Milk Film the Target of Online Gay Bashing


Nathaniel at Film Experience reports on some analysis by Awards Daily showing that as soon as Milk was nominated for an Oscar its ratings on the IMDB charts took a nosedive. Awards Daily writes:

“Give a movie with a gay theme some Oscar attention, and there’s a backlash from certain quarters that can only be called gaybashing. That sudden slump in Milk’s already battered position on the IMDb charts is exactly what happened to Brokeback Mountain three years ago. As soon as enough people start to see an important gay film as a threat, the same types who believe gay marriage is a menace to society climb out of their holes and start shredding it. I talked about this a couple of days ago when I noticed the percentage of ‘1’ scores for each of the BP nominated movies. We decided to call it the IMDb “Hate-Rate” ® Even the best films will always have 1-2% of IMDb voters giving it the lowest score of “1″ as if it sets their eyeballs on fire to watch it. But Milk has 5.6% of IMDb voters saying it’s the lowest movie scum in existence. The number of ‘1’ scores for Brokeback Mountain is an astonishing and despicable 8.1%. (Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories has 6.4% of voters giving it a ‘1’)”

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