1. scar2 says

    I agree it was their best episode in years. I stayed through the whole episode instead of going to bed after ‘Weekend Update.’ I’m wondering if all the gay content was on purpose due to Prop 8. The resounding boos from the audience when Seth Myers mentioned the passing of Prop 8 was just beautiful to hear.

  2. Nino says

    So apparently NBC won’t let me view the clips here in France? Does anyone have an alternate location for them?

  3. matt chicago says

    Come on the best episode? after attending the rally on saturday I was on the phone with a friend and we both thought it was the most offensive episode towards gays in a long time. If it was supposed to be satire I didn’t get it. To me it was offensive, every gay character with a lisp and bitchy. It was the lowest form of humour….It was like watching a show with people in black face, and jews with big noses… seems to me that making gays and lesbians the joke is still just fine.

  4. matt chicago says

    And yes Paul Rudd is cute, but if you tell me to lighten up after the protests all week, then we have a LOT of work to do.

  5. Wes says

    Yea I just saw Rudd’s latest movie too, Role Models, and it was surprisingly full of bottom-of-the-barrell anti-gay jokes (or just seemingly random drops of ‘faggot’), and not even funny ones. I was disappointed.

    With friends like these…

  6. says

    I actually thought all the skits were hilarious. It’s odd that they were all on the same show, like…Paul Rudd’s presence brings it out or something! But I think the discomfort with the affectionate family is really subversive because along with feeling how odd it would be to be in that situation ha-ha, the audience is also seeing these famous guys kiss (and eventually reallllly kiss) for real, helping to make it less taboo. I’m not interested in ROLE MODELS and it surprises me that faggot was used. I hate the new trend of “it’s okay to say fag/faggot/so gay.”

  7. JohnInManhattan says

    Look at those straight dudes kissing? HA HA HA

    Look at those straight dudes in heels prancing around like “gay dancers”? HA HA HA

    Look at those straight dudes painting each other nude with the result causing critics to kill themselves. HA HA HA

    Look at the straight dude as a lisping pink Snagglepuss joking about Prop 8. HA HA HA

    Seth Myers “Vote’s over”.

    Gayest episode? No
    Most homophobic? Yes

  8. noah says

    Ditto Chicago Matt. Most of these sketches were stereotypical drivel. The humor is based on making audiences react to the abnormal feminine qualities of the men.

  9. says

    I didn’t find any of the skits I saw funny, at all. In fact I found them to be just plain stupid. The skit with the guys in the car, singing stupid 70’s songs, was downright offensive and alarming. Having someone shoot themselves in the head, unwittingly with a loaded hand gun is NOT FUNNY.

    The rest of the stuff I saw was just stupid. For anyone to say it was the best episode ever most have not seen any episodes from the 70’s. Now those were funny.

  10. says

    I loved all the skits with Paul in them, but I may be blinded by adoration. It was definitely the gayest episode I’ve ever seen, but, with the exception of Snagglepuss, which I could have done without, I thought the vibe was both pro-gay (like the 2 guys who found gay people hilarious then ended up proposing) and let’s take advantage of gay being a current hot topic, particularly since we have Paul never shies away from a homoerotic moment Rudd in the house. For truly offensive anti-gay material, just turn on cable news these days where Maggie Gallagher and Tony Perkins are being allowed to air their straight-up bigotry.

  11. David D. says

    Someone needs to remind Paul Rudd that he’s supposed to be married to me. Here, in Canada, where we love him, appreciate him and need him.

  12. Steve says

    Most homophobic episode ever. That was simply painful to watch.

    SNL jumped the shark a long time ago. Onion News is infinitely better.

  13. tjc says

    JM & Ernie — thanks, at least me & the hubby didn’t imagine it, even if NO ONE else seems to have seen it. :-)

  14. sparks says

    I didn’t find any of this stuff anti-gay. Evidently, there are still a lot of people in the US who need to get over their shock of seeing guys together … for their own benefit and ours. Sometimes the best method of desensitization is humor.

    Even putting those stereotypes out there can be a positive thing. It lets straight folks associate over-the-top behavior with comedy much as we do, and realize that camp is just one tiny brushstroke in the broader canvas of gay culture.

    Oh, and Paul Rudd is a sexy beast! Love that wickedly adorable smile and the light coat of fur on his chest. Woof!

  15. Nick says

    Oh, I get it! Men’s bodies are so disgusting that the sight of a nude one makes people kill themselves.

  16. FernLaPlante says

    I didn’t think that the site of a male body was so disgusting that people died over it, I got that whatever Paul painted was so hideous and demonic that it caused mass chaos. I assumed that it was more his style of painting rather than the subject.

  17. keith says

    It’s fun to rediscover Snagglepuss – check him out on YouTube. The bit with the dancers would’ve been funnier if they had played it “straight”.

  18. peterparker says

    The only skit that was even remotely funny was the kissing the family skit…all the other ones were rooted in homophobia.

  19. Buster says

    Offensive stereotypes.

    Has this show ever done a skit about being gay that wasn’t based in smutty junior high fag humor? * Has there ever been an “out” gay comedian in the cast of this show?

    And, what’s worst of all, like most SNL since, what 1995? 1990? 1985? none of this is particularly funny.

    *(Wait — well there was Andy Samberg’s Ahmadinejad rap short last year. So one in three decades. Is there another anyone can think of?)

  20. Mark in NYC says

    I haven’t liked SNL in years, and I especially dislike this cast. I thought the sketches were more lame than offensive, but I agree with previous comments here that when they do gay themed skits, they’re more homophobic than homo-friendly. (SPARKS, I really disagree with the stereotypes being a positive thing.)

    I’ll take Little Britain, or better yet, bring back Kids In The Hall for some real gay sketch comedy. At least they have/had one out gay and funny comic.

  21. MCnNYC says

    Funniest Show in a long time..and the gayest! Loved it. Through in Beyonce, Justin, Rudd Sandler…hysterical.
    And I was at the rally and still split my side laughing out loud.

  22. matt-chicago says

    My suggestion to all of you is to email NBC, like I did Saturday night. Enough is enough, and I don’t care how cute Paul Rudd is…I’ve seen better.

  23. Keith says

    There’s only been one “out” gay cast member on SNL, Terry Sweeney who did a hysterical Nancy Reagan back in ’85. The voice actor for the Snagglepuss cartoons was undoubtedly inspired by Paul Lynde & Rip Taylor.

  24. nic says

    try as i might, i can’t find any thing to be outraged over in regard to the latest SNL episode. it was all good. some of you guys really need to get a sense of humor.

  25. matt-chicago says

    And a special note to Andy. After all your great coverage of the debate around the country I am just wondering why you wouldn’t put SNL under the same banner with the struggle we face…..? Surely Paul Rudd is cute, but don’t we have another pretty face to show from this weekend?

  26. Keith says

    MATT-CHICAGO, your lack of a sense of humor is reminding me of some politically incorrect lesbian jokes…

  27. says

    I thought it was amazing how obsessed they were with homosexuality this week– it was straight boys trying to figure out how to be cool when the rules keep changing. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart officially declared homophobia uncool this week, but the SNL guys are pretty definite that it isn’t cool to be gay, either. It’s becoming conventional wisdom that guys who are homophobic are secretly gay, so the way to prove you aren’t gay is to be cool with gay people. But not really.

  28. says

    Ugh, this is why I no longer watch Saturday Night Live. I hate the present cast. They’re so fucking self-congratulatory and ego-stroking. I hate Paul Rudd mainly because he’s in cahoots with that self-righteous bastard Judd Apatow. I hate Justin Timberlake, and I hate that white girl Beyonce/Sasha Fierce/Jessica Simpson. (Seriously, she hasn’t been black since 1999.) Why the hell should we like these people and things? Apparently, we’re supposed to like these people and things lest we burn in hell for not being “hip” or “relevant” enough. MadTV is ten times better.

  29. Mike says

    SNL has been over for years. Prancing, lisping queen “comedy” is downright offensive, especially after prop 8. Have some gays become so desperate that when a stereotype emerges in media that they are glad to see it?

  30. Mel says

    I believe Paul Rudd is gay. I heard a rumor a while back that he has always been out in the open with his friends, just not in the public eye. Of course, rumors are rumors, but it might explain this episode- and it would mean that he was NOT be homophobic! I do think some people need to get a sense of humor. I thought the episode was hysterical!

  31. says

    You know what was even more hilarious than SNL this weekend? These posts! Seriously, GET OVER YOURSELVES!
    Maybe it’s a generational thing and a result of living too long in a homophobic culture. That is understandable and I should be sensitive to it but I can’t help thinking that you all make SARAH PALIN LOOK GOOD!
    Seriously, she was mocked and managed to have a sense of humour about it but you are so eager to find something to complain about that you’ll so quickly hit the ‘HOMOPHOBIA’ button at the slightest ‘offense’ to your delicate sensibilities. It’s called comedy people and if you can’t take it – change the channel.
    If you write or call NBC – I hope they laugh at you and hang up the phone. I would.
    Please grow up soon before people begin to think that we’re upset about Prop 8 cause we’re just looking for something to be upset about.

  32. anonymouse says

    So, Alex Sarmiento, are we supposed to read your comments about Beyonce “not being black” as bigoted, generalized, and stereotyped? Or are those words only applicable to straight people who are clearly satirizing homosexual stereotypes? Maybe you did not perceive the jokes on SNL as homophobic, but your preconceived idea of how a black woman should behave and present herself certainly are quite racist.

  33. Mike says


    Sadly, being gay does not make it impossible for you to be homophobic.

    Also, I hear his new movie, “The Role Models”, is extremely homophobic.

  34. Kevin B says

    Wow, some of you must be seriously unfun to hang out with. Lighten up. Learn to laugh at yourselves. If we are ever to advance in this society, it will be by learning to laugh with everyone else. The second you become a stuck up twat, no one wants to hear your problems. I’m gay and I find you annoying. Imagine how the straight folks think.

  35. tomcatt says

    I thought some of the skits were funny, since so many of us ARE bitchy and catty.
    [Paul Rudd saying ‘it’s in my butt’ had me drooling.] Go to any big city gay bar and try to say “hello” to an ‘A lister’ or ‘Miss Thing’ and get treated like dirt. Once we start treating each other with respect, then maybe equality will come.

    BTW, the shooting of guy in back seat was taken from ‘Pulp Fiction’.

  36. anonymous says

    Whether they used stereotypes or not (SNL didn’t invent Snagglepuss, and weren’t exactly bitchy queens) isn’t important: the message was one of equality. Snagglepuss came out, and the valets and the suicide-jumper negotiators expressed their love. The other two “gay” sketches didn’t even have gay characters, they had characters comfortable with expressing themselves (all the kissing) and being able to appreciate someone of the same sex in a non-sexual but deeper way (the naked painting scenes).

    If you were offended then you missed the forest for the trees. Get over yourself.

  37. says

    I was not being racist. My comments had nothing to do with the sketch, and more with the fact that I’m one of the few people in the free world who cannot stand Beyonce/Sasha Fierce/Whatever Knowles. Since she left Destiny’s Child, she has become whiter and whiter and whiter. You don’t believe me? Look at her album and singles covers. Look at her photos. It shouldn’t be long before she turns into Jessica Simpson. I have no patience for women of color (black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American) who deliberately appropriate “white girl” looks for the sake of being mainstream. Look at Tyra Banks. She’s just as guilty of turning into a white girl as Beyonce/Sasha Fierce Knowles is. But anyway… I still hate SNL.

  38. SeriouslyFun says

    Did anyone see that experiment show called Black & White? … They took 2 families of white & Black & with makeup transformed them into the others race! They experienced living in the others shoes.

    What is interesting here to me is the similarity of how the real black man unquestionably knew that any interaction he saw was a based in racism. If a white woman he was passing on the sidewalk moved as one would to avoid bumping head on into you, It was because she was afraid he was going to steal her purse…

    I saw the SNL program as a tribute to gay’s & how ridiculous homophobia is in 2008. – So, sometimes we play the “gay-card” as well. – I’d rather see it as Imitation is the Best form of Flattery! Everyone Get’s Roasted on SNL.

  39. jane says

    I thought the point of the nude painting skit was to point out the ridiculousness of censorship in our society. We’re fine about showing gory and violent images, like faces melting and heads exploding, but god forbid we see parts of the human body. But I did think that the reason they used Adam and Paul was to continue with the “gay theme”. I liked the episode and although some people clearly disapproved of it, I think it’s good to see gay characters in the media and then to satirize the stereotypes shows society’s ignorance.