Boy George on Male Escort: ‘I Certainly Wasn’t Going to Kill Him’


Jurors heard today that Boy George chained male model/escort Auden Carlsen (above, leaving court last week) to his bed because he thought Carlsen had stolen photos from his computer to use on his website:

Bg“‘I absolutely admit I had him in the handcuffs, so he wouldn’t go anywhere while I checked the computer. I certainly wasn’t going to kill him, that’s hardly going to do my career any good is it?’ he told police. O’Dowd, 47, met Norwegian male escort Auden Carlsen over the Internet and the pair arranged to meet for a pornographic photo shoot…Carlsen has accused O’Dowd of chaining him up on their second meeting at the singer’s east London flat and beating him with a chain. O’Dowd admitted to police that he had hit Carlsen before, but only through choice. ‘You can’t spank anyone if they don’t want you to,’ he said, asserting that on the occasion in question he had not punched or assaulted the escort. ‘Those are serious handcuffs, there was no reason to beat him up when I’d put him in those,’ he said. ‘I was just so angry. It wasn’t about me doing anything, I just wanted to make sure he did not leave my house.'”

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  1. Marty says

    This hustler slash model had worked with George in a pornographic setting before – George hires escorts for that explicit purpose, he also uses similar photos for his B-Rude fashion line. George likes rough trade, this is well known, but he does not like *unwilling* rough trade (oxymoron?) and I just do not buy that he was intending to do actual harm to this guy. Even high on cocaine like George likely was, George is too fat now to kick serious arse, he would tire quickly.

    George will always be one of my musical heroes, but his personal life is just such a weird puzzle.

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