1. Sasha says

    Sorry, but… why should he be nice to her, let alone THANK her? She outed him before he was ready, via a schoolyard-style nickname. To be honest, I would have thought behaviour like that was more likely to keep someone IN the closet than encourage them to come out of it.

  2. says

    How did Jay Leno ever get this job? His level of cluelessness is utterly spectacular, and it’s not charming, funny, or endearing. In many ways he is the complete opposite of Johnny. God! Johnny would have loved Kathy. *Sigh* What might have been.

  3. John M says

    Oh please, I don’t blame Clay for never wanting to ever see her again. I say that as a person that finds Clay obnoxious and love Kathy.

    I think everyone should be out, I think the lack of visibility of gay men is one of our biggest problems in our struggle for rights and I think it was disgusting that Clay was not out given his place of visibility but that was his choice.

    I’m completely out and proud with my family, extended family, co-workers, even if I don’t directly state it, it’s no secret. Hell, the other week one of my family’s business partners was in from out of town and we were up drinking, shooting the shit and he kept talking about dating and girls, normal guy stuff and I could have let it slide but I said “Hey, it’s not a big deal but you keep talking about all these girls I must get, blah, blah blah, I’m gay and I only say that so it doesn’t look like I’m not being deceptive about it with all this girl talk” but even as a completely out and proud gay man with absolutely no shame about it, it would piss me off if a popular comedian made a good portion of her act about how gay I am.

  4. sean says

    Rascal i could not agree with u more, jay leno is the worst talk show host ever. how can your job be interviewing celebrities and u still not know a single thing about any of them. he should have been fired the day he was hired. love kathy though!! she should have jays job, although not sure she would ever have any guests. i guess we will see how she does on this season of d-list.

  5. Kendra says

    She’s a comedian. This was a JOKE. Please don’t tell me you believe she was blasting his music on a ghetto blaster backstage at Rosie’s. It’s part of her comedy routine. Clay and Kathy have been friends for years.

  6. says

    Clay has never seemed like a very nice person to me. More of an uptight prig. Why do you think all those middle-aged housewives loved him? Cause he was just as uptight as they are.

    So Kathy don’t feel bad. He’s really not your type anyway.

  7. says

    First off Loooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee Kathy, I’m truly one of her gays. I think I’m in trouble cause I’m starting to think that Clay is kind of hot.

  8. Ross says

    JESUS, is the audience DEAD???
    WTF was up with that cricket filled silence???
    Kathy was fucking hilarious!!!
    Clearly Jay only attracts audiences with his same sense of humor…or lack there of.
    Yeah, it’s time for Conan to replace his ass!
    Can’t wait for the new D-list episodes!

  9. jazmine says

    youguys, kathy was kidding about lance bass thanking him. she knows she gave him a hard time and he hates her. i think you all just toally missed her joke and her style of comedy. lol

  10. Philip Wester says

    How so many people on Towleroad not realize that she’s obviously joking. If any of that actually happened, it was all done in jest and any outrage or hurt on her behalf was done equally in jest.

  11. rayy says

    Kathy’s a train wreck, God love her. You have to admire her for being authentic–for plunging head-first, deep into the waters of train-wreckiness.

  12. anon says

    I thought she had been “banned” from the Tonight Show. Maybe they will explain this when the show comes back.

  13. Roger says

    Good for you Ms Griffin! Good effort at burying the hatchet.

    I think Clay takes things far too seriously and Kathy has better things to worry about other than is that idiot forgives her or not.

    I suspect Clay’s coming out is to try and tap into the gay market and increase sales. Like that’s going to happen sometime soon (not). Now that is cynical….

    This issue of coming out or not…everyone has to make their own choice BUT if they are in the spotlight and by deed or word demean or make homosexuality seem to be something negative, then all bets are off.

    To be honest, Clay may not be a “nice” person, but not all gay men are “nice”….Roy Cohn, anyone?