1. scar2 says

    I love Rosie, warts & all, but I just can’t see this succeeding. Maybe if she had more relevant guests, people will watch. Liza Minelli & Alanis Morrissette? Come on. I love those two also, but they’re not going to make people tune in, especially younger viewers.

  2. Leland Frances says

    Psychotic cow can’t give a dime of her millions to fight Prop H8TE after promising SF Mayor Gavin Newsom four years ago she would “be there” whenever, but, hey, why not have Fag Fave Liza on to draw in those too stupid to care.











  3. MikeinSanJose says

    I just saw it for the first time last night too, but I’m more of a Food Network/HGTV/History Channel/Discovery/Bravo kinda guy.

    I think it looks cute, and I’ll bet Rosie and Kathy Griffin will be hilarious!

    Just PLEASE!!! Let Rosie be over that Tom Cruise crush she used to have on her old show (And I’m not talking ’bout The View!)

  4. SFQueen says

    she was absent during Prop 8 so I will be absent from my TV when that show comes on. With all the talk about boycotting businesses, let’s start with boycotting members of our community that didn’t get involved!

  5. tsg says

    “the gayest” ??? Search: “think before you speak” on youtube, and think a little bit about it being time we all clean up our act as we work for our full equality in this country.

  6. Another Matt says

    Why do people still insist on giving this woman TV time?

    She is a crass, obnoxious, opportunistic pig and frankly, it’s embarrassing to see her when she’s trying to be some sort of spokesperson for the GLBT community.

  7. Rodney says

    I’m a big fan of Rosie’s. I love that she’s so real (the antithesis of people like Katie Couric and Barbara Walters) …

    Of course, it helps that her politics are my politics.

    I’ll be rooting for her.

  8. Leland Frances says

    Her politics are your politics?

    Which ones would they be?

    Sitting your fat ass on top of all your money while the No on Prop H8TE people were BEGGING for donations to try to fight the lies saturated CA TV funded by millions from the Mormons and Catholics?

    Those politics?

    When some DARED ask her on her blog why she wasn’t helping, rudely responding that it was none of their business, blah blah blah?

    Those politics?

    Yes, she came out…AFTER she was already rich….AFTER years of pretending to have the hots for Tom Cruise….but that doesn’t buy her a pass for the rest of her life from further responsibility to use her power, her influence, her wealth to help others.

    She BETRAYED us, and keeping your empty heads up your asses forever won’t change that fact.

  9. yeahisaidit says

    …fuck barbara walters, what a PHONY! …who cares if those hags on the view get along or not? …as if anyone would ever like elizabeth…who doesn’t even like herself that’s why she’s so busy judging others…JEEZ

  10. MCnNYC says

    I wish the show would work…I think a lot of local guys n gals will get jobs…BUT


    She has handled herself disgustingly these last few months…and I have no excuse…ever since her evil older brother infected her life…(no not the gay one) the OLD TIRED EVIL BROTHER she has let so much come to ill. But she is old enough to answer for her own behavior and it is tragic how she is trying to do a “comb-over” of her career.
    Wonder how her gala at the Marriot Hotel went over post PropH8 last night.

  11. PB_NC says

    i’m fascinated by the different views of rosie o’donnald. some people seem to love her for being who she is, and others seem to hate her for not being who they think she should be.

    clearly all of your viewpoints are valid, simply because they are your own. but really, being gay doesn’t make one an activist.

    i attended the ‘join the impact’ rally in NC this month, and will continue to do what i feel is right for me in fighting for my rights for equality. i’ll admit, i was disturbed by a great number of my gay and lesbian friends that did not attend…but im not going to chastise them for not following through with what i felt was right for me.

    we’re all human, we are all different…but even with our difference, we’re all one in the same.

    let’s not let hate breed more hate. support and love your fellow brothers and sisters as they are who they choose to be…don’t shun them because they aren’t who you expect them to be. that does nothing but make you equal to those who are fighting so hard to keep us all down.

    live with love, people.

  12. says

    I rather think that a number of these pro-Rosie posts today are plants. There are just too many of them to be credible.

    And beyond her deplorable stance regarding Prop 8, what is it she’s trying to say with her outfit?
    That she’s glamorous?
    That she’s sexy?
    That she loves dancing with men?
    That fur isn’t dead?
    That she’s always had a Madonna-circa-1985 fantasy?
    That she wants us to imagine her nude under there? (Yikes!)

    I’ll pass.

  13. Cody says

    Uh, Gavin has been quite absent during Prop 8 too. I haven’t even heard a peep from him and definitely haven’t seen him at any of the rallies or protests, unlike LA Mayor Villraigosa…

    Where in the world is Gavin Newsom?

  14. Michael Bedwell says

    Where’s Gavin? Only everywhere:

    On Dr. Phil

    “When asked whether civil unions afforded the same rights as marriage, Newsom says, ‘Of course not, Dr. Phil. The notion that separate is now somehow equal? That’s anathema to what we stand for’.”

    On Anderson Coward Cooper’s show on CNN

    All over YouTube, e.g., from MSNBC [Andy linked to at least one of these earlier].

    On the Huffington Post.

    In the “Washington Blade” saying Obama and Arnold weren’t assertive enough in their opposition to Prop H8TE.

    Etc., etc.

  15. MCnNYC says

    You want to knwo HOW crazy she is?

    OK so her foundation HAD a contract to hold it at a MARRIOTT….
    But did she have to invite homophobe and iddiot savant STEVEN BALDWIN? Did he pay or was he a gift from her publist?

    Yes STEVEN Baldwin…and Rosie O’Donnell

    And sorry PB_NC what steams people about ROD on this whole Prop8 is that she got married in CA. Wish there were a list of donors to the FL prop cause she has a home there.
    for pic of Baldwin at Gala

  16. el polacko says

    she had no problem muscling her way into the frisco weddings when she wanted a photo-op and to dub herself some kind of gay ‘leader’.. then when it hit the fan for real with prop8 she, and her money, were nowhere to be seen. screw her.
    .. oh and quit whining about baba already. she hired you for a JOB, not to date you… sheesh.

  17. Rodney says

    Maybe, like me, she felt Prop 8 was doomed to fail the gay community once again …

    Too many homophobes.
    Too many gay brothers who see nothing beyond their own mirror.
    Too much precedent; even in liberal California, this is still Karl Rove’s America.

    Perhaps she’s just tired, like me, of fighting the fight we can’t win.

  18. rudy says

    Rodney, One can not win a fight in which one does not engage. Yes, you are indeed “tired” and also pathetic in being unwilling to fight for your own basic human rights.

  19. logan76723 says

    i’ve always been a fan of rosie. love her politics and love that she’s real. im not sure why she didn’t get behind the fight against prop 8 and im not going to judge her without at least hearing her reasons. it’s not as though she donated to pass prop 8 – she just stayed out of it, and none of us really know why… at the same time, we do know that she has put her money and her mouth behind plenty of good (and sometimes controversial) causes. i dont think she’s simply out of her own, and a few people here have suggested. AND – i also think it’s PATHETIC that people are making these “pig” and “whale” comments. if you don’t like rosie, fine. but there no need for comments like that.

  20. k says

    This show may get high ratings for its debut, but will sink after that. Doubt it will make it through an entire season. I really don’t think people are into this format anymore.

    Did she and Kelli split? I heard rumors, but then never heard about it again. Too bad if that is the case.

  21. MCNNYC says

    Curious thing about the Kelli thing–at gala pics she was identified by her maiden name. She LEGALLY changed her name to O’Donnell after the marriage. HMMM

  22. Rodney says

    Get over yourself, Rudy.

    Some of us- medically diagnosed with clinical depression- have a limited amount of energy. Despite my condition, I fought for myself and my bf in 2004 here in Ohio. I volunteered my time … Sat in the booth at Gay Pride for three days … stood outside in the rain for 12 hours on Election Day pleading for support at the polling booth.

    In the end, I saw for myself how much vile hatred and bigotry (by the GOP) there still exists.

    You can keep tilting at windmills if you like, but I am too tired.

  23. Big Dave says

    Fuck that pig Rosie and the rest of those old fag hags on “The View”. Walters is an old Broadway whore who went down on Milton Berle more times than Rosie passed gas.

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