1. NewEng says

    I wish the chimp had written the bill…I can hardly wait to spend the extra $13 in my paycheck this June

  2. BMF says

    Um, I’m not sure how I see this compares Obama to a chimp. Perhaps, the chimp refers to the artist’s belief that the “chimps” WROTE the stimulus bill. While Presidents can offer and write proposed legislation, the House & Senate really write and pass laws.

    People often see what they want to see– not what is. Unless there’s some other information of which I am not aware, I think what this really shows is how people, even ostensibly non-racist ones, seem to associate black people with primates. And of course, that IS racist.

  3. MT says

    That’s not what I got out of that cartoon this morning at all. Granted, I didn’t get anything out of that cartoon aside from some confusion, but then I rarely try to put too much thought into anything in the Post.

  4. JimF says

    How do you know what the cartoonist was thinking? Could it be a reference to that chimp attack a couple of days ago?

  5. says

    Bullshit. It was Obama’s stimulus package in all the media reports. Delonas knew EXACTLY what he was saying with this cartoon and it continually shocks me that no one has the balls to call him on it. He is an abomination.

  6. Alex Parrish says

    While I suspect it really IS racist — the problem is that I just don’t GET it. What is he trying to say? It seems meaningless. Why would any newspaper post such and meaningless (except for the racism) cartoon?

    There are plenty of aspiring editorial cartoonists out there — I suggest the Post find one and replace this goon.

  7. shane says

    Give me a break – he meant that a monkey wrote the bill. Since Obama didn’t write the first bill (Congress does that), people are just full of shit.

  8. steve says

    This cartoon is definitely racist. When I first laid eyes on it, I thought, “WOW!!! They’d never say that about a white President”.

    Then I remembered that I spent the last 8 years saying the President was a chimp.

    Kinda humbling when I think about it; however, that doesn’t change the fact that throughout our history, black people have been called chimps, monkeys, baboons, gorillas – basically, any wild primate.

    In fact, some of my own family have used those terms, and I have cringed every time.

    Definitely racist.

    But, George Bush is STILL a chimp!!

  9. Jay says

    I took it as a play on the old adage about a hundred monkeys at a hundred typewriters. Basically, I thought it was meant to illustrate how stupidly written the stimulus bill in the cartoonist’s opinion. I’m admittedly not familiar with his other work, so I’m just going by my first impression of this one.

  10. John says

    I don’t see it as Obama. He is refering to the chimps in congress that wrote the stimulus package.

  11. John (yet another John) says

    I think the problem is that Obama did NOT write the bill. He mistakenly left it up to Pelosi and Reid to cobble it together. They didn’t write so much a stimulus bill as a spending bill. Next time I hope Obama DOES write it! I think Obama is great. Pelosi and Reid–not so much. But I DO feel sorry for the chimp.

  12. Alan says

    I don’t like this “cartoon” for multiple reasons. And regardless of whether it’s “explicitly racist” or lends itself to such an interpretation, the fact is that it’s bothering people. And so I’m also bothered that the Post would publish such an peculiar image. It shows that the Post is out of touch with people’s feelings and history.

  13. Denis says

    When I saw this, I just assumed that the cartoonist was suggesting the stimulus bill was so bad that it was written by crazy monkeys – like the one police were forced to shoot the other day. I just didn’t immediately think something about black people being monkeys.

  14. Sebastian says

    Anyone who claims they “don’t get it” is not telling the truth, its plain and simple what this right wing rag meant.

  15. paul c says

    Obama didn’t write the stimulus bill.

    This whole outrage is the result not of the cartoonist’s ignorance but rather the ignorance of a nation full of uneducated fools who don’t know how our government works.

    If the chimp represents any one person, it would be Nancy Pelosi, not Obama.

  16. says

    The cartoonist is infamous—he’s definitely a homophobe and racist. I’m sure he took great delight in referencing the recently killed chimp in reference to Obama. But he can legitimately hide behind the cartoon’s literal meaning, too—literally, the cartoon is saying whoever wrote the stimulus bill is as crazy as that crazy chimp. No racism there at all. Except for the reality that it’s from a racist, homophobic pig.

  17. Griffin says

    here’s my take on it: Cops killed a chimp after it mauled a woman (or in the case of the cartoonist’s standpoint: cops killed the chimp after the stimulus bill mauled America). Black people in America have been historically compared to monkeys for centuries (and obviously this has not changed). I find it even more “troubling” that the chimp in this case is Barack Obama. Hence, the cops kill the President of the United States, a black man. Disgusting beyond belief, but that’s part of the price of freedom of the press. Jezz…what lovely fodder for white supremacist fantasies.

  18. Daveynyc says

    Why doesn’t the Huffington Post blog about the homophobic cartoons that the Post has in the paper every other week?

  19. soulbrotha says

    You apologists are full of shit. The caption reads “they will have to find SOMEONE ELSE…’ not “another member” You all know gotdamn well that Obama has been the main person associated with the stimulus bill! It is OBAMA that was shown signing it! So don’t give me this crap about it being taken out of context. It is more racist trash from that scumbucket Delonas!

  20. Jay says

    Calling George Bush a chimp is insulting to chimps. Chimps do their own dirty work when they want revenge.

    And to respond, I’m not lying Sebastian – my first thought when I saw the cartoon was that it was a stupid play on the “so stupid a [insert primate here] could have written it” insult. Of course, now that it’s said, I see the racial implications. But I can’t assume the intent one way or the other. It’s insensitive to say the least, though.

  21. Mark from NYC says

    Dudes! Chill out! The day before the Post’s cover read “Furious George” and pictured the crazed chimp that had been shot by police while trying to break into a car to go for a ride.

    This cartoon is clearly a reference to that — that in the Post’s view the stimulus package was written by a crazed chimp.

    Obama didn’t write the bill, Congress did.

  22. Contrarian says

    While Sharpton with his race baiting, hoax advancing history has no credibility on anything IMHO, this cartoon is clearly meant to apply to the President. Those of you who say otherwise are either willfully blind, or right-wing Murdoch/NY Post/Fox News scum. This cartoonist and the money losing rag(propped up by Murdoch’s billions)he works for have a history of racism, misogyny and homophobia.

    As one who lives within the circulation area of this trashy tabloid, I clearly know the demographics of its readers–blue collar Archie Bunker whites, cops, and some suburban Repugs. They eat up this stuff.

  23. says

    It’s not just comparing the Obama to a monkey, it’s ‘s saying he should be killed.

    This is a threat to the life of the President of the United States and the authorities should make an arrest. NOW!

  24. anon says

    Well, it’s not particularly funny. If the caption had been: They’ll have to find someone else to SIGN the next stimulus bill. That would have been aimed at Obama, so I think this was watered down by the editors. It would have been funny if it had been a Donkey.

  25. Cj says

    Are you people serious? Whether Obama wrote it or not, the reference is very clear. “They have to find SOMEONE ELSE”, ummm, who might that “someONE” be? The President? Nooo, of course not, it couldn’t be… Chil’ please, given the cartoonists historically racist, sexist and homophobic diatribe it is not a stretch to arrive to the logical conclusion that he was alluding to the President and is simply hiding behind his own cowardice.

    Even if it was not meant to be racist, the fact that it could be easily construed as racist should have been more than enough for the Editor of the Muudoch/Fox News/News Corp. owned NY Post to pull it from print. Everyone else needs to grow a pair and realize what is happening instead of giving this guy a pass.

  26. says

    It amazes me white people’s ability to draw an analogy between a person of African descent and a monkey (of any sort) and then to act baffled that anyone could draw a historical parallel with every other such racist, analogy ever made! And to further be baffled that anyone could find it offensive given that history. Please, bitch! Col Allen, yes, Al Sharpton is a media whore like everyone else, but your racist, bigoted asshole!

  27. Dan says

    Even if you accept the premise that Delonas is referring to Congress and not Obama (which I don’t), you still can’t ignore the fact that making any political reference to a monkey while Obama is in office is blatant race-baiting. Whether Delonas is actually comparing Obama to a chimp or hinting at the possibility is immaterial. It is blatant racism and Murdoch should immediately sack the Post’s entire editorial staff.

  28. Rick in Ohio says

    Regardless of the racial connotations, it is incredibly irresponsible to publish a cartoon depicting the assassination of any elected official – by the police, no less!

  29. Michael J says

    While I find it hard to believe that so many people “didn’t get” the cartoon, I’ll take their word at face value. Still, for anyone who did get it, the message is loud and clear. The stimulus bill was so bad because it might as well be written by someone like a chimp — someone like Obama — and perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if he were shot down. He had it coming.
    Yes, technically Obama didn’t write the bill. But he is the main political force behind it. He is responsible for the bill, as is the chimp in the cartoon. And unlike the Bush chimp who was viewed as a simple-minded Curious George-type of creature who needed to be guided along in the complicated world he finds himself in, the Obama chimp in this cartoon is so violent that he must be put down. That the cartoon is based up a violent incident in the news is as offensive to me as the analogy (however too subtle for some of us to get) of a black leader with a chimp.
    If there were a cartoon making light of the killing of a Republican president, some right-wing pundits would be calling it treason and demanding a speedy trial and execution of the artist and publisher. To be clear, I would not want that to happen to Murdoch and the folks at the NY Post.; I’m just commenting on right-wing hypocrisy.

  30. says

    I agree both with those who say it is racist and with those who find it confusingly unfocused satire. If you aren’t sensitive enough to racial history in the United States to see the overtones of hate here, you need to get a little education.

  31. Rikard says

    I think it is rude, probably racist and very violent. It makes use of all the themes mentioned above, monkeys & type writers, sub-human black men and sub-human politicians, AND gun happy cops. The power of a cartoon is the ability to distill, compress and/or shoe horn ideas into archtypal expressions. Others including one of my favorites Ted Rall have brilliantly drawn GW Bush as a grotesque chimp for years and Tony Blair as his poodle.

  32. Kim says

    I believe this cartoon is extremely racist, and the words in the caption scream that out to me. On the other side there is a woman who is fighting for her life because a chimp who mauled her. If you can’t find this cartoon racist atleast find it offensive to the family of this woman who is fighting for her life and the woman (although I do not agree with her having the chimp) who was his companion, and the host of neighbors who are now saddened by the death of this chimp and thier hurt neighbors. Never mind the stimulus bill, this was a terrible incident that should not be made light of.

  33. johnosahon says

    this cartoon is stupid and makes no sense, whether it is racist or not, it is certainly calling for someone to be murdered, be it Obama, Pelosi or Reid, shouldn’t the FBI be investigating this man?

  34. Maverick69 says

    What the fuck is the matter with you people?

    Why don’t you educate yourself on Mr. Murdoch and his cable news channel Fox and then come back and tell me you don’t get it or it’s not racist.

  35. Jimmyboyo says

    It isn’t the first time the NYPost has mentioned killing our president

    A NY post reporter “…we should shoot obama, I mean osama….well, both.”

    Uhm last yr during the election run. They claimed then as well that there was nothing racist about it

    Shameful and sad

  36. JH says

    Maybe I’m more evolved …but when I see a monkey I think of a money, not black people.
    GWBush was depicted as a chimpanzee frequently because he looked like one. I never read that as ” all white people are chimpanzees”.
    The point was clear to me and made me laugh: some people think all this bailing everybody out is plain crazy…like that crazy chimp.
    The chimp was not drawn to look like Obama, and its the two white cops who look stupid in the cartoon. is he saying all cops are stupid? White cops are stupid?
    I’m afraid I see this kind of over-reaction from the gay community and gay media outlets too frequently.

    Whatever the case, and I can see there are many opinions, I long for the day when a monkey will be a monkey. Some of us are there now.

  37. TANK says

    Oh my. That’s just awful. The post is a rag, though. Sean Delonas is a racist, misogynistic homophobic piglet. Is this even worth the outrage? I just can’t imagine anyone who reads it getting upset over its content, because you have to fail a basic reading test to qualify for a subscription or copy. It’s a smutty gossip rag read by illiterate slobs.

  38. Diana says

    I am appalled at the cartoon. Delonas has no respect for black people or animals. Just continue to shot us down like animals is what I see. I will never buy another NYPost newspaper and I beg others not to buy it either. What a racist. This company has always display racism through their stories and other cartoons. They still can’t get over the fact that a black man is the President of the United States. It is offensive and insensitive. What world are you living in, so much destruction in the world we should be helping each other and lifting each other up instead you put this garbage out there for our children to see.

  39. yomotha says

    Are you not entertained!!!
    This is not a question of intelligence or art. Its pure racism and i hope i will have the chance one day run into this Sean Delonas in NYC and finish this blog with my knee to his nice clean white face.

  40. Maverick69 says

    No JH, you’re not more evolved, you’re just an asshole. Read the caption and try connecting the dots – Moron

  41. RP says

    Whether the cartoonist meant for it to be racist or not (obviously it is up for debate), the editor should have been aware of the open interpretation the cartoon lends to and have stopped it from being published. Furthermore, the editor’s flippant response to Al Sharpton is inherently racist IMHO [in that he essentially ignores the valid complaints of all others who view the cartoon as racist as well (something an editor should be more compassionate about)].

  42. nic says

    it is absurd to think of this as other than racist, heavily laden with right-wing agitprop. the ones who deny it are being disingenuous. it is tantamount to saying, “well it appears in a newspaper, so it must be true. so, let the flood gates open, and let’s be unabashed about our innate hates and fears”.

    Delanos is little more than a bigoted instigator and dangerous hatemonger, and Col Allen an apologist and an enabler. Allen’s fall-back position in his pathetic defense of the cartoon is, “…Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.”
    this kind of dismissal smacks of Rovian politics: let’s resort to ad hominem fallacy; let’s cloud the issue; let’s shoot the messenger; although we caused the harm, let’s blame the opposition.

    i wonder how some of these people manage to sleep at night. disgusting.

  43. Whitmore says

    I don’t think it’s meaningless or racist. Obama didn’t write the bill, Congress did. That bill has been widely criticized for being haphazard and short-sighted. The idea is that “a monkey could have written it.” So it’s an attack on Congress for tossing together a short-sighted stimulus bill. We’ve been talking about the stimulus bill a lot in my law classes, and as soon as I saw the comic I understood the gist. My only complaint about the comic, which is otherwise clever, is that the chimp story is just so sad that I don’t really find it to be amusing. Nevertheless, it does make an important point about the stimulus bill. Thank goodness for the 1st Amendment!

  44. Andy says

    The day before the Post ran a story about a chimp that went crazy in the NY Metropolitan area and ripped a woman’s face off. The police had to shoot it.

    I don’t think they would be stupid enough to compare the President to a chimp. He is incredibly popular in New York.

  45. Drew says

    Well, it IS Black History Month, so perhaps this is the perfect time to run a racist cartoon…? Because you know, a beautiful chimp that goes crazy and horrifically mauls a woman has everything to do with a stimulus package people hope will help other Americans. Yep, it’s all clear to me what this dipshit was thinking while drawing.

  46. simon says

    Col Allan, the New York Post’s editor, is Rupert Murdoch’s resident Australian lardball. Col has also presided over homophobic cartoons by Delonas. They’re a society of sleazeballs at the New York Post, a heterosexual boys’ club which is to the Right of Right. I wonder if Rupert, Col and Delonas have shared a bed together and are simply projecting their self-loathing onto the gay community, as well as onto those who are progressive on gay rights like Obama.

  47. wg says

    As Morgan Freeman said….To stop racism is to stop talking about it!!!! Al NOT SO SHARPton needs to get a job!!! I thought the comic was really funny!!!

  48. Brtnay says

    I think that the artist’s intent was to stir up controversy. My initial reaction to the cartoon is horror at the possibility that someone could be relating our president to chimps just because he is black – knowing that an age-old racist assumption about black intelligence is that it is equivalent to that of an ape. However, because I know that this is not true, my anger quickly subsides. Perhaps a true judgement of racism is how angry and for how long I would stay angry at such a remark that shows its truth. I know, as a black person, that my intelligence is higher than that of a chimp even if they are my ancestors. I also know that Obama’s intelligence is higher than that of a chimps. Therefore, I’m not angry; however, I am a bit disappointed that an artist would spend all of his time stooping so low to get name recognition by publishing a cartoon like this. The cartoonist may not share his intelligence with that chimp but he has shown how primal human beings can become when they are starved for attention. he he he

  49. Amy says

    A sizeable number of average Americans likely have absolutely no understanding of how bills are authored. For all they know, Obama DID write it himself. This cartoon is absolutely abominable and is a playful wink to the most dark & evil segments of our society. That cartoonist should be forced to apologize and then fired.

  50. nic says

    prez obama is so tied with the stimulus package and vice-versa that that cartoon cannot be read any other way.

    where are all these apologist repugs and log cabinettes crawling out from?

  51. Ed says

    No one really has heard of that shooting of the Chimp, and neither does it correlate to the stimulus bill. The chimp was shot because he got a bad haircut by his owner and couldn’t cope!



    Obviously its Obama.

  52. says

    Hasn’t anyone seen it as a reference to Infinite Monkey Theorem? They do say a monkey hitting random keys on a typewriter for an infinite period of time would almost certainly produce the complete works of William Shakespeare. Check my URL if you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s often made reference to in popular culture, like The Simpsons for example

  53. JH says

    To Maverick69 – thank you for making my point more succinctly than I did. You are certainly functioning at a much lower level than me and I am sure your parents would be delighted at the eloquent and intelligent way you express yourself. I suppose you will continue interpreting the world in terms of racist insult and probably continue to express yourself in such an adolescent fashion. Yes, – it is evolution to move beyond. Try it sometime, maybe you will be happier and less socially repugnant when mixing with others.

  54. Yolanda says

    This guy is a real jerk, who even bothers with race now a days. There is soooo many other issues in the world to be most worried about. Both publisher and writer need to be held responsible for this. No matter what you say Sean Delonas OBAMA WON, get over it. Let’s move on in one direction, it is people like you who divide us apart. Your a real Jerk!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Kev says

    He should have sketched one of the officers as an African American, then all of this ambiguity might have been avoided.

  56. Joe says

    Funny the uproar over this because “W” was referred to as a chimp for 8 years. I bet Al Sharpton rubbed his hands together and praised God for the publicity he was about to get. Anyone notice how Obama has never called upon Al or Jesse for ANYTHING? As for this guy who coined this Cartoon, no one said anything when he compared Gay marriage to sheep getting married.
    Once again the Race card is out. Only took a month

  57. epic says

    but saying Bush was a chimp was a complement…the only thing that could have been more offensive was to portray the bill being lynched…how

  58. Rev. David Hancock says

    I think we can all agree that Rev. Sharpton likes attention, but it is painfully obvious that this cartoon contains a clearly racist thread, intentional or not. Saying that there is a need to find someone new to write a stimulus bill after shooting one ape implies that only one person wrote the bill in the first place. The only
    person who might be considered solely responsible for that piece of legislation is President Barrack Obama, who we all know is African American, ergo the chimp in the comic stands for Obama whether the artist intended it or not. Here, Rev. Sharpton has a valid point, because white racists frequently refer to darker skinned people as
    monkeys, apes, or some vulgar variation, and specifically call black people chimps. Many racists are currently looking at this cartoon in exactly the way about which Rev. Sharpton was concerned. Sean Delonas is guilty here, of not being funny, and of not thinking this cartoon through. The NY Post is guilty of blind insensitivity.

  59. GaryJ says

    I work with a lot of Republicans, trust me that cartoon is tame, compared to what they really think & say.

    I thought the KKK just went into hiding, no they changed their name to Republicans.

  60. Morgan says

    He is definitely referring to the chimp being Obama as in some stupid chimp wrote the bill and now that that chimp is dead they need a new chimp to keep pumping out the same dumb stuff that the government always does. But there is no racism implicit in the cartoon. All it shows is two cops shooting a chimp. And remember there is no longer racism in the USA – a black man is president