1. sparks says

    Robert is so charming, introspective, personable, and quirky… it’s a very attractive combination. When he was talking about being bad boyfriend material he repeatedly used gender-neutral pronouns “when I like someone…” — such a tease!

    He definitely has an open mind for roles. I believe he was sincere in his deference when asked if he’d be interested in more big-budget films: “It’s always about the script.”

    I thought he was cute in his small Harry Potter role, but I’m becoming a huge fan. Hope to see a lot more of him.

  2. crispy says

    Actually, he doesn’t eat. That’s sorta the whole point of the movie. His character is a “vegetarian” vampire.

  3. lela says

    Stephenie Meyer hasn’t come out either way on the proposition, but has not contributed monetarily to it either-another blog had already looked into it.

  4. RobFan says

    i am really glad that rob is doing other movies! i fell head over heals in love with Edward in the book twilight and then even MORE head over heals for Rob in the movie. i cant wait to see other movies that he is in! see the different characters that he can become! MM MM!

  5. ashley says

    I absolutly love Rob! I wish hed come back to washington, and oregon. He’s is my favorite actor. I’d want him as a boyfriend, he’s crazy to think he’s not boyfriend material.