1. says

    I think that Javier Bardem on a magazine cover looking handicapped with a cigar in his face is more a statement towards confirming the fashion industry’s idiocy and general low I.Q.
    Is he still going to look hot with just half a tongue after having the cancer cut out?

  2. ggreen says

    Javier is HOT Bruce Webber not so much. Bruce has no imagination anymore he’s been shooting photos in the same 80’s style for years. Like Annie Liebowitz and Herb Ritts he developed a style in a time period and won’t change or vary from it at all.

  3. Ugh says

    Some people smoke cigars…get over it. I see nothing particularly glamourized about it in this shoot. If you are deriding L’uomo Vogue for making cigars ‘look hot,’ then you are projecting the fact that you think it looks hot onto it. I don’t smoke, and all I see is a hot man with a cigar, not some insidious campaign to popularize smoking.

  4. says

    Bruce Weber is a (probably) racist bore and a hack photographer. The man managed to go to Brazil and come back with a book full of white guys. His A&F NAMBLA pics make me want to jump into a Silkwood shower. When he goes to the south he manages to come back with pictures of fat black women and old greasy black men who play in juke joints in the Delta. Somehow, he can always find some white boy to talk into taking his shirt off but never a hot guy of color ( and Bardem is hot but not hardly a man of color so don’t).
    100 pages of Chester the Molester is 99 1/2 pages WAY too many.

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