1. SCOTT says

    Hmmm. Looks like Jeff’s underarm’s could use a small lick-down. Yum. Yum. Next time while in New York……………….

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    Ageist crap. Where are the tenders over 40? Amazing that they’re referred to as “boys”. “Oh well, youth, it’s wasted on the young.”

  3. Beefandfur says

    The bartender at my bar is a drag queen in a red wig and pearls usually with a Chanel type suit on….except that he doesn’t shave or wear makeup…..guy looks just like my grandfather in a wig except not as hot.

  4. jason says

    How sad to see the gay community stoop to the same appearance demagoguery as you see in straight men with their images of women in bikinis. We are no different, frankly.

  5. clint says

    If that’s NY’s finest bartenders, then they can have them. There’s more grease in those pics than in all that fried chicken we eat down here in OK. Yuk.

  6. Schmidty says

    wow, i used to work at abercrombie with Anton. He’s put on quite a bit of muscle and looks great.

    And as for Jason’s post: Since when HASN’T the gay community been on par with, if not even more taken to, demagoguery when compared to straight men? There’s a time and a place for holier-than-thou rhetoric and I doubt a Towleroad post about gay NY bartenders is one of them. I take it you ordinarily would skip through the posts which admire the male physique, but THIS time you could not be silent!

    We’re all holding our breath for that hot editorial of bartenders with fabulous minds.

  7. hughman says

    well the bartenders at splash have sure changed from when i lived in NYC. they used to be v. masculine, muscled MEN. now they’re muscled twinks? le sigh. how times have changed.

  8. Allan in NYC says

    As a fellow NYC bartender, I’m so glad I don’t have to take my clothes off just to make just as much money as they do.

    Then again, I’m assuming they’re getting paid a lot for this shoot . . .


  9. nic says


    you are right that gay men and straight men are no different in that regard. beside that, what is your point?

  10. Rob says

    Havent seen all the bartender photos yet but all i gotta say is the hottest bartender is Ben from downstairs at Gym Bar. just wait til u see. he’s a straight one tho :(

  11. says

    It’s amazing to see the vitriol come out from gays when something like this goes up on Towleroad. So much bitter projection. Why can’t people admire or not, or just leave well enough alone.

    These are fine looking guys. It’s a pull-out calendar, for God’s sake. It is what it is. Objectification of beauty whether it’s gay or straight is fine with me. Not everyone’s going to have the same opinion about it, and if we did, then the world would be a truly horrible place.

    Some of the bitter people on this thread should take a good look in the mirror and check out the ugly soul that’s looking back.

  12. says

    Some may be bitter, Tom. I can’t speak for them. And these guys are nice eye-candy, no doubt. But, IMHO, this sampling shows a very narrow view of NYC bartenders — although I wouldn’t expect any better from NEXT.

    In all fairness though, I haven’t seen the entire calendar.

  13. TikiHead says

    Well nobody’s going to mention the elephant in the room, so I will: Ashton is shamelessly plugging Captain Morgan.

  14. Mike says

    These guys are hot, no doubt, but I agree with HUGHMAN: when I lived in NYC from 94-99, the bartenders at Splash were some MANLY dudes (god they were so hot/dreamy to this 24 y.o. at the time!!!)

  15. Strepsi says

    This is so true.
    Every time we go out, my hubby says to me “Why is the waiter and bartender hotter than any of the dancers?”

    BTW, if you like these guys, YOU’LL LOVE MONTREAL!!!

  16. says

    @Strepsi: I couldn’t agree more. Those Montreal boys are a delight. If there were a job in my field in Montreal, there would be a big sucking sound and then I’d be gone.

  17. Mike says

    Last time I was Barracuda my partner and I had the pleasure of meeting the manager of the bar. He explained to us that his bartenders were all straight, most bars in NYC use the practice — according to him. So I guess this calendar is a lot like our porn — gay for pay for the camera.

  18. says

    I’d take Frank or Jeff any time. Woof!

    It does seem, though, that the media representation is much less diverse than the reality of whom many of us lust after.

    And I’ll second Strepsi: Montreal boys are the hottest! We’re there now, with a foot of snow and more coming… Unfortunately they all have to wrap up in winter, but it’s always such a joy in spring/summer when all the layers start coming off!

  19. LA DIVAFINA says

    I love Jeff from Splash! He’s mine and my friends favorite bartendar. He’s always so nice and happy, never has a bad night and always remembers what you need even with it gets crazy packed. You can always find us on Friday night right after work in the lower level laughing with Jeffy and loving the fact that his uniform is a small pair of chonies and sneakers…

    He get’s tipped very well…

  20. jeff dean says

    I love my job, the bar I work at (Splash) and my dear friend that I was fortunate enough to stand next to in this photo (Erwin) If you are visiting New York please come in for and drink. Im very grateful to have such a nice shot! Thanks Troy and Akimitsu