1. says

    When Bill O’Reilly was just a cub reporter on the CBS affiliate in Hartford, CT many many years ago, everyone with functioning gaydar thought he was gay. But more than gay, he was ambitious. That is why he adopted the conservative persona. It is actually a performance. It’s the role he correctly calculated would gain him fame. I think that in the future, when he is done with media, he will discard that persona and capitalize on the discard in the form of a tell-all book. I hate the evil persona, but I do admire a savvy performer.

  2. paul c says

    Am I the only person who thinks Twitter is the dumbest piece of shit to ever come down the internet pike?

    Who gives a fuck if you just went to Subway for a meatball sandwich or you’re “feeling pensive”? The only purpose Twitter serves is to prove that the user is a total narcissistic douchebag…and perhaps to make Facebook and MySpace look slightly less retarded in comparison.

    Twitter users: you’re not interesting, what you do is not important. Keep it to yourselves.

  3. says

    Oye – untwist, untwist those panties!

    TWITTER is a TOOL, like anything. It can be used for good, evil, shallow, or profound reasons. Perhaps TWITTER could be an addtional, valuable tool for those who want to stage a protest…. or better yet (sigh, I know – repeating myself), organize a UNIFIED TAX REVOLT against the federal government.

    Of just use it to mentally-masturbate your time away……

  4. John in CA says

    I suppose it says something about your television network’s journalistic acumen when the hackers aren’t nearly as funny as your own ticker. Some of FOX News’ ticker “mistakes” over the years:

    Remember Mark Foley (D-FL), Larry Craig (D-ID), and Ted Stevens (D-AK)?

    Or the headline “Osama Wins Democratic Nomination”?

    Or describing Pelosi’s state visit to Syria as “Dem. Speaker Meets with Hezbollah”?