1. tommyt says

    this man is obviously no enemy to the lbgt community here, he could hardly be having been mayor of wilton manors.

  2. a lot has changed says

    a lot has changed since Jack was here in Wilton Manors 9 years ago. 2 gay mayors, majority gay commissioners, that is what has helped transform this city into what it is now – not Jack. He is no Naugle, thank god, but he is not as friendly as you might ASSume. We need to stay on him so that he serves ALL of Ft. Lauderdale equally.

  3. Rick says

    As a resident of Fort Lauderdale I can assure you it’s just anoother hick redneck town that just happens to be ocean adjacent. Yes theres more than 6 gay bars … yes you can hold hands with your BF in some areas … but lets get real its still Hooterville by most standards. (I have a great job so I have to be here to answer that question) Come visit though .. we need your tax money.

  4. Antonio says

    Being gay is a sin, hurricane hit New Orleans, on Gay pride Parade day, cause no one spoke out against it. Ever heard of Sodam and Gamorrah, God destroyed those cities, Defying God will only get you dead and going to hell. Wake up stop sinning, find your soulmate, definately not the same sex!Ask for Jesus into your lives, He is a great God and can change you!