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News: Mumbai, Pilot Whales, Britney Spears, Scuba, Pregnant Man

road.jpg A grim first look inside the Taj Hotel following the weekend's deadly terrorist siege in Mumbai. The owner of the Taj said the hotel had temporarily increased security following a warning they received. The Big Picture offers some powerful and troubling photos. Hostages says he wishes he had a gun rather than a camera. This video allegedly shows the final living terrorist beaten and arrested. Condoleezza Rice heads to India.

Slumdogroad.jpg Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire wins big at British independent film awards (Bifas): "...the story of a Mumbai teenage boy who astounds all around him by doing well on the Indian Who Wants To Be a Millionaire quiz show, won best film, best director and best newcomer for its British lead."

road.jpg Pregnant man Thomas Beatie and family go international.

road.jpg Scottish women targeted in homophobic gravel attack: "Police say the happened at around 2am yesterday morning as the pair made their way along Duke Street towards Lochend Road following a night out. The women, aged 34 and 35 were then subjected homophobic abuse by two men who were walking in the opposite direction. The men then picked up gravel from the ground and threw it. One of the women had gravel thrown directly in her face before both men ran off towards Leith Links."

road.jpg Britney Spears goes on the record, brings Circus to X-Factor.

road.jpg Scientists: Blueberries can improve memory.

road.jpg Nature/nurture argument for homosexuality to be informed by forthcoming study of twins.

Scubaroad.jpg Scuba dive in the middle of the Utah desert.

road.jpg Judge rules murder of gay man in Australia not homophobic: "The court had heard Fleming, 35, and the youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were sharing a beer at a Narrabeen toilet block while sheltering from a storm. Fleming, a 'gentle, childlike man' with Asperger’s Syndrome later approached the youth with his trousers down and attempted to hug him. NSW Supreme Court justice David Kirby said the killing was the result of a failure of communication. 'He feared that he may be raped or sexually assaulted,' Kirby told the court as he handed down the sentence. 'He says, and I accept, he is not homophobic.'"

Penguinsroad.jpg Gay penguins segregated at China zoo after urge to father children leads them to steal eggs. No doubt the wingnuts will be all over this story.

road.jpg Tampa, Florida area sees shift in attitudes toward gay people: "The gay and lesbian community that left Ybor City in the early 1990s is returning to play a key role in its resurrection. A local salsa instructor is satisfying a growing interest in a class for gay and lesbian dancers. And in Palmetto, the nation's first gay and lesbian retirement community is appealing to people nationwide seeking a slice of Florida paradise. Perhaps no sign of support is clearer than the election of Kevin Beckner, the county's first openly gay commissioner. He defeated Brian Blair, a supporter of the county's ban on recognizing gay pride."

road.jpg British rugby league adopts stance against homophobia: "League officials say posters and logos carrying the message, 'Some people are gay. Get over it!' will be displayed at rugby league grounds, in programs and fan areas, as a bid to promote LGBT integration in the sport.

road.jpg Ben Affleck shaves his head.

Pilotroad.jpg More than 150 pilot whales die in mass stranding in Tasmania.

road.jpg Gay Catholic's book ruffles frocks at Boston church.

road.jpg Secret behind Tina Fey's scar revealed.

road.jpg Norman Mailer writer's colony to launch in May in Provincetown: "Still in its planning stages, the center, to be funded entirely through private donations, is scheduled to host at least seven weeklong seminars next summer, as well as monthlong fellowships and other events. And that's just the first season, Schiller said. Colony organizers include an ad­visory board of noted authors, among them Günter Grass, Joan Didion and Doris Kearns Goodwin. They are still planning the curriculum for the fall and winter seasons...The summer seminars, which will begin in May and end in August, will range in theme from first-person journalism to documentary filmmaking."

road.jpg Huffington Post raises $25 million in new capital from OAk Investment Partners.

road.jpg Warrant out for Polish man suspected in homophobic UK attack.

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  1. Maybe I'm playing devil's advocate, but nowhere in the story of the Scottish women being attacked does it supply any evidence that the attack was homophobic. Not every attack on a GLBT person should be implied as homophobic simply because the victim was GLBT. 'The boy who cried wolf' comes to mind...

    Posted by: unicorn rider | Dec 1, 2008 5:29:23 PM

  2. Would Mailer really support ex-Nazi Gunter Grass being a mentor for his program?? Grass is a pure opportunist though, so perhaps Mailer would appreciate that.

    Posted by: anon | Dec 1, 2008 5:57:56 PM

  3. Ben looks nice in those pictures. I wouldn't exactly call that a "shaved head" (certainly a shorter haircut) but he's wearing a nice outfit and looks good.

    Posted by: Jim | Dec 1, 2008 6:54:59 PM

  4. Actually, I hope the Conservative Christians DO pick up on the story about the male penguins stealing an egg in an attempt to father it. It merely proves that homosexuality is a part of nature and is not isolated to humans. Since according to Christian doctrine, animals have no souls, therefore they can sin. So if homosexual animals exist, how can they be sinful and why is homosexuality a sin in humans, but not in animals? Food for thought...

    Posted by: Glenn | Dec 1, 2008 6:57:53 PM

  5. Why the hell are you promoting Utah?!!!?

    Posted by: David B. | Dec 1, 2008 7:55:17 PM

  6. If you want to see more on the twin study there is a new special on National Geographic Channel that will focus a segment or more on this issue of twins and homosexuality.

    Posted by: Wesley Della Volla | Dec 1, 2008 8:04:24 PM

  7. This is a serious question - why *can't* the zoo keepers give these two males an egg to raise? This already happened with Roy and Silo in San Francisco, and their chick is still alive. Animal "depression" is not the same as human depression, obviously, but animals can suffer adverse health effects just as humans do. If these two animals are exhibiting depressive behavior (not eating, social inhibition) the zoo should be concerned. Just give these two animals an egg already.

    Posted by: Kate | Dec 3, 2008 1:55:29 AM

  8. Don't worry. The dumbass voters of California will probably weight in on these sinful San Francisco penguins soon. I'm sure the Mormons are already working on the petition.

    (Proposition 34559870289: The Zoological Inter-Species Marriage Protection Amendment)

    (1) Only a union between animals of the opposite sex is recognized as suitable for zoo exhibitions in the State of California

    (2) No horses shall be housed in the same space as mules in the State of California

    (3) No zoo shall show documentaries and videos of animals engaging in same-sex relations, including those from Kruger National Park in South Africa

    (4) The State of California shall not recognize as valid the same-sex union of animals from zoos outside of its jurisdiction

    (5) Same-sex animal couples may not adopt any offspring of the same or other species

    Posted by: John in CA | Dec 3, 2008 5:26:03 AM

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