News: A-Rod, Connecticut, Surfer Dude, Sweden, Barack Obama

road.jpg Quinnipiac Poll: Connecticut voters back same-sex marriage. “Fifty-two percent say they support the ruling, while 39 percent oppose it. Nine percent are undecided. But voters strongly oppose amending Connecticut’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage, 61 percent to 33 percent. The same poll of 1,445 registered voters gives Senators Joseph Lieberman and Christopher Dodd their lowest approval ratings in the survey’s history.”

Obamatimeroad.jpg Obama named ‘TIME Person of the Year’.

road.jpg Tom Cruise draws everyone’s attention to his ass.

road.jpg Reverend Irene Monroe: Gay is not the new Black. “How the marriage debate should have been framed — in a way that speaks truth to various queer communities of color and classes — has not been given considerable concern. And with no public language to adequately articulate the unique embodiment of queer communities of color and classes within the same-sex marriage debate, this has become contentious. The dominant white queer languaging of this debate, at best, muffles the voices of these communities, and, at worst, mutes them. In other words, in leaving out the voices of queer communities of color and classes, the same-sex marriage debate is hijacked by a white upper class queer universality that not only renders these marginalized queer communities invisible, but — as it is presently framed — also renders them speechless.”

road.jpg 2008 ninth warmest year since 1880: “…all of the nine warmest years have occurred in the past 11 years, NASA reported on Tuesday.”

Arodroad.jpg Protecting Madonna’s prized possession.

road.jpg Magazines sacrificing websites to save print editions: “The operating policy now, particularly at Condé Nast, basically reads: Revenue first! Future later. And the printed page, the luxury object, is still where you find the money these days.”

road.jpg Shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist appears before judge: “The court decided to keep Muntazer al-Zaidi in custody, and after an investigation is carried out the judge may send him for trial under a clause in the Iraqi penal code that punishes anyone who attempts to murder Iraqi or foreign presidents. Such a crime could result in imprisonment of seven to 15 years. His brother claimed yesterday that the television reporter had been beaten in custody. Zaidi suffered a broken hand, broken ribs, internal bleeding and an eye injury, his older brother, Dargham, told the BBC.”

road.jpg The only part of Matthew McConaughey’s Surfer Dude you ever need to see (NSFW).

road.jpg New gay bar to open in Cathedral City near Palm Springs.

Bacchus_2road.jpg L.A. Times profiles Aliyah Bacchus: “There she is at 17, barely 90 pounds, smiling sourly on her wedding day in Queens, N.Y., dressed in hijab — a pearl-toned princess bridal gown shimmering with beads, her slender hands dipped in sleek white gloves, a veil attached to a white qimar, or head scarf, fastened snugly around her face. The man her father chose for her stands behind Aliyah wearing a black bow tie, his hands resting on her bony shoulders. That was before. Before she walked out on the marriage. Before her Guyana-born Muslim family discovered she was gay. Before she fled.”

road.jpg Conservative attorneys protesting revision to Arizona Bar oath which adds sexual orientation to an anti-discrimination clause. It reads: “I will not permit considerations of gender, race, religion, age, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, or social standing to influence my duty of care.”

road.jpg Robert Pattinson, a pirate he will be.

road.jpg Satellites observe largest-ever breach of Earth’s magnetic field: “Scientists have long known that the Earth’s magnetic field, which guards against severe space weather, is similar to a drafty old house that sometimes lets in violent eruptions of charged particles from the sun. Such a breach can cause brilliant auroras or disrupt satellite and ground communications.”

road.jpg Scottish students mourn gay fellow classmate who died in accidental fall from balcony.

road.jpg Swedish high court rejects same-sex marriage performed in Canada: “The court referred to the definition contained within Swedish legislation covering marriage, concluding that the term applies only to a union between a man and a woman while a union between two people of the same sex is designated as a partnership.”


  1. qjersey says

    RE: gay is the new black.

    I’ve posted this same comment elsewhere on this article but it bears repeating:

    Seems that all the gay academics that weigh in are not from sociology or social psychology.

    Irving Goffman’s classic text “Stigma and the management of a spoiled identity” from the early 1960’s is the best reference for this debate (btw its a cheap book and an easy read).

    Goffman states that there are two types of stigmas: visible and invisible.

    Race obviously is a visible stigma (as well as handicaps). He specifically discussed homosexuality as an invisible stigma, one that may be kept from public view.

    In detail Goffman details the different consequences each stigma has for the individual, their identity and sense of self.

    So according to a classic text in Sociology, Gay cannot be the new Black.

  2. Leland Frances says

    QJersey, the flaw in this “classic text in Sociology” is that it, at least as you summarize it, ignores the number of people who were “legally” black but light enough to “pass” for white, therefore, were “invisible.” South Africa’s loathsome apartheid system took such variations into account with at least three different categories of “color” other than white, but all were, nonetheless, less “equal” in the eyes of their laws than official “whites.”

    Second, many gays and many transgenders are far from “invisible,” so, admittedly without having read the work, on its face it sounds of limited application.

    But I did read Rev. Monroe’s epistle, and whether or not it is actually professional victim and black racist Jasmyne Cuntnick POSING as the usually far more sensible Monroe, it is, nonetheless, full of crap.

    Yet, again, I am led to quote two gay black men:

    1. Mel Boozer, president of DC’s Gay Activist Alliance when he said this to the Democratic National Convention:

    “Would you ask me how I’d dare to compare the civil rights struggle with the struggle for lesbian and gay rights? I can compare, and I do compare them. I know what it means to be called a nigger. I know what it means to be called a faggot. And I can sum up the difference in one word: none.”

    2. Civil rights icon Bayard Rustin; mentor to MLK, Jr., organizer of the Great March on Washington, ad infinitum:

    “Today, blacks are no longer the litmus paper or the barometer of social change. Blacks are in every segment of society and there are laws that help to protect them from racial discrimination. The new ‘niggers’ are gays. No person who hopes to get politically elected, even in the deep South…would dare stand in the school door to keep blacks out. Nobody would dare openly and publicly argue that blacks should not have the right to public accommodations. Nobody would dare to say any number of things about blacks that they are perfectly prepared to say about gay people. It is in that sense that gay people are the new barometer for social change.
    Indeed, if you want to know whether today people believe in democracy if you want to know whether they are true democrats, if you want to know whether they are human rights activists, the question to ask is, ‘What about gay people’? Because that is now the litmus paper by which this democracy is to be judged. The barometer for social change is measured by selecting the group that is most mistreated. To determine where society is with respect to change, one does not ask, ‘What do you think about the education of children’? Nor does one ask, ‘Do you believe the aged should have Social Security’. The question of social change should be framed with the most vulnerable group in mind: gay people.”

    As for her Jasmynic claims that Stonewall, in both historical accounts and photographs was bleached, whitewashed, first there are but a handful of pictures in existence of that night. In the two most famous ones [at the links below] one can see as much as fuzzy photos will allow, at least one black in one and at least three blacks and at least one Latino [she’s decided to speak for their “exploitation,” too, by arrogant white gay males].

    The most consistently written about Stonewall vets have been Sylvia Rivera, a Latino drag queen/transgender, and Martha P. Johnson, a black drag queen/transgender.
    So where’s the whitewashing?

    And what proof does Rev. Monroe have that there were more there who have been intentionally purged from history by Jasmyne’s beloved Gay White Male Mafia?

    I’m saddened Rev. Monroe by your hysterical, ahistorical rant and look forward to your more factually accurate contributions in the future.

  3. Eric says

    I agree with the comments pointing out the racism in Monroe’s article.

    To begin with, virtually every GLBT right group has spoken out against racism amd against blaming the black community for Prop 8’s passage. Despite these “elite upper middle class” group’s statements, Monroe prefers to cling to right wing talking heads who keep trying to tell us to blame the blacks.

    Second, she consistently fails to acknowledge the existence of the role of other races in the Civil Rights Movement. She accuses the Gay Rights Movement of “discard[ing] the context and history” of the black civil rights movement, but she fails to acknowledge the role that whites played in the movement and fails to recognize the strategies and lessons from the rights movements of Mexican Americans. It is hypocritical for her to accuse the gay rights movement of trivializing the black civil rights movement when she does the same to civil rights movements that preceded the black civil rights movement.

    I have consistently stated that blacks cannot sit around and expect for people to reach out to them. The gay rights movement has never excluded anyone other than those who CHOSE to sit outside on the sidelines.

    As a person of color, I am offended by her article. She offers nothing useful. She criticizes but does not offer any solutions. She only CREATES the racism that she writes about.

    Perhaps instead of railing against the gay community, she should address the issue of homophobia in the black community. After all, fewer blacks are going to be involved in the gay community if they feel that they can’t even be out.

  4. says

    Jeez, let someone (especially a woman) say anything outside of the “groupthink” agenda and man do they get jumped on.

    Leland, I have read and agreed with many of your comments and disagreed with others. I have to say I personally feel that you should let the Jasmyne Cannick thing rest. She is a very smart woman of color whose views should be discussed rationally as are Ms. Moores’.

    I don’t know what I think about Ms. Moores’ comments, however, I do know that the White male dominated Gay power structure is an idea whose time has passed. The simple fact of the matter is that our “leadership” can no longer come from 1-3 Zip codes. That is not to say the White guys haven’t done a good job up until now, but, the times they are a changing.

    All gays of every color and class are now needed to fight the battles ahead. Only by being inclusive of different viewpoints will we avoid missing the hints that led to the defeat of our hopes in California. Let’s be a true Democracy of equals as opposed to being a bunch of lemmings led into nowhere by a diktat of the groupthinkers.

  5. david in iowa says

    Oh what a shock P-E Obama is on the cover of Time. Even if Mac had won Time still would have put the Chosen One on the cover. All that is left is for BO to be Cannonized. The tranisition team, I’m sure already has plans to add BO to Mt Rushmore.

    The only and I mean only consolation is the the majority of BO Administration higher ups are former Clinton people and the big prize goes to Hillary for laying claim to Sec of State. Bill R and John E can suck it!

  6. Gimme a Break says

    I love how white gays like Frances always whip out the ol “well there were light skin black passing” crap as if it was happening by the droves. “Imitation of Life” is a movie, it was not par the course for American Americans during slavery. You’re grasping at straws and looking for than a little desperate. I guarantee there are FAR MORE white gay men “passing” as straight and enjoying all the priviledges than there are all these “light skin blacks” doing the same. Get real, old man.

    And the Rustin reference does nothing to discount the very real problem of white racism in they gay community which gays like Frances like to downplay, instead whipping out the Rustin-card to prove they know something about “what it must be like” and to act like Rustin opinion means more than the millions of gays of color who hold a less than congenial view of their white counterparts. Rustin is one man who made a contribution to the civil rights movements. He is not the final word on gays of color.

  7. Please says

    Please. Take 100 gay/lesbians of color (black, asian, native american, etc) from any city in this country and 90 will tell you the gay community has some serious racial issues, 5 will say the gay community doesn’t have racial issues, lying, and the other 5 are simply oblivious.

    The gay community is synonymous with white privilege. Sad but true.

  8. qjersey says

    Leland, Goffman address the issue of “passing” at length in his text.

    The point I was trying to make is that bloggers and pundits regularly engage in shooting off their mouths without having any insight or knowledge about what scholars in sociology and (social) psychology have written about stigma, prejudice and discrimination based on race and sexual orientation.

    The web debates are based on emotional (and ad hominem) attacks, subjective interpretations of history, and not based upon intellectual arguments, but hey isn’t that what most bloggin is about?

    Sorry my graduate education is showing again.

  9. Eric says

    Too many of you are too quick to blame white gays for everything without stopping to think about why people of color are not as involved in the gay community. And it isn’t just because of racism.

    Whites are more likely than people of color to be out of the closet. People who are still in the closet are less likely to be involved in the community. People of color face lots of homophobia within their racial communities. It is the homophobia within communities of color that must be addressed first. Blacks, Latinos and Asians aren’t going to get involved in the movement if they aren’t even out.

    Gay communities of color must address that issue on their own. Whites would be more than willing to contribute, but of course, there is always going to be that cry colonialism and racism if they do because people like Ms. Connick, as she stated in her LA Times article, say that only they know how to talk to their community and don’t need white people telling them how to do it.

  10. Please says

    Please Eric

    Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of openly gay people of color who are willing to testify to gay racism as openly gay people.

    It isn’t just Connick who has this opinion. Its a very large segment of gay/lesbian POC.

    If we can say the pain of blacks and gays are equal, we can say the pain dished out by homophobic blacks and gay racists/gay white privilege is equal.

    Gay/lesbian poc can point out the problems in our community while pointing out the problems in the gay community.

    Google Gay Racism and see what you come up with. This is the Gay Community.

  11. says


    I am a light skinned gay black man who looks latin. I have an equal number of friends of every color and race. In that I am unusual and fortunate. I travel easily in the majority white straight world.

    Only in the gay community am I ever treated as Black or “other”. I am simply saying that on this subject, you know not of that which you speak.

    I don’t think you are a racist, but, we minorities know what the white world is like because we live in it everyday. You will never know what it is like to be a colored person in the gay community. You will never notice how the music at a club goes from Beyonce to Kelly Clarkson when too many Black people hit the dance floor. You will never be triple carded like I was in West Hollywood (thank god my passport was in the car), you will never be told,”you’re cute, for a black guy.” You will never have someone say to you, “yeah give me that black cock” as if you were their personal Mandingo. You will never be ignored by a bartender until he can’t ignore you anymore as he serves every white guy who comes up after you. You will never hear a fellow gay call someone a nigger then try to explain it away by saying, “there’s Niggers in every race.”

    Once again, I’m not saying you are a racist, however, you don’t know what you are talking about. You can’t.

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