1. Dback says

    How interesting, I was just checking out the Merprince over on MySpace–guess I must be in a fairy-tale kind of mood. Wolves, mermen, all I need now is a centaur. :)

  2. says

    I made it all the way to 1:54…
    One can only shiver from such an unfortunate display of neo-2003 pastiche gong-worthy insipid self-sucking tack.
    Andy, do that affected schmaltz a favor and delete this post, it’s actually cruel to keep this post up.

  3. eric says

    well, i thought i’d have another go at it… but this time i only made it to 0:41. at that point it caused my irritable bowel syndrome to start acting up. oh gawd! make it stop!

  4. nic says

    really, Faghettini Basta? you and your precious, self-cherishing sistern can go to hell. what is it with the cannibalism of self-absorbed, self-hating faggots who seem to get some sort of carnal knowledge by eating their young? gawd, i despise you and others like you.

  5. bendskier says

    It’s much better than his Burger King rap or whatever that was a couple months back.

    Way better! If he improves this much by his next song… he is going to be A list! Nice package, too!

  6. david says

    this is beyond mediocre.

    the production is very 1999/2000, and the new lyrics are cringe-worthy.

    is he getting coverage here simply because he’s gay? i mean…this is CLEARLY something chartrigger, your guest music editor, would destroy.


  7. Enrique says

    Okay, two things. First, this is at best a mediocre cover. The Human League collaborating with Jam & Lewis = Musical Gold [and not Ari Gold]. Second, this video is visually stunning. It’s very obviously an homage to the photographic and film work of James Bidgood (director of the classic underground gay film “Pink Narcissus”). Bidgood was the most creative of the physique photographers in his day; and did most of his set-ups in his apartment. His work provided much inspiration to Pierre et Gilles. Kids (meaning anyone 40), do your homework on gay culture before 1995. There’s a rich artistic heritage for you to discover. [Maybe it’s that this doesn’t look like Brit’s “Circus” video or Xtina’s Target commercial…]

  8. Cal says

    He’s trying. Bless his heart. I’m happy for that. I think he has talent but isnt produced well or managed well or doesnt have the best material or something. I do remember though, he has a nice piece.

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