Gay Group to Crash Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s Wedding

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is getting married next month and the gay group Impact Florida plans to be there to peacefully protest the recent passage of Amendment 2, which bans same-sex marriage in the state, and the governor’s endorsement of it:

CristThe Suncoast News reports: “The group Impact-Florida has called on its members to gather in pink T-shirts outside First United Methodist Church of St. Petersburg on Dec.12 to “congratulate” Crist and Rome while their wedding takes place inside. The demonstration will continue outside the wedding reception at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort in downtown St. Petersburg. ‘After the positive congratulatory observance, there will be a candlelight vigil close to the [Vinoy] in downtown St. Pete to mourn the loss of gays right to get married,’ the group’s Web site states, referring to a gay marriage ban that passed by ballot initiative in November. Crist endorsed Amendment 2 prior to its passage by 61.9 percent of state voters; it needed 60 percent to become part of the state Constitution.”

Said Impact Florida spokesperson Lorna Bracewell to GaySoFla:

“Our objective will be to celebrate the Governor’s fundamental right to marry. The demonstration will be peaceful and respectful. Governor Crist, an outspoken proponent of Amendment 2, is getting married. He is exercising the same fundamental right millions of Floridians are now denied because of the passage of Amendment 2. Perhaps it will inspire him and the many Floridians that voted for Amendment 2 to rethink their positions on the question of what constitutes a marriage.”

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  1. peterparker says

    “peaceful and respectful”?! Are they kidding? Charlie Crist’s support for Amendment 2 is part of the reason we don’t have the right to marriage or even domestic partnerships or civil unions in the State of Florida! He does not deserve one ounce of respect from us. We need to be outside the church with bullhorns and whistles, so loud that not even the governor’s bride will be able to hear him say “I do”. Peaceful and respectful, my ass!

  2. anon says

    In this case we’d have to blame the citizens of the state too, but Crist no doubt supports the right to beard.

  3. Scott says

    I thought that marriage would fade off into the sunset because he wasn’t picked as McCain’s running mate. I guess this means he’s trying for higher political office.

  4. says

    Is this smart public relations?

    It seems to me to be the wrong gesture to make in what is essentially a PR war for the hearts and minds of Floridians.

    He is a popular Governor and weddings are seen as private family affairs. We won’t be seen as a sympathetic group demanding our rights. We will be seen as mean people who are disrupting a womans special day.

    I am no walk over me homo but I do know PR and this is bad, no, very bad PR.