NY Gay Leaders Await Answers on Marriage Element of Dem Deal

The Empire State Pride Agenda’s Executive Director Alan Van Capelle released a statement yesterday in reaction to reports that a marriage equality vote was used as a bargaining chip in the handshake deal struck by New York Senate Democrats yesterday.

Odonnell_2Said Van Capelle: “We are still awaiting the final details of the announced State Senate leadership deal. We would expect that any rumors that marriage equality was somehow a part of this deal are just that—rumors. Civil rights should never be a bargaining chip in any political leadership battle, and we would be outraged if the issue of marriage equality was even part of the discussions.”

The NYT reported: “Word of the potential retreat on a same-sex marriage legislation disappointed some backers of equal treatment for gay people. ‘All civil rights movements have moments where they move forward, and moments of perceived setbacks,’ said Assemblyman Daniel J. O’Donnell of Manhattan. ‘If in fact our civil rights were bargained away, that’s deplorable. But in the end, I think justice and fairness will prevail.'”

3 Senate Democrats End Holdout in Return for Power Sharing [nyt]


  1. says

    Let them try! The Prop 8 protest are only the beginning. We are on a march that does not end until it reaches equality.

    Albany will not know what hit them if this story turns out to be true. We will make the current Prop 8 protest look like nothing.

  2. Glenn says

    Of course we were sold out. There was never any doubt that would happen.

    Now, I don’t want to retrench the “African-Americans are responsible for Prop 8″ nonsense, so I’m going to try to be careful in my next comment. But these 3 rogue “Democrats” did what they did here supposedly in the name of increasing Latino power in this state — a goal that, in itself, I fully support. But by claming that mantle and using it to squelch LGBT rights, I think that, like it or not, it is now incumbent upon fellow Latino politicians in NY to speak up and make it clear that these 3 don’t speak for them and their community and, moreover, to take steps to maybe primary these jokers next time around for what they’ve done.

  3. says

    As a good, liberal Democrat, it sickens me every time, when it comes to the gays, our great, Democratic leaders make promises to us, then waffle, roll over, or just plain bolt when any kind of pressure is applied. Yes I know the Republicans are much worse and blah blah blah, but with them, at least you know where you stand. I feel like our options are the bad (dems) and the really bad (repubs). What the fuck already!

  4. Keith says

    They simply need to remember that they serve at the pleasure of their constituents… They can cloak their discriminatory behavior in whichever rhetoric they choose. Part of the “gay gene” and those with any social sensibility is a long and good memory…

  5. John in CA says

    You know the Democratic apologist rebuttal is coming:

    The Republicans are much worse than we are. Maybe we’ll deal with LGBT issues after we successfully defend all our House seats in 2010. We need to wait for a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. You homosexuals need to do more outreach. You homosexuals need to give us more money. The economy / Iraq / Iran / terrorism / health care / immigration / environment / Pelosi’s plane / Obama’s dog / Clinton’s speeches are more imporant than unpopular “fringe” issues like gay rights (blah, blah, blah).

    The Democrats are so predictably lame.

  6. MCnNYC says

    Both statement by ESPA and ODonnell are just plain BS and crap.
    this is their response?
    But the WORST is TOM DUANE.
    This GAY NY STATE SENATOR is allowing this to happen? This member is voting to support this?
    If he does…we need to move him out.
    Tom Duane has not absolutely nothing.