What Would it Look Like if Gays Really Did Try to Recruit Straights?


The entry above, “Anything She Can Do…”, is what UK agency James & Joe came up with. James and Joe, who have a blog here, posted an interview about the graphic here.

While the results weren’t entirely successful, here’s one more:


More of the results are on Gay Times’ Facebook page.


  1. ichabod says

    Why is it some churches always insist that Gays recruit when it’s the churches themselves that are out in the streets trying to sign up members (Mormons, I’m looking your way). I mean, if we’re going to talk about “fishers of men”…

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    Recruit straights? While I may not mind looking at some straight guys (Hugh Jackman comes to mind), I find most straight guys very uninteresting.

  3. David D. says

    Because that’s the only model they understand. They refuse to believe that you’re born gay and they can’t fathom how large numbers of people (i.e. six per cent of the population) could gravitate towards ‘gayness’ of their own accord–ergo, we must be going door to door with shirts and ties and clipboards and our handy-dandy gay membership manual and signing people up. Or seducing people wantonly into our deviant lifestyle, with promises of nicer clothing and better decorating. Or whatever.

  4. ERB says

    I think the derivation of this idea of “recruiting” is actually based in the fact that a lot of “super chrisitian” males are closeted homos. So, while we are not actively recruiting them, the gay community is this endless enticement. All the day long they clutch their bibles in desperation to not be attracted to men, but every time they see a hot scantally clad homo, they want to drop trough and go at it. So, they feel like they are being recruited when in actuality they just really WANT it. So you see, they believe that its not that they are gay and desire the same sex, its that the gays exist and are playing with their mind and recruiting them away from the church…silly closet cases :-)

  5. anon says

    Interesting theory, ERB! I like it, but I expect the real answer is simply that “gay recruitment” is a convenient argument for when men go against “God’s Plan”. It also makes us look like villains.

  6. dave says

    I’m with David D. :”Because that’s the only model they understand. They refuse to believe that you’re born gay…”

  7. Tom says

    The reason certain Christians make this claim is based on a belief that sexual orientation simply does not exist. Gender and clearly defined sexual roles, however, do exist and in fact are God-given. So, in reality, “gays” are play-acting and perpetrating some kind of pyschological hoax. Because people are naturally weak (all in line with a negative anthropology), they will succumb to the play-acting and actually believe they’re gay. It’s a crude belief, of course, and quite hard to fathom. But that is what lies behind Christian claims of “recruitment.” They are based on gender essentialization to the max. If you read scripture literally, there is no such thing as sexual orientation, just a crude concept of man and woman. That, I believe, is the crux of the problem. It is terribly sad and completely destructive for every one – straight and gay, male and female.

  8. says

    I wrote a play about this subject for a writing class, we performed it in class and I got an A. Straight people can’t be recruited to the gay “lifestyle” no more than gays can be recruited to the straight “lifestyle”.