, or heading to the bars. neither is any help to all the young glbt kids in lee county that lack visible role models.

    lee county, and florida, are no longer my fight. i got my chance and i dropped everything i owned and moved to hawaii, where, if we are not interfered with by outside forces, we will have the right to marry we should have had 20 years ago.
    ~aloha y’all~

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