Milk Film the Target of Online Gay Bashing


Nathaniel at Film Experience reports on some analysis by Awards Daily showing that as soon as Milk was nominated for an Oscar its ratings on the IMDB charts took a nosedive. Awards Daily writes:

“Give a movie with a gay theme some Oscar attention, and there’s a backlash from certain quarters that can only be called gaybashing. That sudden slump in Milk’s already battered position on the IMDb charts is exactly what happened to Brokeback Mountain three years ago. As soon as enough people start to see an important gay film as a threat, the same types who believe gay marriage is a menace to society climb out of their holes and start shredding it. I talked about this a couple of days ago when I noticed the percentage of ‘1’ scores for each of the BP nominated movies. We decided to call it the IMDb “Hate-Rate” ® Even the best films will always have 1-2% of IMDb voters giving it the lowest score of “1″ as if it sets their eyeballs on fire to watch it. But Milk has 5.6% of IMDb voters saying it’s the lowest movie scum in existence. The number of ‘1’ scores for Brokeback Mountain is an astonishing and despicable 8.1%. (Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories has 6.4% of voters giving it a ‘1’)”

You Gotta Give Em Hope Time [film experience]
Slamdogs Gaybash Milk [awards daily]


  1. Jordan says

    Anybody who takes IMDb ratings seriously is wasting their time. One need only to visit the various message boards there to discover that the majority of 1 ratings on any mainstream movie are from juvenile delinquents.

  2. Jay says

    Yeah, IMDB is pretty much a good barometer of knee-jerk couch critics. The fact that less people have seen Milk or Brokeback than Sandler movies also accounts for the stats, I’m sure. It’s stupefying, but hardly surprising. Also, people tend to want to tear down just about anything when it gets too big.

  3. Alex says

    it’s a shame that IMDB is such a good resource for information, but full of so many retards on the discussion threads. Seriously what a bunch of idiots.

  4. says

    As is frequently the case on this blog, the title of this post is retarded.

    I have three friends who were gay bashed. Two went to the hospital, the other went to the coroner.

    MILK was not “gay bashed” because you can’t gay bash a movie. When you use the phrase “gay bash” to describe irrelevant online annoyances like this, it takes the punch out of phrase.

  5. patrick nyc says

    bashing |ˈba sh i ng | |bøʃɪŋ| |baʃɪŋ|
    noun [usu. with modifier ] informal
    violent physical assault : nine incidents of gay bashing were reported to the police.
    • severe criticism : press bashing.

    ANDY is clearly using it in the latter form, as the dictionary states, severe criticism. It does nothing to take away from your friends who were assaulted or any of my friends who were bashed.

    You can ‘gay bash’ a movie, they did it with Broke Back Mountain and that is what the post was about. Just look at what Tony Curtis and that pig Ernest Borgnine said about BBM after the Oscars two years ago.×63979

  6. says

    Tim –
    I’m sorry for your loss, but the fact of the matter that hate words or using online resources to spread hate is just as much a gay bash as someone who is beaten.

    Plus, you bashing Andy for “frequently” using incorrect titles, is kinda of off base when gay bashing was used in the quote from the article.

    Bottom line…Gay Bashing takes many insidious forms and all of them are hurtful, be it physical or emotional.

  7. Bryan says

    Once again, reality becomes metaphor becomes hyperbole becomes hysteria…

    “Bashing” involves baseball bats and tire irons, not movie reviews. You can’t bash a movie anymore than you can murder a novel. Equating criticism and insults with broken bones and death is self indulgent and irresponsible. Nothing undermines and trivializes the reality of phenomena like bashing, rape, and holocaust more than when self designated victims adopt them to express outrage at every insult.

    Recreational, self-induced feverishness undermines credibility. Anyone else remember the story of “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’?”

  8. paul says

    The same thing happened with Brokeback Mountain. Anyone who was on those boards when it came out knows how many stupid fucks came out of the woodwork for that one.

  9. FASTLAD says

    I’m glad someone took the time to analyze and report on this issue.

    I’ve noticed this kind of blatantly homophobic mass posting about gay themed films on other websites too.

    Check out Netflicks subscribers reactions to Brokeback Mountain. They start off discussing the film in a rational manner and then the posts turn ugly.

    Netflicks has never seen fit to remove the homophobic language from their site. Neither has Rotten Tomatoes, etc.

  10. terry says

    I never listen to those idiots on that board. I make my own decisions on whether a film is good or not. My position? I thought Frost/Nixon was better but Penn was superb as Harvey Milk. If he doesn’t win, I’d like Mickey Rourke to take home that statue.

  11. Joseph says

    The primary users of IMDb are teenage straight boys who are threatened by both women and gay men. It isn’t just gay films that get low votes from boys who haven’t seen it; the level of vitriol aimed at female-oriented films such as Sex & the City is astonishing, but not surprising–and these votes were being tallied *before* S&TC was released!

  12. ERB says

    That shit happened on Fandango too. Even before it was released it was being tanked. Some of the comments acknowledged that they had never seen it, but since it had a gay theme, it is crap.

  13. Dback says

    Joseph’s absolutely right. Check out the IMDB Top 250 movies–they’re overwhelmingly “fanboy” faves, with lots of gangsters, sci-fi, “The Lord of the Rings,” Kubrick, Eastwood westerns, and “Fight Club” (!). Very, very few romances, dramas, women as protagonists, musicals, gay themed films, etc. Idiots. ( is much more reliable.)

  14. shirley spears aka swizz says

    hey this is the girl who got gay bashed.. my name is shirley spears everyone calls mes swizz. i didnt realize i had all this support.. i have been reading alot of stories about what happend to me and i promise to god that i didnt do nothing to this guy.. i was never on stage and i swear to god on that. i messed up cuz i didnt stay for a police report but the sad thing is i didnt know what happend to me.. i litterly thought i just fell on the ground. i was scared and i wanted to just go home. what the security said about me trying to start fights well ther liers.. i will tell them to ther face.. i was never on stage and i was only mad cuz he pushed me in the club cuz i was a “dyke” thas what he called me and i was in the VIP.. so ya i yelled at him, i got shoved to the ground, i was mad when i got up i left the club waiting for my friend to get out and then i saw him and i was telling my friend what he did to me and then i dont know what happend.. sam ronson and everyone else told me he sukker punched me and i got knocked me out. next thing i know i was looking at random people i didnt know and i was telling them i jus fell on the ground and i was ok.. later i find out i was punched and kicked several times on the ground. Ya i might of told him to fuck off in the club when he pushed me but he had no right.. i never said nothing mean to him.. shit i thought he was cool cuz he was 6’5 and he was a basketball player.. im a basketball player. he had to be ya know. it was all messed up and i was dumb i didnt stay for a police report i was scared and so out of it i just wanted to go home. i dont have insurance i didnt go to the hospital, i went two days after jus cuz people wer telling me i need to. i might sound fishy, but if you wer ther you would know. if you wanna know more tho you can email at or call me at or hit me up on myspace… i just dont want this to happen to anybody ever again. it wasnt right and i would understand it if i did something wrong to him.. i never did anything

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